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Fiora Build Guide by HaseebyNA

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HaseebyNA

HaseebyNA Season 8 Fiora Guide - High Diamond One Trick

HaseebyNA Last updated on January 14, 2018
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Fiora Build

LoL Path: Inspiration
LoL Rune: Kleptomancy
LoL Rune: Perfect Timing
Perfect Timing
LoL Rune: Magical Footwear
Magical Footwear
LoL Rune: Cosmic Insight
Cosmic Insight

LoL Path: Sorcery
LoL Rune: Transcendence
LoL Rune: Gathering Storm
Gathering Storm

+13 Attack Damage or +22 Ability Power, adaptive

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Hello everyone! I am making this guide as a template to a Youtube guide for Fiora that I am making currently.

So a bit about me, I've been a top lane main since season 3 and started once tricking Fiora last season, I peaked masters promos at one point but mostly just hover Diamond 1. I loved her right away when I picked her up, she has a high damage and mobility kit that rewards mechanical plays and she scales super well into the late game. This will be a basic guide tailored towards people who are looking to pick her up as a top lane pick.

Here is a link to all my accounts

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This is my rune-page for 90% of my games as Fiora. The only exception I would make is if I am playing into super poke champs. I would change Sorcery secondary into resolve and take second wind and either the 5 armor or magic resist.

Kleptomancy is the best keystone for Fiora since she and use her lunge to proc it. It propels her to get her items sooner and gives wards and potions that she can sell for even more money or use them to her advantage. I would say that it is hands down her best keystone.

Perfect timing gives you a free stopwatch that you can use after 6 minutes into the game. Most top laners get their ults at around this time so you can use the active to cancel it. Its also free 600 gold since you build Guardian Angel either 3rd or 4th item on her.

Again free 350 gold by 10 minutes at latest into the game.

Cosmic insight is also strong on Fiora. You end up with 45% Cooldown Reduction and lower times on your summoner spells and hydra active is nice.

Gathering Storm is one of my favourite new runes on Fiora. You already scale super well into late game but with taking it its even more powerful. If the game gets to 40 minutes you get 48 AD, this is almost as if you have max stacks of frever of battle from last season.

Lastly Transendence gives 10% CDR after level 10 and makes any CDR after 45%. This means your last item deaths dance gives 90 ad instead of 80.

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Skill Sequence

You prioritize maxing r -> q -> e -> w

The reasoning behind this is that lunge is Fiora's bread and butter ability. It's used for damage, its a dash, and helps you proc your passive.

Your Blade work is your auto attack reset with a slow and critical attack built in, Its leveled after lunge to reduce its cooldown.

Levels in riposte does not increase the movement speed and attack speed slow duration or the immunity duration just the damage on it and cooldown so you max it last.

Put levels in Grand Challenge whenever you can.

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The build path up there is again what I build almost every game. The only exception to it is then the other team Is all ad or ap. You want attack damage as the main stat your are going for on Fiora since her passive scales of it.

I start Dorans blade most games but shield is also viable. Boots you get for free from your runes. I like buying an early cloth armor into ad matchups since after you get your boots its only 450g to finish your Tabi. Build boots whenever you have the gold on backs early, your core is important but I would not build past Triforce until you complete boots.

Tiamat is your first item you are looking to get, its good for wave-clear witch Fiora lacks and short trades that Fiora does. Turn that into hydra asap for sustain and attack damage.

Triforce is super good on Fiora. It gives her a bit of everything she needs. Mana, health, CDR, attack damage, movement speed, attack-speed and finally the extra damage on hit after using an ability is super convenient since lunge has a low cooldown and can proc the damage from spell blade.

Now you either build Maw of Malmortius of Guardian Angel depending on what you are going to be splitting against. Against a riven for example you would take Guardian Angel, vs an Akali its Maw of Malmortius. Fiora is kind of the opposite of Jax, Jax gets free resistances from his kit so he builds hp. Fiora gets free healing from hitting vitals and her ultimate healing so she benefits from resistances.

* Note you dont necessarily have to build both before going into your last item of deaths Dance. If you are splitting vs a Riven and have no intentions of grouping in your 1v1 a Maw of Malmortius wont help so just build Deaths Dance and finish Maw last item.

Last item is Deaths Dance. Its one of the three 80 attack damage giving items and since we run Transcendence its bumps it up to giving 90 attack damage. (this is only if you have Maw of Malmortius already) The life-steal goes well with your hydra and the passive makes you durable.

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You want to take Teleport and Flash every game. I dont think there is ever a time when you dont take these two. As a split pusher having Teleport to group with your team is necessary. Being able to teleport back to lane or using it to counter gank or gank the other teams bot lane is also strong. Flash is a no brainer.

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Pros / Cons

- She is fun to play
- High damage
- Super strong scaling
- Snowballs well

- One of the more difficult champions to play effectively. (alongside Azir and Y***uo for example)
- She is a weak team-fighter.

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Gold Income

Scaling into late game on Fiora is what you should be looking to do every game, a six item Fiora is a nightmare. On Fiora your win condition is to get full build then two hit everyone, that is why I think gold income should be your primary focus.

Kleptomancy is great in lane for the early levels especially vs tanks who start Dorans shield with resolve because they dont even feel your damage. If you push your lane in you should allways look to see if you can farm scuttle crab.

Once you finish hydra you can farm your wave quickly and then look to take jungle camps from your jungle or the theirs. Your hydra means you can take the camps and stay healthy, just watch-out for their jungler and your laner collapsing on you if you decide to steal from them.

A good mental note you should keep is to allays try and have 10 cs per minute. So if its 30 minutes in a game having 300 cs is your goal. Now I know that its hard to keep it up, in most my High diamond games most people dont have that but just keeping it in the back of your mind helps. Even if you have 260 at 30 minutes its not bad, just always focus on farm.

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Ranked Play

I think Fiora is an amazing champion to pick up for your ranked grind. She is actually very unique since she gives your team the option to 1-4 split push. Most of the time solo queue is very unorganized but having a game plan even before you get into game is great. The one problem is that to split push 1-4 effectively your team has to pressure. I get into it more below.

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Team Work

Communicating with your team on Fiora is super important, especially since when you are splitting most the game. When you split push you have to look at the map and see where your team is pressuring. If you and your team does not coordinate correctly this can mean either you can get ganked by members of the other team and after they can just rotate back to deal with your teams push.


If you are bot lane pushing into the other teams tier 2 and you have your mid whos just backed in base and your jungler farming his jungle you have to back off and respect the fact that your team does not have map priority. You should in this case look to back off and try and farm something or simply just wait. Ask your team to pressure at the same time as you push and pressure bot. This means that if you have 4 teammates pushing mid that the other team needs to send 4 people to defend. If they only have three mid defending you should tell your team to dive as it is likely the one whos is not there is trying to gank you since as Fiora you can 1v1 most champions in the game.

Baron is on the topside of the map so you should always be looking to split bot lane while its up.

* After thinking about this I realize that talking about rotations and map pressure is actually really complicated. I am going to leave this here and look to make a stand alone video about it.