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General Guide by treiz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author treiz

guide for solo top

treiz Last updated on June 26, 2012
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Chapter 1

I am making this guide for all the players that want to learn how to play better solo top .
In this guide i will be giving tips and tricks like :


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Hey, Treiz here , i am new to making guides so it might not be really good but i will try . I play all roles in games but i usually play solo top or jungle so i know quite alot of things about those 2 roles

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For top runes i prefer

9x : because you need the early gmae sustain
9x : because you need the hp to stay longer in lane and farm more
9x : this is essential for mid to late game
3x : i chose this over armor pen because i play many ap champs solo top also (morde . nida .akali etc.)

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Your text to link here...
i take 9/21/0 masteries because most of the solo top champs need sustain and not ad.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells take :


you can also take but if you have enough sustain you wont need it

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: To counter Yorick you will need to have swiftnees like kennen or riven and when he spams his ghouls you just run into the brush and they stop following you .Also you should take him down before lvl 6 because when he gets his ult the fight becomes 2 v 1 and its just not fair
: Morde can easily be countered by champs like or since they both get a good amount of mr . Also to win a morde after lvl 6 you should be playing with an AP champ(except irelia)cause he will try to target the ad carry with his ult instead of you .
: If nasus picks a vamp scepter for his starting item , then he wont have enough armor or hp to 1 v 1 you , but he can easily out-lane you cause if you harras him he will just farm some cs and get full hp . Just deny his farming and be offensive to dominate him .
: The most annoying solo top champ for me. The only way to counter a good darius is to get an early gank like at lvl 2-3 . Furthermore you should pick a champion with cc like or and tht can 1 v 1 easily . there isnt much info for him so i cant tell you exactly how to counter him .
: If you want to win a lane with mundo , then you HAVE to pick ignite no matter what , just for his ultimate . Moreover you will have to stay behind creeps so tht he cant hit you with his cleavers.
: Hard lane , i mean really hard if the opponnent is skilled cause he can win most exchanges without losing hp just by using his shield and dash. Even if he loses hp , he can regen it with his q and passive . Just try to poke him alot and push your lane when he ults to help his teammates.

This are the most common solo top champs and if you want anything more about a certain champ please tell me in the comment section :D

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Most basic starting items for solo top are

and 3
and 5
OR ,

    I buy
for the lifesteal, damage and armor it gives but most importantly the ward. After tht i get and some kind of HP item.

For late-game i can't tell specifically because every champs build differs

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Hope you guys Enjoyed my guide and learned something from it :D . Let me know in the comment section if you want me to put more info about something , ty for reading .:D


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