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Gragas Build Guide by PBA SubCero

Gragas Solo drinker (Solo lane AP)

Gragas Solo drinker (Solo lane AP)

Updated on June 27, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author PBA SubCero Build Guide By PBA SubCero 6,058 Views 1 Comments
6,058 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author PBA SubCero Gragas Build Guide By PBA SubCero Updated on June 27, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


Chapter 1

Hi Mobafire,
Welcome to my very first guide/build.

I picked Gragas for my first build cuz i think he's underrated.
He can be very strong,well it depends how you build him.
But Gragas can have alot of AP and still be beefy/durable.

Gragas's Story:
The foothills of the Great Barrier are home to the hardiest people found anywhere on Valoran. Only those with great fortitude and endurance dwell in what is perhaps the most rugged and unforgiving environment anywhere on the face of Runeterra. It is here that the mighty Gragas keeps permanent residence, living south of Noxus. This behemoth of a man has long eschewed the rigors of civilization for what he calls his ''slice of paradise;'' he has no neighbors to bother him and plenty of space to pursue his life's ambition - brewing. Grogs, ales, meads, and wine - nothing is beyond his skill to brew. What makes Gragas a truly special brewmaster, however, is his proximity to a large and powerful nexus.

The magic of this nexus has seeped into his fermented creations, and Gragas has consumed enough of his own poison over the years to slake the thirst of an army. This arcane alcohol has caused Gragas to swell both in height and girth; he looms over the tallest of men and boasts nearly twice their width. To complement his immoderate size, Gragas has developed an ornery temper - one fueled by liquor and raw magic. His infrequent sojourns into Noxus for supplies always unfold the same way: Gragas enters a Noxian tavern, Gragas gets into several fights, Gragas lays out countless citizens, and finally Gragas flees for the foothills with Noxian constables in hot - though reluctant - pursuit. His misadventures have garnered him the attention of several summoners in the League of Legends, and he is now a willing champion in the arenas... doling out hard liquor and harder fists.

The Rabble Rouser leaves a path of drunken destruction in his wake, both in the Fields of Justice and off.

Let's Get Started With his Pro's And Con's

- Great farmer the whole game
- Big range with his barrels
- Good ulti to do massive damage and bring an enemy to you or knock them away from you
- Good chaser with body slam
- Can pass through thin walls with body slam
- Can stay long early game while laning
- Short ultimate cooldown

People can avoid your barrels
- Ulti doesn't always help you/Sometimes hard to place correctly

Playing As Gragas in Solo lane:

Early game:
Use ur not to much just use it to hit the caster creep/harras enemy.
Use ur to restore mana.
iff you're in solo lane i suggest spending 2 points to Drunken Rage before you hit lvl.6.
This way you can lane longest.

Mid game:
Now you could try to get a kill or 2 if you know you can take em.
Or just play smart,Try to get the enemy below or a little above half hp.
When they're pushing ur tower wait for most of the minion to be killed.

Then you could use 2 tactics for picking up a kill:

First: > (behind target so he gets knocked in to tower range) > (for some nice damage and a slow) > (to finish it)

Second: i suggest you try this one when enemy is under half hp
> (towards you're target so you can place ur ulti well and pick up the kill more easy) > (behind target) > >

Or you could just Gank mid,Use the second tactic for this try to knock the enemy to your ally so he could do some damage to.

Late Game:
Well you should be supporting ur team by picking the enemy carry out of his team with use of your ulti so your team can pick up the kill and focus down the rest of the team with there main damage gone it should be easy..

- (Farming) Try to use your barrels in a way you can hit all the creeps.
- (Harrassing) Throw barrels behind the enemies. Most of the time enemies walk back when you throw a barrel, so then they walk right into your barrel, BOOM.
- Use your ulti for picking 1 enemy out, finish an enemy if there's a chance he can flee, defending your allies or yourself.

Well if you want to add me : SSdeadly (europe)

If ur gonna dislike plz tell me why so i can try to inprove it in my next build..

remember this is my very first guide/build
(maybe some spelling errors,but im not english so.. hehe )
League of Legends Build Guide Author PBA SubCero
PBA SubCero Gragas Guide
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