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Ezreal Build Guide by Insanitysauce

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Insanitysauce

Hard Carry Ezreal

Insanitysauce Last updated on September 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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I have spend countless hours researching different Ezreal builds, playstyles of different players, and reading different guides online because I believe Ezreal is one of if not the most fun champion to play. If you learn how to play him effectively, it is very rewarding because all of his shots are skill shots so it is much more satisfying than a champ like Annie or Ryze where you just hit a combo of buttons then run away. The best way to build Ezreal I've found hasn't been posted in any guide, so I figured I'd write my own. This build is meant for people who want to be really aggressive and make an impact in the game. When first trying this out, don't be surprised if you get roflstomped. However, if you can learn how to play him effectively, with this build you can be a crazy AD carry in high ELO games. The inspiration for the majority of this guide comes from a friend Phreeze who uses Ezreal as his ranged carry in his 1750+ ELO matches and crushes people. Please feel free to comment on suggestions or other stuff, just please don't be a **** :)

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Runes and Masteries


The Armor Pen Marks give +15 flat Armor Penetration at lvl 1. I have these because most champions have around 15 armor at lvl 1 so this makes your Q and basic attack hit hard early.

The Armor Seals give you +13 Armor at lvl 1. The reason why I chose armor runes over say ArP, AD, or AS runes is because you will do a lot of harassing early game in order to starve the other mid so this helps keep their minions from eating you alive if you go for the kill.

The CDR Glyphs give you -8.1% CDR at lvl 18. CDR is vital with Ezreal because Ez's ult has so many uses all game and this, along with your Q's CDR, makes it so you can use your ult often. Also, the CDR is helpful with kiting opponents with Ez's blink since its CD is kinda long.

The Health Quints give +78 health at lvl 1. As I said in the intro, Ezreal should be played very aggressively, so these allow you to lane longer without dying.


The masteries are pretty standard, maximizing damage and getting an extension for jungle buffs in the support branch.


The masteries are pretty standard, maximizing damage and getting an extension for jungle buffs in the support branch.

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Summoner Spells

I prefer the Exhaust/Ignite combo on Ezreal because he can dish out a lot of damage at early levels. However, I'd suggest new players to go with Ignite and Flash just to increase survivability. Ezreal has a built in mini flash that allow him to kite very well but it has a longer CD and it doesn't cover a lot of ground so the second flash helps him escape almost anything. If you still have trouble kiting people, you could run ghost and flash.

Summoner spells I could understand people using are Teleport, Cleanse, Clarity, Heal, and Clairvoyance. I would not use these in any game but its personal preference. I just prefer winning...

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Items/Basic Gameplay

As with any champion, the items you get depend on the game. I.E, if you're going against a Cho'gath, Mundo, Shen, or any champion who gets a lot of health, you should rush a Bloodrazor if no one else on you're team builds one because you can destroy those champs with that plus your passive AS bonus. Anyways, back to the real guide.

Starting off

Start off with a Doran's Blade. This item is just amazing for Ezreal. He is very squishy so the health is nice, the LS element allows you to recover from harassment, and the damage allows you to net early kills. On your first trip back, always get lvl 1 boots first. Usually you will have money for more items. If you're wrecking their mid, go more offensive and starts building your Brutalizer. If you're barely escaping with your life, get a Vamp Scepter. Keep farming and harassing mid and netting kills/assists from ulting the side lanes to your heart's content. If you kill mid and still have a decent amount of life, go ganking. Side lanes are really caught off-guard when a wall of arrows demolishes a third of their health bar and you blink in and start rocking em. Recall as necessary and continue getting items according to how the game is going. Also, if the other mid is a physical carry and dealing massive damage to you or if you just suck at last hitting minions, build your vamp scepter into a Wriggle's Lantern. The LS and armor make you much more durable, the occasional proc nets easy minion kills, and the ward is helpful all game.

Mid-Late Game

In those games when you are God of LOL early on and have money out the ying-yang, I rush a Bloodthirster before my Brutalizer. If you are holding your own, go for the Brutalizer after the Vamp Scepter. If you are getting rocked early, grab a second Doran's Blade or something like that. During this phase of the game, make sure you are keeping on with your farm and tearing down towers. Gank whenever appropriate. As far as items, after Bloodthirster and Brutalizer, get a Sheen. After this, if you're getting focused with a bunch of CC (like you should be if you're doing what you are supposed too) get a Banshee's veil. If you aren't getting slammed by CC but just an AP carry's spells, get a Hexdrinker. If you are taking a ton of damage from an opposing AD carry like Caitlyn or Yi, grab a Thornmail. If you aren't having any trouble staying alive, skip the defensive item and build a Black Cleaver for the armor pen, finish the Ghostblade so you have more mobility, and finish the Tri-Force. This is a very expensive build but once you finish it your enemies with quiver in fear.

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Advanced Early Game

Early game, you should be harassing their mid to no end. Ezreal's damage early game is glorious. You should be able to demolish almost every single mid in the game. Ez's blink allows you to close the distance/ chase down the mid for the kill. You can harass other champs a lot with your Q by just constantly poking them with it, but if you go against an AP mid, you will most like end up losing this burst battle. What you need to do is wait until they try to harass you to make a move. Stay on the side of your minion wave near the side brush and when they come up to you, blink towards them and start wrecking them. This is when the Exhaust/Ignite combo is delicious. They will either die or be forced to use their flash. This is also what you should do against a Caitlyn because she will win the poking battle with her ridiculously long range skill shot that travels through minions. Close the gap and show her who the better carry is. There are a lot of videos out there showing effective ways to mid against certain characters. Win10cent has some good videos. This video shows how you can burst in and demolish the mid really early. Also, check out his guide A very detailed Ezreal guide, it is the one I used to learn how to start playing Ez.

A few tips about using Ez's Q
The hit box on Q is slightly larger than the animation. You will learn this as you try it out. This allows you to get a few cheap shots in that the enemy will not see coming. Also, the speed on the Q is about the same as an auto attack, so as you release the auto attack to last hit a minion chillin in front of the other champ, fire a Q off right behind it. If you have the mana to spare, a good way to pop off a good burst for harassment on champs who are just chillin by their turret is to blink towards them and fire a quick Q and W. If one hits, so will the other.

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Controversial Items/Choices

Because of Ezreal's vast capabilities, there are several items that are very controversial for him. I will discuss my opinion on them.

Black Cleaver


Last Whisper

Throughout the build, I focus on increasing flat armor pen instead of percentage based. The reason for this is because with my runes, masteries, a Brutalizer, and Black Cleaver you will have around 95 flat armor penetration (increases to 100 w/ ghostblade, but that's really late game). This will chew through all of any carry's armor, making you deal virtually true damage as opposed to only a percentage of that true damage. If you are facing a tank that is stacking armor, they would need to have 237.5 armor in order for the Last Whisper to create the same amount of armor penetration as the Brutalizer/Black Cleaver combo. Just for comparison, Garen, who has the highest base armor of 100 at lvl 18, would have to stack at least 137.5 armor just to make your Last Whisper have an equivalent amount of penetration. Also, factor in that Black Cleaver gives your more AD and AS, I think the choice is clear.


Manamune is a good item if you have mana problems laning, but I think it is a waste of money when it comes to late game. It costs 2110 and provides 60 AD with its bonus if you have it fully stacked (which is easy to do) a Banshee's Veil, Tri-force, and Ez's base mana. This is a good amount of damage and the extra mana is nice. However, team fights in late game shouldn't last long enough to exhaust Ezreal's base mana pool so items like a Bloodthirster which gives 60-100 AD and a 15%-25% LS and Black Cleaver which gives 55 AD, +30% AS, and up to +45 flat armor pen have far more utility late game. As far as mana problems are concerned, I almost always grab blue buff. The only champs I give up blue for are Anivia and Swain due to their ults. Otherwise, I fight for blue. So, in summary, a decent item for Ez but not worth getting.

Why get a Brutalizerand a Bloodthirsterbefore a Sheen?

I've had people ask me why I don't get a sheen first and why do I get a Brutalizer. I admit, the Sheen proc on Q is beautiful, but once you get into an actual fight, whether it be a 1v1 or team fight, you will have a lot more auto attacks due to Ez's passive AS bonus and Greaves. You will get a Sheen, but only after you get some AD to make it really hit like a truck. The reason why I choose to get the Brutalizer is because of 3 main reasons. 1. Everyone likes more damage. 2. The CDR is nice to help get your ult off of CD because the damage that delivers over its large area is clutch in finishing off low health opponents. 3. When you start ganking the side lanes, chances are you will have to gank a tank so the extra flat armor pen is nice. The Bloodthirster is great for damage output as well as survivability.

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Creeping / Jungling

Once you have Berserker's Greaves, a Vamp Scepter, and some more AD, you can kill Golem with ease. Having blue buff on Ezreal is clutch. You can start spamming your Q which brings your ult to a nothing CD and your farm shoots through the roof. Make sure that no one else on your team needs it though. Red buff is really nice for netting kills so pick it up when you can. If you end up building your vamp scepter into a Wriggle's, kill dragon immediately.

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Team Work

When it comes to team fights, your job as the carry is to sit behind the tank and unleash havoc on the other team. Most games you will be focusing on gunning down their carries. However, if one of their tanks is wrecking your team, don't be afraid to show them what you can do. Avoid getting targeted and be sure to use your blink to position yourself right. You want to be able to either buff the other auto-attack champ on your team or debuff the opposing teams auto attacker, which ever will be better for your team. As far as Ez's ult, if you have someone like Annie who drops a nuke on the middle of their team or an Ammumu who ensnares everyone, fire away to maximize damage. If there is someone on the opposing team who constantly escapes with a very small amount of life, save it to finish that champ off.

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Parting Words

Well, thank you for reading my guide, it is the first I have written. I hope this build/guide helps you and makes LOL an even more fun game as you wreck people consistently. Feel free to criticize/praise anything about the guide, just please don't say "This build sucks" or stuff like that, tell me what specifically sucks. Also, let me know if you have any questions, I'll do my best to answer them. Have fun and go forth and conquer.