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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Quinn Build Guide by Neoanima0

(Guide in Construction) Beginners Guide to Quinn

(Guide in Construction) Beginners Guide to Quinn

Updated on November 22, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Neoanima0 Build Guide By Neoanima0 9,549 Views 3 Comments
9,549 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Neoanima0 Quinn Build Guide By Neoanima0 Updated on November 22, 2013
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Who am I?

Hi. My names Neoanima0. I've been playing League of Legends for about 6 months now an I wouldn't say I have the most outstanding grasp of all of this game's mechanics but I can say I've played enough to understand what works for me. I've decided to make this guide for people who are new to this game and have picked up Quinn. This guide is still in construction so I'm just putting information but I will make it look better when I feel I'm done. I'm definitely not done.
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For Quinn I like a build that focus on giving me a chance to survive if I make a mistake and over extend. This build is designed to make it difficult to be killed while doing a decent about of damage and with a little practice you will be the one carrying your team to victory. The items I recommend are what I've found work for me and I encourage you to experiment with different items and find what works best for you, but if you like my class, use it. This is what I usually build and I find that this works best for me because early game I can get kills easy to snowball into mid and late game where I am almost impossible to kill 1v1.

Why Play Quinn and Valor?

To be honest when I first played Quinn and Valor I was terrible. Mostly because I was experimenting with different builds and skill sequences and I just wasn't doing great. She was one of the hardest champion for me to use and now I'd say she is now the easiest adc for me and is in fact my go to adc. Valor on the other hand is not an ADC. Valor is an Assassin. Quinn and valor are essentially a tag team in which Quinn widdles down the opponent and then valor swoops down to mop up the battlefield. Once I realized that valor has to be played as an assassin hybrid bruiser I started playing way better and I started to gear my build towards taking advantage of Valors speed and damage per second. The only think valor has for an escape is its movement speed so build health and or resistance will increase the chances of escaping successfully.

My key to playing Quinn and Valor is thinking of them as an ADC version of Master Yi. You have the range of a marksman but the speed of and assassin.
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Pros / Cons

She's versatile and can play any lane
Lethal burst damage and Attack speed with Valor
High mobility for escaping and chasing with Valor
Great dueling potential with blinding assault
Can last hit from safe distances with Quinn's blinding assault
Can quickly destroy towers with Valor and escape afterwards.

Can be shutdown by hard CC
Is out ranged by many champions
Has sub par harassing capabilities
Many of her skills can backfire against certain picks ( I'm looking at you Blitzcrank )
Quinns Blinding Assault can be unreliable at blinding champions when minions are present.
As a carry she can be burst down like anyone else ( at least until you build resistances )
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Unique Skills

Blinding Assault as Quinn:
Blinding ***ualt as Quinn can be used as a harass however the likely hood that your opponent will let you harass with it is very low. The damage it deals and the length of the cool down on this ability make a mediocre harassing tool early on. Using this ability to last hit minions is a great way to farm at a safe distance and is my preferred use for it. If used sparingly you shouldn't run out of mana in the laning phase.

Blinding Assault as Valor:
Can be used to blind enemies around you in a duel and makes enemies miss allowing you to win most trades against auto attackers and is very consistent if used after vault. Great to increase your burst potential as valor and can sometimes help you finish of an opponent as Quinn.

Heighten Senses:
Is a great move to scout an area around you and check bushes. Unless you really want the extra attack speed for Valor and the buff to Quinns Harrier I would rank this up last.

Quinn: Vault has probably the most uses I've seen for one ability. It can be used to proc harrier on a minion to increase chance of last hitting, to help escape a sticky situation while simultaneously slowing an enemy,or to harass and or finish of an enemy. How you use it is up to your judgement but mastering this ability will lead to surviving more and getting more kills, and who doesn't like that? As Valor this skill is a great way to close the gap between you and your opponent making Valor practically an assassin!

Tag team:
This ability should be used to either become valor and assassinate a targets, escape or destroy turrets.
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Items I recommend
BF Sword ( Big Freaking Sword )

This item is the goal. You get this item and you should usually win 1v1 encounters early game. No matter what get this item as soon as possible. Even if you die in lane 3 time once you get this item you will be a threat. Early game, most carries and mages do not by resistances like armor so once you reach lvl 6 a full combo will kill enemies. Trying to kill enemies without damaging items is not advisable and before you get this item I recommend you focus on farming. If the opportunity presents itself by all mean get a kill but your top priority is to get this as soon as possible. THis item also makes last hitting way easier.

Crystaline flask
My favorite starting item at bot lane. Imagine you are being harassed by caitlyn, you can just drink potion and be okay. The key to making use of this is to try and not get hit as much as possible while in lane and if you do drink this. You can also use this if you are low on mana.

Chalice of harmony
If for whatever reason you want to spam your abilities in lane by all mean buy this item early, but the only problem is your using 520 gold on a mana generating item when you could be saving it for the BF sword. I used to build this first but once you get a BF sword you won't need it.

Blood Thirster
There are 3 reasons why I think this is the best item for quinn.
1 most of her abilities including her passive scales off of BONUS AD. That means unless you are building raw attack damage your burst will not be strong enough. The Bloodthirster gives the most attack damage so stacking it will increase your burst, plus the life-steal will help you win duels and once you have it you can farm with no problem. You'll also be able to use a blinding assault into a few auto attacks to easily farm minion waves. The Life steal plus your insane amount of health will make enemies want to kill you but can't.

Boots of Swiftness
These boots allow you to roam more effectively and get back in lane faster . They also help you chase enemies down. The reason I pick these boots over the other options is simple, people play very defensively. If you egagge them in battle most of the time they will run, so these boots will give you the speed advantage to catch up to them with vault and in many cases finish them off. Furthermore if you take into account that you character stops moving each autoattack, this extra movement speed will allow you hit them more often as they run. Any boots are fine but these are my favorite for her.

Frozen mallet: After much testing I've concluded that apart from one bloodthirster you really don't need any more attack damage items with quinn until late game. Even if someone build tanky it doesn't mean your attack will not do damage it just mean it will take longer to kill the enemy and since they build Defense instead of offense they are not a threat. You probably could kill them 1v1. Having the frozen mallet will allow you to stick to the enemy once you've started attacking them and If you attack them long enough they will die like anyone else. Most people will not try to engage you and if they do they'll get slowed and your teammates will follow up. You become more of a threat with this item because engaging you means the enemy has to commit. The slow also increase your stickiness while as Valor increasing your damage output and you should kill the enemy before they can reach a turret. This is my favorite second item. You also are harder to kill making valor more safe to use.


Some people would argue" Why get warmogs on an ADC? " Its very simple To survive. 1700 health from warmogs and frozen mallet makes you that much harder to kill. With these items you can run into a 2 v 1 situation and assassinate an adc or mage without dying. If you are getting low on health you can always fly away. There is no shame in retreating. You can't deal damage if your dead! When the enemies see all those bars they will probably not mess with you if they are smart. what you have to be careful of is being attacked by multiple enemies at once and being crowd controlled. Ff that happened then you are dead no matter how much health you have. Don't get cocky. The health allows you to have team fight presence.

Once you have 2 Bloodthirster your enemies will build armor. Last whisper is a counter to that.The armor they have will still mitigate a lot of your damage but you will be doing enough that in a 1v1 you'll win.

Randuins Omen
If your up against a mostly ad team this item is better than warmogs. The active will also help you escape. I'd get this instead of the warmog instead

Banshees Vail
Against high AP get this instead of Warmogs
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I prefer masteries that allow me to last hit minions and increase burst damage when I build AD.Because I'll only have 1 Offensive item going into late game these masteries will make the most out of it.
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How to Play Quinn

How you play quin will vary depending on what what stage of the game you are in.

Laning Phase: There are two way to fight in laning phase, aggressively or passively. I prefer a combination of the two. When you reach the lane for the first time you can use vault to last hit minions with harrier or harass the enemy. It depends on who you are laning against. If against high CC composition I wouldn't suggest it because they will bind you as soon as you land or grab you if they are Blitzcrank, however if you feel like you can get away with using vault on your enemy safely, go for it. If you choose to harass the enemy with vault land one auto attack and then run. That's the easiest way to harass the enemy and it is hard to avoid because vault has a long range. Ignite will also help you secure a kill, but the tactic of harassing with vault can be countered with crowd controls so try and be unpredictable with it. I usually don't even waste my time harassing with it because you don't have any type of good damage early but if harassing the enemy is your thing go for it. Vault is more consistent with harass then blinding assault that's why I recommend leveling that first, and even if you aren't planning on harassing the enemy ranking vault will allow you to do greater burst damage when you turn into valor. Basically when you are in the laning phase focus on last hitting minions and save up your gold for the BF Sword. You should be able to accomplish this by lvl 6 which is the perfect time to use it with vault to kill an enemy but perfably harass the carry with vault and when they are low enough use tag team and burst them down with a valor's vault, Bling assault and some auto attacks combo and you can easily kill low health champions by activating tag team again. Basically whenever tagteam comes off of cooldown you can look for some kills or use valor to quickly take out a an enemy turret. After your enemies turret is destroyed keep farming in your lane until you get the Bloodthirster and boots of swiftness. Do not let your enemy's minions push the lane if you've destroyed the enemies turret and defend your turret because after you've destroyed there's they will really want to destroy yours. You can also farm the jungle if your minion are pushing the lane and farm and focus on getting your Frozen Mallet. Once you have it you can fight with your team and be helpful as a source of crowd control with your auto attacks.

Min game:
Continue to farm and if you have flash split push. Build another defensive item so that if late game comes you will be able to fight with your team without dying instantly. Also use your abilities to save your teammates. Vault can slow enemies allowing you to save a teammate.

Late game: stay with your team, and focus on whoever is the strongest on your enemy team. Hide in bushes and try not to be first to engage in the fight because the enemy will focus you if they see you. Save Valor to engage after your enemies use there abilities on your team and clean up by killing the carries.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Neoanima0
Neoanima0 Quinn Guide
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(Guide in Construction) Beginners Guide to Quinn

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