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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author X Widow Maker X


X Widow Maker X Last updated on April 8, 2011
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Chapter 1

PLEASE NOTE: Incomplete, and outdated


This is my way of playing the games best ganker and backdoor master, Twisted Fate

To tell you a little about myself, and give the build some credit, my name is Widow Maker, I used to run a popular high ELO livestream, then took a break from the league. I came back for Season 1, and now i am currently hovering at around 1500 Ranked ELO

There have been a lot of builds, both Dmg and AP, especially since the European team's stratagy in the WCG. This is what i beleive the best build to maximize your cardmaster and carry your team to victory 99% of the time.

First of all lets assess the question of, why AP?

There is nothing inherently bad about damage, but if you have someone telling you damage is the best way and AP sucks, then they are a tool, and most of the time they dont even play TF. The fact of the matter is Twisted only has 510 attack range, along with a very slow move speed, and only one ability that benefits from AS. If your doing a hard damage carry twisted then your just better off playing Ashe, or Miss Fortune or some other person like that. With 510 range you are going to be dead center in the fight, and easily killable by any half ***ed enemy with an agenda. You cant carry your team if your dead.

With this AP build you utilize every single one of your skills to its maximum potential, and become a threat in fights, and a master of backdoor sabotage. A main difference in this build that separates it from other TF builds is its use of attack speed, along with ability power, namely and . This is a greatly underestimated stratagy as it allows you to drop towers very fast, and makes use of your stacked deck. This along with the power of makes an unstoppable towerkiller combo.


Does everything I say sound good so far? Well it should. However one thing all players have to realize is that Twisted Fate is a highly skill based character. Much like Anivia, its all about knowing what to do, when to do it, and most importantly PICKING THE RIGHT CARD. The best way to do this is practice practice practice. Until you master this character you will suck. But once you Master the Card Master, you will become unstoppable.

Unlike any other card game ever invented, Twisted Fate's deck does not rely on luck. It is 100% skill just waiting to be unlocked by a summoner like you.

Summoner Spells:

and .

Teleport is a must if you expect to become the ultimate tower killer and game carrier. Your team could be unimaginably terrible, but with this setup you can still carry like a champ. One thing you have to realize is, its not about the kills (they help of course) but its about the Nexus Your gameplay is essentially going to be pushing the enemy lanes, and ganking easy kill enemies. Try to break towers. Once the enemy comes to stop you, make use of either your ultimate or teleport and go into the lane on the other side and break that tower. Keep in mind you have two teleports, make use of this and crush the opposition. Teleport all over the freaking map and make your enemies life a living hell.

This build for Twisted Fate is all about mindset, your goal with this is TO WIN. Not kills. Not assists. Its about winning. (come on lets face it, winning is fun) The friggin nexus is your goal. That delicious victory sign, with IP and ranked ELO. Push those lanes, and make use of your 2 easy teleports, the enemies base will lie in ruin when performed correctly.


9/0/21 is how i roll. Being the teleporting, backdooring, card throwing fiend you are, the utility is great. Improved Teleport and Run are also delicious for obvious reasons. With the 9 i get increased AP and which is always good. I dont see any other possible masteries for this build. Defense is just useless because if your using this build right the enemies wont be able to ever get to you anyway.


Twisted is a naturally squishy character and i find myself usually harassed in mid. To counter this the hp quints help, and along with your starting item , you wont have anything to fear. Get those mana-regen seals to go with those utility masteries and you can spam your PaC and Wilds all day long. Being an AP build the Magic Penetration is obvious, and i think so is my choice of cooldown reduc. (Destiny ftw)

More to Come- Spells, Itemization, and of course ~ The Game