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Gragas Build Guide by Gizmo101

Gragas the Bearded Brawler of Beer

Gragas the Bearded Brawler of Beer

Updated on August 3, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gizmo101 Build Guide By Gizmo101 2,508 Views 0 Comments
2,508 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Gizmo101 Gragas Build Guide By Gizmo101 Updated on August 3, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Hello and welcome to my guide of all things Gragas

Hello there! You may know me from my Garen build but welcome to my guide to my favorite AP champ, Gragas. Gragas is one of the most un-used, underated champions, but if you know how to use him correctly, he is quite a force to reckon with.
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Reason for Runes

The reason I choose the runes I choose is simple. The runes give me much needed AP, CDR and Magic penetration. Gragas's ult had a low CD on its own. With this build though, at lvl 3 his ult has a cd of about 35 seconds. A spammable ult that does massive dmg and knocks enemies back in any direction is what I call useful!!
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Reason for masteries

Flash and exhaust are very good summoner spells for Gragas, so I prefer to upgrade exhaust and flash. The bonus Magic Penetration and CDR is extremely useful. Extra mana and exp is very useful for laning.
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Using Gragas early game ( Lvls 1-5)

As soon as the match starts, buy cloth armor and 5 hp potions, as Gragas has a near infinite mana supply with his Drunken Rage. Early game can be the most crucial part of the game sometimes. If you get a good start, many times you get good momentum and do better and get fed so you have to take the beggining game very seriously. It is critical to harass alot with barrel roll. The first few times you use barrel roll, roll it directly on them and try to notice what there dodge pattern is whether it be moving to the right, forward, back etc. If they have a dodge pattern of moving to the right, roll the barrel to the right of them. Once you get them down to half hp, tell your partner(if you have one) to let them push a little bit. Then when they get at the half way point between the two towers, flash in and exhaust the one with the lowest hp, or the one without as much running power. Throw your barrel in front of them, ram them explode the barrel and you should have a kill easy peasy.
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Mid game (Lvls 6-12)

Mid game, you want to let you enemies push more so that they are close enough to the tower that when you ult behind them, it knocks them into the turret and you can exhaust them to pick up a super quick and easy kill. However, this only works 1ce or 2ce in a game before they catch on, so don't rely on this to get kills. Mid game make sure to max out Barrel Roll right away. Then, max out Drunken Rage so that you can keep on harassing and never run out of mana.
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Late game (lvl 13 to end of game)

Late game when everyone starts to get items, you should have about 3.3 hp if you get all or most of your items and 450 ap. When you and the other team are at a stand off, try to use your ult so that it knocks 1 or 2 champs towards your team and the other champs into the wall and knock them back. Then exhaust 1 of the champs and your team will pounce them and it is a 5v4 at the start of a fight. You should have a 35 second CD on your ult so it's useful to farm minions with it if there are no champs nearby. Gragas is a great back door champ. However, if you decide to BD the enemy, save your ult for when they go after you. Gragas's Drunken rage greatly increaes his damage output on a turret, and he is difficult to catch with his ult, his flash and his ram move. Ty to all who viewed this build. Leave a comment positive or negative. Ty and GL on the fields of justice!!
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