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Graves Build Guide by Diatrix

AD Carry Graves, Born To Carry

AD Carry Graves, Born To Carry

Updated on October 24, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Diatrix Build Guide By Diatrix 6,191 Views 5 Comments
6,191 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Diatrix Graves Build Guide By Diatrix Updated on October 24, 2013
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This is a build that has brought me success in ranked games with Graves. Although I have only played 7 games with graves, i have still seen the changes from when i did not have this build and now, when i use this build. Before i used this build on graves i had lost 2/2 games with him getting horrible scores in each game. Recently i decided to try playing Graves again and i used this build. The results were noticeable. Out of the my next 5 Graves games i only lost 1. Although it was a loss i still ended up with a great score. 13/5. In the other 4 games that i won using this build, my scores were 7/2 13/3 13/4 8/3.
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About Me

I'm not going to tell you that I am a brilliant League player, because i'm defiantly not. I was previously Silver V on North American servers (winning 5/10 seeding games), where i used to main top lane. When Riot released Oceanic Servers i transferred straight away. When Riot announced that Oceanic servers were going to be released they also said that players would be in a higher tier/division then they were on North America. I quickly found out that this was untrue. Players on the Oceanic servers proved to be just as good as the ones on North American. Instead of players going up tiers/divisions the majority of players were dropped. From Silver V i was dropped to Bronze IV where i currently am at the moment after recently losing my promotion series. After being placed in Bronze IV i decided that i wanted to main Adc. This was a tough decision as the role requires a lot of skill and awareness. After using almost all of the available adc champions i found four favorites (Who i now main). Graves, Miss Fortune, Caitlyn and Corki.
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Why Buy These Items?

The items in this build have been strategically placed in an order that will let you (Graves) destroy both squishies and tanks all game long.
[*] Berserker Greaves
Berserker Greaves are the typical boots for an adc. Granting movement speed which is always useful and 20% attack speed. This attack speed will be useful early/mid game where you do not have a large amount of attack damage. NOTE!- I suggest purchasing Berserker Greaves after The Bloodthirster and Static Shiv.
[*] The BloodThirster
The Bloodthirster is an essential for an adc. I suggest getting The Bloodthirster as your first full item. This is because it grants a large amount of attack damage which will help with bursting down your opponents. Along with 70 attack damage the Bloodthirster also grants 12% life steal and +1 attack damage and +0.2% life steal with every kill. The life steal will give you good sustain while in laning phase and also helping you defeat your opponents easier.
[*] Static Shiv
Static Shiv is a good item to get second. Granting attack speed and critical strike chance it can help you do a ton of damage fast. The Static Shiv also has a Unique Passive. It gains charges automatically and after it gets to 100 charges it sends out a electrical surge (On your next basic attack) that hits surrounding targets. This helps you get more cs faster. More cs means More $$$$$. More $$$$$ means more items. More items means, well you get the point. NOTE!- Static Shiv's Unique Passive also ties in well with The Bloodthirster's passive. As the electrical surge hit surrounding enemies it is good for poke and alsomakes it easier to cs. Getting more kills gets you more attack damage and life steal thanks to you bloodthirster.
[*] Last Whisper
Considering you have a good creep score, and with the previous 3 items (The Bloodthirster, Stativ Shiv and Berserker Greaves) you should have some kills or assists. Last Whisper is you next item to build. Last Whisper is an essential when you are going into mid game. Mid game is where the tanks of the team start to get a load of health and resist and team fights start to happen. Last Whisper, granting attack damage and armour penetration is a good item to have when opponents start to appear in different lanes and people start to get tanky. With Last Whisper and you high damage and attack speed from the previous items you can burst down almost anyone on the other team. Positioning yourself in team fights will allow you to get maximum amount of damage down. This is easier with graves because his abilities are easy to land and do high damage.
[*] Phantom Dancer
Phantom Dancer is the next item i would suggest using because it gives you a high amount of attack speed and critical strike chance while also granting a small amount of movement speed. Phantom Dancer is just basically an item that is used for getting the maximum amount of damage out in a short amount of time.
[*] Infinity Edge
The Infinity Edge is a good item to have because it grants a large amount of attack damage and critical strike chance. Notice that i have put the Infinity Edge as the last item to get. This doesn't really matter because if you are getting a load of cs and you are doing you job as an adc (carrying). You will have full build in no time. If you like to build Infinity Edge in early/mid game to maximize your damage you could swap it with Last Whisper. I would not suggest doing this as you will not have the armour penetration to burst down those tanks. Not having the armour penetration means you are an easy target because you will not be able to kill the tanks if they are doing their job right and protecting the squishies.
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Tips For Early, Mid and Late Game.

- Early Game
To maximize Graves' potential follow the build guide and use your general knowledge on where to be and when. In my opinion i would focus on getting a high cs rather then playing aggressive and going for kills. Although graves has abilities that will help him escape u suggest standing back and farming while poking every now and then with buckshot. Eventually you will be able to easily kill the opponent adc because you have poked them down. This will result in 1 possibly 2 easy kills. Once you have your bloodthirster and either your fully built Static Shiv or a zeal, i suggest starting to play more aggressive, especially if your are up on farm and the opponent adc does not have a fully built bloodthirster.
Some adc's that you will verse build a Phantom Dancer first. For example most people when they play Caitlyn. This is your chance to get fed! Farm up, get that bloodthirster and shed them. Although they have the attack speed they will not be able to win the fight because your damage is too high and you have life steal. Getting ganked by the enemy jungler will be no problem either (As long as you or you support wards). Graves has 2 abilities he can easily escape with. Quickdraw and Smokescreen.
One last tip for early game. BUY WARDS!! If you have a spare 75 gold buy a ward! people argue that it is the supports job. It is. But if you have spare gold buy wards and help them!. Supports have builds too. And no it is not 5 wards in all 6 slots.
- Mid Game
Mid game is your time to shine. You should have your Bloodthirster, Static Shiv and Berserker greaves. And starting to build that all important Last Whisper. In my opinion Graves excels in Mid game. With these items you should be able to burst down almost anyone. If you are playing well you should have destroyed the enemies bottom tower and should have high cs. If you have done this focus on pushing mid lane and controlling the Dragon Area. Assuming that your team are decent at League try to win the first 2 or 3 team fights and secure the first 2 Dragons. This will give your team a sufficient lead and you should be able to close the game.
- Late Game
If you and your team are not doing so well, here is what you should do. Communicate with you team. Tell them everyone to either stay as a group or clear waves attacking your towers. Playing safe especially with Graves is the best way to go if you are losing. Farm up and get that build going! You'll be surprised how effective Graves is with this build.
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Summary And One Last Tip

- Summary
Graves is a very strong champion if you build him right. Playing safe and farming will show good results. This Graves Build is all about getting these items as quickly as you can so you can destroy your opponents.
- One Last Tip
1. Shred those Caitlyn's that rush Phantom Dancer!!!
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