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Udyr General Guide by granser

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League of Legends Build Guide Author granser

gransers Udyr Jungle build

granser Last updated on August 19, 2014
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Udyr takes time to become powerful and requires a understanding team that said lets jump into jungle paths and jungle/ganking syles.Start botom side buff because you will recive a better leash and faster clear always clear wraiths if you stared blue, they are the easyest and most high reward camp since they do less dmg do not clear the wight because it is tanky and deals to much dmg instade go for wolfs if you started blue . If nothing is happening do not attempt to gank just cs watch the map ocasionaly .If you want to make good choices when calling objectives ward enemy jungle and know where the other jungler is if he is top attempt dragon if he is bot attempt baron .

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imagine a imaginary line in the middle of the lanes if a foe is crossing this line you can gank if not just work on feral keep this in mind. ganking offten = weak late game BUT potentialy strong team , farming = strong late game for only you. Do not ping a lane to attck in hopes of ganking if you know you cannot get the kill it will make laners miss cs also do not force ganks . udyrs ganking pre 6 is weak maybe weakest of any jungler .

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late game build

do not sell feral for any item you need this and botrk thes 2 items are the only ad you need late game . even for triforce do not sell botrk it is important you keep these items because together they mealt any tank . if you think you need to sell boots you will need to trade it for a zephyr for defense randuins , spiret visage are good overall items but if you are winning build sun fire , if there is splash magic dmg you should go locket .

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Pros / Cons

starting with cons
he has no dashes , jumps or gap closers
requires farm
has no ult
has 2 moves that deal dmg
weak 1-15 game

Tiger scales extermly well
he doesnt need a team
can carry low elo
high utility

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Unique Skills

There are certain ways to lose less health when clearing camps kill the camp leader first by starting turtle wait before attcking for tiger to come up then basic 2 times then swich to tiger then when the camp is near death swich to turtle .

You are able to clear the dragon buff at lvl 4 or 5 if you have madrids razor and spirt stone make sure you get 1 vision and smite is avalable do not use bear when soloing dragon just cycle through tiger and turtle .

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take flash and smite. only trick 2 g can take tp, smite chances are your not trick if you have no flash you will get invaded or just will be killed when takeing your second buff by mid laner and jungler . udyr has no gap closers and need flash to secure or escape . ghost is decent i would not ever take it but if you want to team fight better takeing it isnt a bad idea .

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Team Work

If you can presure and get objectives you will be of use without showing your face to 1 teamfight . but in team fights try to stun a carry who gets too close never run into back line even with team you will most likely die .


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