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Alistar Build Guide by YesWayItsJose

Support Health Regen Alistar support guide

Support Health Regen Alistar support guide

Updated on March 4, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author YesWayItsJose Build Guide By YesWayItsJose 40,429 Views 1 Comments
40,429 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author YesWayItsJose Alistar Build Guide By YesWayItsJose Updated on March 4, 2018
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Explaining the reasoning behind everything

Ok let me start this off by saying that I am in bronze, and while I may not be the best league player, this IS the best alistar build.

The point of this build is to be an unstoppable force. The enemy laners should cower in fear at the sight of you. After every fight you are ready for the next one in seconds. Poking you in lane is pointless. Remember to BM as much as possible.

1. Starting items
-Relic shield: Why wouldn't you start this? It gives you a regenerating shield after getting 650 gold, and the stats for the item it builds into are perfect for tanks. You can get ancient coin if you're a baby who doesn't like to get near the enemy in lane. You dont buy spellthiefs because if you poke all the time you're gonna run out of mana quick.

-Health pots: What else are you gonna spend that starting gold on? literally the best things ever since you'll never have to back.

-Faerie Charm: Your ADC is faker and you already know its game over. might as well buy this to make sure you have enough mana to roflstomp continuously.

2.First real item
-Eye of Equinox: By the time you get this you should be level 6 or close to it. 500 health, 200% health regen, 10% CDR. Ult, Dive, Regain all your health, Repeat.

-Boots: You need this to chase down that pesky ADC

-Control Ward: I never buy them cause they always get broken and Alistar has enough peel to get away safely whenever you get ganked. Might be why im still bronze though.

-Boots of swiftness: Alistar is a big guy, big guy needs some big boots and these fit just right. These boots are needed to chase people down and make sure your team can kill them, or so you can run out of sticky situations after knocking someone away.

-Ninja tabis/Mercurys Treads: If your adc sucks and you guys are having trouble buy these for some extra tankiness survivability.

4. Core
-Righteous Glory: All of these stats are important and will help you throughout the game, especially the added mana since alistar burns through it. This items active also helps chase people down or to run away from bad fights.

-Gargoyle Stoneplate: Its like this item was made for alistar. The day I saw this in the update notes for the game was the happiest day of my life. The active when combined with the passive is essentially a second ultimate which you can stack onto your normal ult, it will take a LOT to kill you once you have this item.

-Spirit Visage: More tankiness and some magic resist to balance out the large amounts of armor you just bought. This items passive combined with your passive and all of your health regen is insane.

-Warmogs Armor: If you get far enough into the game to build this it'll be one of the funnest games you've had in a while. This items passive makes your health regen hilariously fast, after fights your hp will come back in seconds.

5. Just... end... please...
-Ohmwrecker: I used to have this instead of Righteous glory but I felt like righteous glory's stats and build path helped out much more in lane. The active makes you even harder to stop since people cant even run to their towers anymore.

-Elixer of Iron: Even tankier, the only 500$ potion you should buy on alistar.
League of Legends Build Guide Author YesWayItsJose
YesWayItsJose Alistar Guide
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