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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LadyDana

Gragas, the great pusher [in production]

LadyDana Last updated on January 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi all,

Welcome to my new gragas build. I'm still working on my build as it is not perfect in any way. Also it's not finished as I'm still figuring out on which items suit better on gragas. Still, for now, this build works best for me. I'll explain how in the next chapters.

Some feedback would be nice!

P.S My English isn't great, since I'm not from any English speaking country.

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Pros / Cons


    Very, Very fat (yes! it's big plus!)
    Great farmer
    Hard to kill (early till late game)
    Good initiator
    Good "GTFO"
    Good damage output (due to Drunken Rage)

    Somewhat slow
    Barrels can be avoided quite easily
    No great cc (taunt, snare, etc)

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Since the point of this build is to be durable, you want to stack health, magic resist and armor as fast as you can, that's why you are going for these runes. They make sure you are durable from the moment the timer hits 0:01! These runes, together with your defensive masteries and Drunken Rage, will make you hard to kill.

You want mark of insight since your abilities do magic damage, hence magic penetration is very useful.

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Skill Sequence

no explanation needed in my opinion. Don't upgrade Barrel Roll early game (just keep it scaling to your opponent's health (my sequence should be fine i guess) since it is not your main damage ability (due to stacking ability power and long cooldown).

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Summoner Spells

You want to go for cleanse and heal since they are great spells for tanks.

You really, really need cleanse. Cleanse lets you get out of even the worst situations you got in. When you get in those situations where you are being ganked or where you over-extend, cleanse saves the day. Cleanse in combination with body slam and the active of Shurelya's Reverie is just a great way to get out of those nasty situations.

Heal is just a nice skill which is great in team fights (yes it can make a losing team end up with an ace) or when you are close to death. Remember that a durable champion with heal is just a pain in the ***. When it already takes an age for people to get 25% of your health off, popping it back up with heal is just really annoying.

Spells you really shouldn't pick:

Revive (duh)
Smite (you aren't a jungler and don't need the buffs! so don't get smite)
Ghost (no you really don't need it. You already got the 40% moving speed increase skill from Shurelya's Reverie)
Clarity (you don't need it. You already have enough mp Regen and Drunken Rage boosts your mp anyway (which can be used every 17-18 secs due to cooldown reduction). so don't get clarity)

Spells you might pick for heal (no you really don't want to change cleanse!^^):
Flash (some people might say it's useless since you already have Body Slam. I disagree. Body slam in combination with flash is just the ultimate GTFO (imagine: you have got 27 snares and stuns on you, you pup up cleanse, then flash, then Body Slam... no one will keep up with you!)
Exhaust (good for chasing people, disabling the phy damage dealers in team fights (like trynda or yi) or leaving people who chase you far behind)

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Gameplay - Early Game

Start with paying attention when the game is being loaded! This gives you the best information you can get from your opponents and allies! Take a good look at the summoner spells and check out your team mates champions. Pick a champion to lain with which suits gragas very well.
Champs you want to lane with:

    Ryze (snare and dmg output ftw)
    Ashe (slow and stun, this in combination with explosive cask and body slam = very good harassing)
    Veigar (great multi-target stun)
    Morgana (snare, stun and very nice laning abilities)
    Udyr (great stun and chaser)
    Nunu (slow and great dmg output)
    Taric (good stun and of course lovely heal)

    Well, especially champs with stuns, snares and slows!

Chapms you don't want to lane with:
    Tanks! (you need damage output! don't team up with another tank)

When you enter the game start with buying Regrowth Pendent and a mana potion. Afterwards team up and go top lane or bottom. Don't go mid since you really shine with a team mate!
Use Barrel Roll to keep the enemy champs away from the creep-fight as long as you can. This can be difficult since you don't have enough mana. Also, always are in the middle of the fight. Don't over extend like being in front of your minions, since you are very vulnerable to crowd control and skill shots.
When you hit level 2, pick drunken rage and use it whenever you can! Always use it when it's off cooldown! Besides the nice mana regen, it gives you very nice damage reduction and a damage boosts wich automatically makes you the highest damage dealer early game. This makes you a very good laning champion, since you can harass very good and take very low damage.
Try to stay in your lane as long as you can, which should be quite simple since you have a nice health and mana regen. When you hit around 1500 gold head back and buy your boots and start building up Shurelya's Reverie as fast as you can to get (for this build) maximum cooldown reduction asap.

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Gameplay - Mid Game

By now you should have Shurelya's Reverie and your boots. Begin to save up for Aegis, since it is one of the best items you have throughout the entire game.

Keep on pushing in your starting lane and ask your teammates in other lanes to gank in yours. This should let you get the first tower down rather quickly and get you some free kills/assists. Remember, when your team fails while ganking, you can make sure your team gets out without being killed. Shurelya's Reverie gives your team a 40% moving speed boost and explosive cask will blasts away the enemies.

Try to gank in other lanes, which should be rather easy with explosive cask, and kill the dragon whenever it pups up again. What you shouldn't do is start jungling! Never, ever try to get the golem buff. It's not efficient on gragas (you already have nice cooldown reduction and enough mana regen to keep up)! Really, just don't ever pick it, it's a waste of time. The lizard buff might be usefull late game, but don't waste your time on getting it early/mid game.

At the end of mid game (while not being farmed) you should have obtained Aegis and (almost) Zhonya's Hourglass.

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Gameplay - Late Game

When you've obtained Hourglass the team fights can begin. You really shine in team fights, not for being the damage dealer, but for being a great disruptor. You really shine in that. Always, ALWAYS, go in first. Jump in (with drunken rage of course, you really need the 18% damage reduction) and make sure at least three of your opponents are targeting you (when doing a 5v5 game). When you've accomplished that, use Hourglass asap! This will ruin the other team's day since they are trying to spam their skills on something that isn't target able and can't be hurt. This should win you around 1-1.5 secs with them doing nothing, and when this happens it's gg, they will end up being death, and having 1-2 turrets destroyed.

If this doesn't work, harass the damage dealer of the opponents team. This can be done very easy since you have very good damage output from drunken rage, hourglass and scepter.

Besides this, try to finish your item build, what (normally) can't be done since the game ends after 30-35 minutes with your team winning because of your pushing abilities.

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This build isn't finished yet. I'm still working on it. There's much to come with many improvements and updates!