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League of Legends Build Guide Author Baby_man

Gragas: The Big Booze Baby (For beginners)

Baby_man Last updated on December 17, 2010
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This is an AP gragas build. AP gragas squishy so be ready to run when **** starts to go south.

This build is one I would suggest semi-experienced gragas players use. If you are completely new to him you may find this build a bit difficult because of the low survivability.

Here is a hint for anyone playing as AP gragas.
-Body Slam is an amazing get away mechanism. MAKE SURE YOU USE IT!-


(early game)
For the first few levels you will find that you have just a little bit of mana problems but this is fixed fairly quick. That being said be conservative with your barrels. Use them only when a. they need to be used, or b. you are assured a kill.

After you get Drunken rage its time to start harassing the enemy players with barrels. It will keep them low, and you will be in control of the lane.

Try to stay as far away from your opponents as you can until you get Body Slam. The reason being is that you are easy to kill, and you cant run too fast. After you get BS you can be a little more risky with your moves.

After you get Explosive Cask you are ready to rape face. If your opponent is at low health dont just let them sit there. Take that big 'ol barrel of fun and chunk it their way.(always try to hit ahead of the person to knock them to you. Becoming good at making your opponent go where you want with this move takes time and practice so GET TO IT!) When they fly back to you body slam them so they are slowed and throw a barrel their way. There is your easy kill.

(mid game)

If laning phase is still not over by this time:
then you should start going to other lanes and ganking. Your Explosive Cask is one of the better ganking mechanisms in the game. It will let you single out people, or bring them back to you.

If you are getting ganked:
use your barrels to try and get the gankers low. If this isnt making them back off useyour explosive cask to make the group disperse and possibly get your team some kills.

After the laning phase you must ALWAYS stick with people in on your team. AP gragas is not a solo champion. If you get ganked by yourself you are probably dead. There will be those rare moments when you can take out a whole team by yourself, but dont think that will happen all the time.

During team fights: NEVER USE CHARGE UNLESS YOU ARE WINNING THE FIGHT! you are more useful rolling barrels in and taking the enemy teams health down. Your ultimate is an amazing initiating move for team fights. If you can single someone out than do that. If you dont know if you can tahn throw a barrel in the middle of them all. This WILL disorient their team!

(end game)

If you have been fed like crazy, it is game over soon. I had one game where I was so fed that I could charge an enemy then hit them and kill them. If it is a close game, stay with someone. AP Gragas can be a carry but it is not likely. Just keep up with spamming barrels and using your ultimate in clever ways.

(I do not suggest using charge to attack very much UNTIL you get lich bane)

-summoner skills-

Flash will help you get away in tough situations or it can give you some nice kills. know what its for.


The runes are made to maximize your kill power

The four mana regen runes should be enough to keep you rollin out barrels

I am not done with all my explanations but I am putting this build up now so I can get some feedback on it.