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Master Yi Build Guide by FlameLotus

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FlameLotus

[GUIDE] Master Yi - Speed Attack + DPS

FlameLotus Last updated on July 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 22

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Defense: 0

Expanded Mind
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Utility: 8

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Hello and welcome to my first guide here on MOBAFire. I got bored always winning with Master Yi, so I decided to create my own account here, and share my guide. Before you start reading, I want you to know that all comments are welcome and if there are any mistakes post as comment so I can notice. I can say that Master Yi may be the only character that I don't feed.

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Pros / Cons

+Can be easily learned and played
+Master Yi almost fits to everyone
+Very cheap to buy (450IP)
+Can easily destroy enemy turret in 5-10 seconds (See Combo chapter)

+Sometimes, you lose becuase of your team
+Can be deafeated by tank very easy
+Loses Mana easily and some skills cost alot of mana

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Items [Recomended By Me]

The choices I made for Master Yi aren't random.
+First of all, the reason why I put Doran's Shield is becuase at start, were you are going to start going solo or with teammate you must have atleast one item to be stronger that your enemy. Your enemy may not buy any items, just to wait and buy a good one, also known as expensive one. Since you will be having extra armor and health, use the skill combo you will read in the next chapter. And this is not the only armor item you will buy.

+About Berserker's Greaves, this is the second item I choose becuase, on that moment, the mid-game is starting soon and you must have all the things prepared. It gives you 25% Attack Speed and Movement Speed +2, were you will need if there's a chance you must flee from your enemy. Also, this will help me on destroying a Turret really easy.

+Alright, the next one is the one I love alot. Guardian Angel, is needed becuase the other team will start picking items against you. With this, not only you can respawn on the place you you died every five minutes on half Health and Mana, but you get a great defence, so your DPS can long more.

+Got tired of hitting low damages? Well, now its the time to DEAL damage while DPSing. Youmuu's Ghostblade will help you deal more damage to your enemies, turrets and 1 HIT KO Minions. The item also offers you 15% Critical Strike so you may have atleast a chance to deal more damage that the usual. (The things are getting started)

+Zeal, Zeal, Zeal! This is the only item I buy on EVERY champion I have and it really works. As soon as you buy Zeal, be sure to buy also its upgrade, Phantom Dancer. Becuase when I was with Master Yi playing, I though, that Master Yi could do better if I put him more Critical Strike and Attack Speed. So I did and it PERFECTLY worked. What I mean, is that from now on you may get targered (ganked) so keep your skills ready to kill everyone around.

+Yeah, this item I will guide you now can be bought more early too. But better let Critical Strike and Attack Speed be first. They enemies may build up their Armor (Defence) so you must have a plan. Well, the plan is an item. Preety simple plan :D. Master Yi now will be able to deal 40 more damage, and the enemy will have 55% (With Youmuu's Ghostblade) less armor, which means more that half which is preety awesome.

+If your match didn't end yet, just buy now the upgraded version of Zeal which is Phantom Dancer. It has 55 Attack damage instead of 20, 30% Critical Chance instead of 10% (Woah) and 15 Movement Speed instead of 8 and thats all.

-If the match takes longer than this, you can sell Doran's Shield and buy another Phantom Dancer. You still can firstly buy Zeal, and then Phantom Dancer.
-Also you can buy the items as recipes.
-I know that most of the items are from the recommended section in the Shop. Thats why I will be trying new things against bots to help you out more.

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Items [It would be really good to buy them too]

(Thanks for the comments for telling me about this.)

+Infinity Edge [For huge, better damage and Critical Chance]
+Lots of Lifesteal Items [Live and Kill]

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+For Mark Rune I put Greater Mark of Alacrity (x9)

+For Seal Rune I put Greater Seal of Strength (x9)

+For Glyph Rune I put Greater Glyph of Furor (x9)

+For Quintessence Rune I put Greater Quintessence of Resilience (x3)

**To be updated with more information**

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Mastery is: 22/0/8

You can see it in the top of the page.

Note: I don't know why other people like the numbers 21 and 9 but this is the best build I could come up with when I was first testing Master Yi, it fits for him the best in my opinion. If I'm mistaken on this, I will edit this as fast as possible so I wont get you guys all the way wrong.
I made the Masteries like these becuase it seems to be the best for this build, I mean take a look, theres Critical Strike/Chance, Damage deal, Armor Penetration and more. Then, why I picked Ultity is that Yi doesn't only need attack, he is not unkillable. So I putted eight points in Ultity, so he can atleast be standing on the Field on Justice more. Minor changes are accepted while your putting this masteries on your Mastery page. Oh, and by the way, to remember it, rename the Mastery page to something like this -> Yi Speed DPS so you can remember it.

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Master Yi has overvall 5 skills:

Double Strike: This is Master Yi's awesome passive skill which allows Master Yi on his seventh attack to attack two times. Its a very great spell which helps on the impovement on his DPS. Especially when your killing a Neutral Monster or destroying an enemy's Turret.
Alpha Strike [Q Skill]: Master Yi's only active skill but the best I know in all LoL. Be sure that when you attack someone (Minion or Champion) there's other enemies there so the skill hurts the other enemies too, but the selected enemy takes double damage. This skill is very good on chasing enemies too becuase its an long AND short range skill. Awesome skill for great farming too.
Medidate [W Skill]: Before saying anything you must know that Medidate costs you 1/4 Mana. So Medidate, is a great way to keep Master Yi, alive, by healing him. It heals around about 1/4 to 1/6 of Master Yi's Health. I only use this skill when my Mana is above the half expect sometimes when I really need it and my Mana is lower than the half on my Mana. Overvall about this skill, its usefull to be keeping yourself alive.
Wuju Style [E Skill]: Master Yi, is a talented Wuju style user. Well, basicaly this is a very great skill you can use to deal atleast more damage on the enemies for some seconds. It really helps when it gets combined with your ultimate, Highlander. Also Wuju style has a great passive, shining Master Yi's sword to yellow (wow!!) and you get more damage to deal, while active the effect is double and Master Yi's sword turns blue.
Highlander [R Skill ULTIMATE]: Highlander, a skill that when Master Yi activates, can do WHATEVER he want! I'm serious, this will help you KO other enemy champions, push and destroy turrets without any fear. And with that Guardian Angel, you can almost triple kill too. My point is this skill is increases you Movement Speed for chasing and escapes when you are being chase. There's also Attack Speed given to make your hits faster, which means kill faster.

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Team Work - Laning Partners/Teamates

You, by Summoning Master Yi, there's a chance in the Field Of Justice not to go solo. In that case here's a list of what I believe Master Yi's same-lane-mate could be. I sorted them to 1, 2, 3 and U. 1 are the best and 3 are the worst. "U" means Unknown becuase probably, I was never teamate with that Champion. Remember, that Master Yi would be better to have another DPS teamate with him, so they can enter the enemy's base easily. Well, here goes:

Ashe (One of the best teamates Master Yi can have), Veigar (Veigar stuns, Master Yi kills), Caitlyn (Same as Ashe), Rammus, (With Rammus, the enemy dies in no time) DPS Sion, (No one can pass through them) Twisted Fate (Kills the enemy when your Health is low)
Katarina (Helps on killing an enemy), Amumu, (He's a tank, he helps abit, okay) Garen, (They make quite a good team but you may be getting kill steals) Urgot, (Helps on killing the enemy a little)
Evelynn, Malphite (Bad damage dealer), Brand (Master Yi, doesn't make a good team with Brand), Orianna (Hard to play), Tryndamere, (Kill Stealer) Taric (You have Meditate and Summoner Skill Heal, you don't really need him)
Blitzcrank (Never had a chance to play with him as teamate), Yorick (New character I don't know him), Karma (Same as Blitz)

These champions come to my mind right now.

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So finnaly were in this chapter, Combos. I will start telling you tricks, tips and ofcourse some awesome combos I use. Let's start.

\\The first one is really basic for all Champions but still, I will point it. When your Health is low and you know your oppenent is faster that you, use your Summoner spell, Exhuast or Heal. There's also the way to call for help and point Emergercy Ping so your teamates will help you. This will often occur in early-game becuase Master Yi on that time wont have much speed. In late and mid-game Master Yi's speed is alot.

\\Kill all the enemy minions before they even touch ur minions. While the wave is comming, and their in a queue, use your Q skill on the first one. Easy, simple.

\\Your facing off a Champion? Here's the combo I use: R>E>Q>Heal and Exhuast if needed>END. You can also run in a brash and use W abit to heal then attack again. If you know you can't win, run away. If you know even if you run you wont make it, attack them, its like make them less Health and die or just die. Don't forget to be calling for help if needed to.

\\Defeating a Turret/Inhibitor/Nexus really easily: Be sure to have some Minions with you before you attack the Turret. No need for Minions while attacking Inhi/Nexus but you can, to die atleast faster. So when you attack the turret here's the combo, WORKS PERFECTLY, R then E. Its really perfect, trust me, the best combo I've ever done in LoL.

\\\\\\I will add more in the future, maybe.

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I am really happy that I completed this guide. It took me a while but I did it. So here it is. Feel free to comment. My EU [East] username: FlameLotus. Add me as friend if you want!

Thanks Everyone for reading everyone!!!

1/7/11 - PUBLISHSHED! + Minor changes
3/7/11 - Created the ''Items [It would be really good to buy them too]'' Chapter. + Minor Changes