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Singed Build Guide by JadedTombstone

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JadedTombstone

Guide To A Perfect Off-Tank Singed

JadedTombstone Last updated on September 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Please Note The Following

-Singed is a VERY suicidal champion. Do not use unless your willing to take plenty of chances at dieing.

-The health stated in the build info may be actually higher in a real game then it appears on here due to the fact mobafire may of not calculated singed's passive.

-Even though people may say singed is a easy champion, HES NOT. He needs timing and very good chasing skills. Also including the fact the only way he usually gets kills is by making people chasing him, which is another suicidal factor.

-Finally, FOR THE LAST TIME, Singed does not need flash! Ghost should be good enough to get away with. He can take a hell load of damage also its recommended to kill people with your poison. Flash is just a bad option for singed in general. People who actually need flash for singed are noobs.

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Runes are based around Mana and Mana regeneration, as well as some ability power runes. This is recommended for the following reasons.

-More mana = more health

-Singed is a mana hog, he constantly needs more mana to keep that poison up.

-Ability power runes are needed to buff singed's poison. This will allow more CC and quicker kills.

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The masteries i have are weird looking.

People usually say have 0-21-9 or 0-9-21 for singed. No. You should have 9-5-16.

In OFFENSIVE abilities

Make sure you have that mastery to make it easier for you to wrap enemies with your poison, to catch up to them to flip them, hold down a enemy for your teammates, or simply getting away.

In UTILITY abilities

Get that mastery to get that small speed bonus and that extra time for that extra mile. Be sure to put your utility masteries around mana regen as well.

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A Little About Singed

Singed is meant to be a SUICIDE MACHINE. Meaning there WILL be ALOT of turret diving and barraging into team fights.


-Great support, can slow enemies chasing your teammates, can throw enemies back for team kills.
-Extremely tanky
-Poison is very efficient
-Amazing Ultimate
-Very hard to kill
-Can turret dive easily

-Very vulnerable to CC
-Does not have alot of instant damaging moves
-Takes time and patience to get kills
-Good chasing and anti-chasing tactics needed


To Get Kills, One Singed, Must Make The Enemy WANT To Chase Singed

(Basically make the enemy WANT to chase you)

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Game Time

Alright Now your finally ready to use singed.

Once the game starts grab a then level up and pair up with a AD carry if possible. Like or or etc. and head to bottom lane. Doing so will allow you to pick up first blood.

Start by heading to the first side bush. The bush closest to your tower. Dont go into the second yet. You want to get enough time to take out a single target. If the enemy comes over to your bush or after a while you decide to run into theirs and throw them back do the following.

As soon as you see a vulnerable target use then

Both you and your partner should pile the targeted enemy. no regards if his teammate attacks you. Exhaust will make a enemy too weak to fight, making it a 2v1.

If you get the kill, back off ASAP, Recall, and go back and get ready for laning phase.

Simply farm minions with your Q and don't overuse your mana. Try to save some of it incase of needed in a escape or possible kill. Simply do so up until level 6.

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Me And All Of My Friends

Level 6 is a big stage for singed. He becomes a very efficient ganker at this level.

I know, I know...ANYONE can gank. But not like singed!

Singed's ult grants him a load of traits. increasing all of his stats by 35, including mana regen and health regen. Also not to mention his movement speed. That's right! Due to this singed can easily run in and pick out a enemy before they react!

At level 6, when you have your go head to middle lane bush. Make sure the enemy in mid isn't someone who can lay traps to spot you like

As soon as you see your target over the middle of mid (yup) or if they're attacking your tower Press R to activate as well as your Q for and get ready to go all out. Use your W to slow them and attempt to wrap them with your poison. As soon as they're SLIGHTLY ahead of you, used your E to for more time.

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Late Game: Team Fights

Don't be afraid to run back to base to grab a oracles to eliminate enemy wards. And don't worry about picking up wards. Leave that to your carries and supports. If you really feel like it though, pick up 4 here and there and place 1 by Baron, 1 by Dragon, 1 by YOUR blue buff, and 1 by YOUR red buff.

Singed's main job is to virtually commit suicide. But with this build and guide, that wont be happening often. A very efficient way for singed to start team fights is when both teams are around the same area in about a 2000 area range and singed decides to run in out of nowhere. MAKE SURE YOU ARE THE FIRST ONE TO ENGAGE. You shouldn't be afraid at all especially after you have that guardian angel. Pick out the closest squishy, flip back, and slow them. Make sure you have your R on while doing so. Keep your up at all times. Doing so should easily make it a 4v5 allowing your team to push through.

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Thanks for reading my guide.

I hope this helps alot of you out in game and i WILL be adding more soon. Good Luck.