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League of Legends Build Guide Author Slap Addict

(Guide is outdated)

Slap Addict Last updated on February 8, 2011
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DONT downrate without commenting, I will find you!

Hey guys, Luke Legendary here, Caitlyn was the only champ that I actually sweated over while waiting for her release date. I <3 big guns, I <3 mini skirts, I <3 Top hats (No I do not like trannies) So she was a natural patch day buy for me.

This guide will cut straight to the chase and highlight some interesting points that I think make Caitlyn an EXTREMELY viable choice on most team comps.

One other note! I will be writing this guide assuming, that you the guide reader, understand the fundamentals of LoL. We're all big boys here =) Being successful with any champ, but especially an AD soft/hard carry requires great minion farm, map awareness, positioning before/during/after a team fight, and team work.

I will also use ALOT of LoL related Terms in this guide and will assume that you know what they mean!

I will not use fancy item links or colored text in this guide as that is not my style, dont cry about it.

Cait's Role:
SOFT CARRY | Carry Support
UNDERSTAND that Cait does not have the damage ratios of a hard carry, Her auto attacks are not Ashe like, her skills DO NOT rival Mf's in straight damage output. What she does have are a unique set of tools that when used properly, can not only keep you alive but also buy the hard carry on your team precious seconds to continue to DPS important targets on the rival team.
(Head to the Teamwork section to read more ideas on her role as a Carry Support!)

Excellent Poker Via Piltover Peacemaker
Great Utility
Clean Up Ult usually grants an extra kill every fight that your team most likely couldnt have picked up.
Can jump through most of the usual walls in Summoners Rift with E!
THE BEST Kiter in the game (Definition of Kite: To kite an enemy is to attack him from afar, thus making yourself untouchable by managing him in order to stay out of reach.)

EXTREMELY squishy (Great positioning and map awareness solves this problem)
LOWEST base movement speed of a Ranged Ad champion (Boots of mobility/positioning solves this problem)
High Skill cap (You not being ******ed solves this problem)
Can be shut down / focused down quickly if you have slow reactions or miss your E-W kiting combo. (If this is a common problem remember practice makes perfect!)

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These should be self explanatory for any Ad soft/hard carry but just in case:

SOME GUIDES are tooting the horn of her passive and going for Attack speed runes, this is stupid, The amount of times that Cait is able to successfully auto attack in a way that decides a team fight are very few. These runes really only benefit early game play and I feel are overshadowed by ArP and Mp5 that allow her to poke harder and longer. (ROFL)

RED: ArP Reds are necessary on any Ad champion with very few exceptions

Yellow/Blue: With the outstanding Poking power of piltover peacemaker (say that 5 times fast) Mp5 is a crucial part of building a proper Cait, and with her dismal natural damage output, this cant be wasted in an item slot.

Quints: Flat hp quints help solve her early game bane of lack of mobility/survivability that cant be fixed at all times positioning wise in the laning phase. The flat hp quints will help you survive that Sion stun that caught you off guard or that sneaky blitz grab long enough to flash or ghost back to safety.

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Lemme start by saying that always going 21 points into a tree for your masteries is an overrated and overused trend!

This mastery build grabs the good stuff for Cait, CD reduction for faster poking and more efficient kiting, extra ARP, along with some extra Mp5 to keep you spamming.

Key Masteries
Quickness: Cait has 305 base movement speed, quickness is almost mandatory.
Intelligence/Sorcery: 9% CdR on top of Ghostblade/Blue buff? EVERY 6 seconds YOU SHALL BE POKED!
Sunder: 6 more ArP is the same as having 4 more ArP marks in your rune book! (Roughly)

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There I said it again =p
This means that her first priority is prepping a target for takedown by the Hard Carry that is on your team.
This is done by propping up your Piltover with RAW Ad/ArP and making sure your kill target stays slowed/debuffed while your teams hard carry does the work.

Boots/3 HP pots
Solves early mobility issues, A dorans item will not save you in most situations in a duo lane as her base hp/armor/magic resist is so low, boots will save you in alot more situations then the extra 100-120 hp by increasing your ability TO KITE.

Early-Mid Game:
Mobility boots
Bf Sword
Giants belt

Early game CDR/ArP/Raw damage benefits Cait exceptionally well as it does any Ranged carry. I really dont want to explain why, you should already know.

Mobility boots help Cait before the fight starts and allow her to get to flanking positions during lane ganks that will allow her to snipe kills with her ult from angles that cant be intercepted. GHOST AND FLASH will be the mobility you need DURING the fight.

Giants belt seems to be the magic amount of health to survive anything short of a 4 man gank during early/mid game long enough to flash/ghost out of harms way, and with the recent ranged nerf to phage, I believe buying a giants belt first for your frozen mallet gives more use then a 20% chance to provide a dismal movement speed decrease to your kill target.

Black Cleaver
Last Whisper
Frozen Mallet

Intelligence pays off here as your mid/late item build SHOULD NOT be built in the same order EVERY game.

Having problems with having kill targets getting away? Finish mallet

Are you having to go 1 on 1 or fight smaller battles often where your DPS will make or break the fight? Finish Ghostblade/Last Whisper for the blades active and Whispers ARP

Is the Hard Carry on your team having survivability issues, or you notice they didnt stack enough ArP for the current team composition your facing? Finish Starks for the Lifesteal/ArP aura

STAPLE ITEM: Black cleave DEBUFFS the target for all attackers! This means that you smacking the first focus target once or twice with yo gat, increases the damage your hard carry can do to them! WIN

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Summoner Spells

Extra speed with ghost and another blink with flash besides your E for kiting? Yes please!

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Team Work

As I have been saying Cait should not be picked if you notice your team lacks a hard carry, your damage output will not be enough to provide the DPS that your team will need from you in a teamfight situation, If your team needs a hard ranged carry, pick Ashe/Twitch/Mf/Sivir.

HOWEVER Cait, when paired with a hard carry, GREATLY increases the survivability of BOTH champions, which in turn, GREATLY INCREASES the chances of winning a well executed team fight and escaping poorly executed ones.

This is done by shadowing, or standing near, your Hard carry during teamfights (unless they are doing something obviously stupid, like running through the opposing teams front lines to get to their squishies =p) and supporting them with your poke/Ult TO INSURE kills.

If things go badly you can buy time for both of you to escape with a quick E-W combo, the E slows your would be chaser, and a well place Trap afterwards will force them to either become snared for a second, Insuring your ESCAPE!, or run around the trap, buying you another second or so, INSURING your ESCAPE!

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Unique Skills

Fun Tips!

Will be updated

1.) While killing dragon with your team stand with your back to the wall behind dragon, if the enemy team comes and you know they have the upper hand, E through the wall and make your escape =p

2.) Before Teamfights in between your pokes place Traps where you are most likely to be flanked from, this could mean the difference between you getting aced or them getting aced.

3.) Your Ult CAN BE INTERCEPTED, same as playing football, dont throw the ball where someone not wearing the same colored jersey as you can grab it.

4.) Your ult APPLIES ON HIT EFFECTS, this means if someone is going to get away and you can't reach them with an auto attack, you can ult them early to apply lizard debuff, or mallet debuff, allowing your teammmates to catch up and make a kill.

5.) Your ult can CRIT, but thats not terribly useful for this build

6.) Kog, WW, and Nidalee are all secret lovers of Cait, Their sight applying abilities WORK WITH YOUR ULT, remember, if you can see em you can still channel your ult. That means someone running away who hits a nidalee trap IS NOT SAFE. Someone running away from WW at low hp who is out of his reach, IS STILL NOT SAFE. That guy whose trying to teleport behind his tower when kog hits him with a mortar IS NOT SAFE.

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Any mistakes I have made in this guide can be fixed easily, let me know where they are!

Id like to thank my mom for birthing me, and whoever I got the genes from that make me so ******** good at video games (MASSIVELY JOKING)

If you like my guide or ideas, gimme dat upvote

If you like my guide or ideas enough to play with me, add my smurf =) Luke Legendary