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Gragas Build Guide by goldenstarcross

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author goldenstarcross

Gragas the fat mage 5v5

goldenstarcross Last updated on April 2, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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is my main champion i constantly figure out new ways to use him but at the current time this is the best most effective way i can build him. maximizes damage and gives you a large amount of defense. making him be at his MAXIMUM.

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i choose the mastery's because of the extra boost you get early game with the magic pen fromgives you an advantage early(considering your pure ap runes). you can choose to use tanker mastery's if you want there both affective. if you go tank mastery's your control over the lane early will be harder.

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you can use the runes i choose to because the huge amount of power early. you can useor magic pen could also go or giving you extra defense for the harassing lanes or you just choose to go tank like.

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most people wonder why i getat all. the truth is till you level your to level 3 your gonna need some mana regeneration. THE ONLY REASON I GET IT IS TO KEEP UP CONSTANT HARASS IT IS NOT NEEDED.if you choose to skip your you will have to rush to keep your sustain up in lane. then quickly get it turned into so it passive can be full in a few minutes.If you do choose to get you may not have to get next. you can go ahead and get for the armor i do not recommend this but it is an option(only do this if there team is HEAVY ad). but you need to get ASAP after . the next item on my list isi get this to lower there MR and raise my own. this item is Recommended not to be thrown aside. it late game and now i'm just trying to top everything off with a load of damage so i get ,, and (the only reason i get this item is more the magic Pen).

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Team work

with your ultimate you throw around the enemy like dolls. USE this for your advantage. seperate your enemy's before you go in for the team fight you will be surprised how much this hurts them as well. and if you come in late try to save your team mates with your ulti. it's vary effective. also since his ulti has a huge range and the blast radius is just as bad. tr to pick up the wronging champions. with its massive damage if there under 1/4 they should die(depends).

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This build is NOT made for jungling. it made for mid and solo top. try to jungle with this build and you will probibly Fail.

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the most effective way to farm with this build in early game is to useon the caster minons. one or two should kill them. try to hit the enemy champion as your farming. any harass at all will put you at an advantage.

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Skill Sequence

I maxfirst to get maximum damage output. then quickly get for the damage reduction and the Mana. then for the slow(get this second for the slow and for the little extra damage output). like usual you get when ever possible.

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Summoner Spells

The reason i gotand is because there the msot effective combo plus i have gotten a liking to them threw past game play. ,, and are usable(use the summoner spells you are familiar with using).

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early game

in early game your main goal is to farm. the faster you get enough gold for rod of ages or Zhonya's hourglass the better off your be late game

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Mid game

By now you should have Zhonya's hourglass and Rod of Ages. your main focus is to get as many kills for your team as Possible. the more gold you get now the faster you complete the build( if it last that long). you'll need to get Deathcap before you get in to late game

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Late game

by now your controlling the map with your 1000 damage ulti and 900 damage Barrel roll. the only way they stand a chance is if they got Magic Resistance and a lot of it. they will stand almost no would be the king of this stage(as long as your team keeps from feeding).

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Unique Ability's

his passivewill help him survive early game with his other ability's being used it gives you 2% of your hp back. this might not seem like a lot but after 3 Barrel rolls and 3 Drunken Rages you would of gotten 12% of your hp back. over time this will add to the amount of substain you have in lane. making this an effective advantage for Gragas

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Alternate Items

the items i have posted above are few thatcan use. if you choose you can switch for if you feel the need for a longer range slow. or you may choose to go with as first item instead of the book. you can also choose to get tank items. like or if needed. both of these are effective but reduce your maximum damage and that what this build is based on.

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Ranked Games

this build is not made for ranked games directly. i do not recommend it but i have won a few ranked using this build.this build is made for 5v5 NOT for ranked.

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I have been usingfor about a year and i loved every moment of it. i hope use share the passion for this fat champion like i do.

Please comment if you think that i need to add something else. i will gladly add it if i think it's reasonable

Please comment.