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Team Guide by Senn

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Senn

Heavy Support Team

Senn Last updated on April 1, 2011
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A team with a base of protecting your carry, while maximizing your ability to control team fights, and win harassment wars. This build does not necessarily have a dedicated tank, but is based around supporting your carry and playing careful. Click on champions for a detailed explanation of that certain champion and role.

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Your Ashe is your most important player, and you have to protect him/her with your lives. Luckily, with a Lux, Taric, and Janna this is very easy to do. Your Ashe must be very aggressive, and preferably very skilled. They can't be too aggressive to get killed, but they have to be able to score a kill when necessary. She cannot die, or else you will lose the team fight most likely.

Your Ashe will of course be in mid, hopefully getting the most farm in the game.

After you get your core build, and you've been possibly roaming getting a gank here and there and helping your team, you can start building towards countering the other team. My Ashe personally loves his The Black Cleaver, but of course, The Bloodthirster is a good choice, etc etc. Possibly Banshee's Veil if they're very aggressive magic, or Thornmail if they're aggressive melee. You get the point. If you're looking for a full build and explanation of a champion, you should be reading a champion guide and not a team guide.

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Along with the Taric, your Janna will be the backbone support of your team. Very important in team fights, as she can protect your carries and power up Ashe with her Eye of the Storm (very potent mixed with Radiance from Taric). Normally, your Janna will stay in the back, slowing enemies for kills, shielding low health allies, and making sure to hit most of the enemy team with Howling Gale. Most importantly of all, Monsoon can save a team fight or ruin it, so she cannot afford to mess it up. It's great for separating a carry from his team for a kill, or simply breaking up the enemy team randomly. It can also be used for escapes, or simply for the heal.

*Sometimes Howling Gale will not knock the enemy up and will just immobilize the enemy champions, so this should be watched for carefully.

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Alongside your Ashe carry will be your Poppy, acting as both a tank and a carry killer. A lot of team fights will be initiated by Poppy with an Ult, possibly on her target or on a support/low damage champion on the other team so she can easily tank them with no problem. If there's a carry causing you a problem, your Poppy can easily deal with it and probably get out safely due to Janna and Lux double shields, and Taric heals and Dazzle. Basically your Poppy is your go to champion when the **** hits the fan. Fast, strong, hard hitting, and decent survivability. Poppy is also potent when it comes to charging champions off Ashe or your supports.

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Your Lux is also a great support, yet being more aggressive than Taric and Janna. Your Lux will become very important in team fights, as she can bind their team while they're chasing your teammates or while they're running away so either Lux or Ashe can get a kill. Normally your Taric and Janna should not be getting kills, nor should they be trying for them. Essentially your Lux is great for control and her laser can be devastating if she's been playing careful and getting her Mejai's Soulstealer stacks high. If she manages to hit 3+ champions in a team fight, it can easily turn the tides of the fight as your Ashe can then pick them off easily.

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Taric is a very important and powerful support champion with this team comp. Basically your Taric will be stunning people off of your weak teammates and using his Shatter when necessary. Taric has to be careful when popping Shatter as his teammates will then lose their armor benefit from the spell. Taric will be activating his Radiance during teamfights to help out mostly Ashe, because more AD for your carry = more winning for you. Normally you'll be laning with Lux and you can go roaming and cover lanes for your teammates and possibly get a gank. For example, if your Ashe is weak in mid you can go up and heal her so she doesn't have to go back, and Clarity her so she can have more lane presence.

Some people may argue with this Taric build as Starks and Shurelya's don't really necessarily fit in, but we feel that we have every aura in the game when our Taric runs this build and our Janna has her items. The Starks greatly helps out your Ashe and even Poppy a bit. The Shurelya's helps your entire team as you can dominate team fights with excelling in movement speed.

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Laning Phase

Your Ashe should be middle as previously stated as she's your main carry and can do the most damage when well farmed. We normally run a Janna/Poppy and Taric/Lux laning combination. Taric/Lux running double clarity can dominate their lane as they never go out of mana and have great harassment. Poppy/Janna is a great combination mixing Howling Gale and Heroic Charge for great stuns against walls, then slowing with Zephyr. Normally you'd want your Poppy and Lux to have the most last hits on those lanes because they need to have the most feed, where as your Taric and Janna are there for mostly support.

Taric can support other lanes, because he's not really a champion that needs to be overleveled or overfed. If your Ashe is having trouble mid, he can try to zone the enemy middle and keep them scared to play too aggressive as a Taric Dazzle+Shatter combination can be devastating with an Ashe shooting you.

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Post-Laning Phase

Here's where things get exciting and a bit more difficult. After the laning phase, you're going to want to stay together as a team as much as possible, as your team works more like a machine than separate parts. Without your whole team, your team fights will be difficult, but not impossible, to win. Normally fights will be initiated after harassment by your Lux, Ashe,and Janna. Your Taric should be dazzling champions who try to counter harass, and punishing them with Shatters if possible. Normally our Poppy is our initiator with Diplomatic Immunity and our team goes in afterwards.

Taric will keep Radiance up due to having three Clarities and his tear built up by then. He should be Dazzling the enemy carries/supports to help out his team as much as possible, while keeping auto attacking as much as possible and healing his weak allies.

Poppy will basically run around slamming enemies into walls and/or peeling off his allies with Heroic Charge. She should be trying to burst down enemy carries along with Ashe when possible, but not overextending.

Lux will be binding targets that have overextended or running away, following with a Singularity and an ultimate. Lux's laser should hit as many targets as possible in a team fight, because it can be such a change in the fight. With proper AP and farm you're looking at anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 of the enemy teams health.

Janna should be basically babysitting everyone in the fight, looking for a time to exploit a Monsoon to separate the team or save a teammate. Howling Gales to interrupt ults, or save champions from their deaths. Shields if possible should go on your Ashe to improve her AD even further and hopefully have her deal out more kills.

Ashe in a team fight is your base for damage. She should be well protected and should never overextend past the point of getting support. Your team should do everything they can so your Ashe can go bat **** crazy without any consequences. Between her Volley and ultimate, she should score a double kill basically every team fight.

When you are winning a team fight remember to poke at the tower. Taric should pop Radiance and Janna shield your Ashe so she can shoot the turret, dishing out massive amounts of damage in a short time, while the enemies are too scared to do anything due to the fact there's an Ashe with close to 400 AD with two supports behind her.

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Tips and Tricks

*It's important to remember your Taric is a great tower tank if necessary. If you need to tower dive, Taric can easily run in with his ultimate up and tank a tower for a decent amount of time, by just spamming auto attacks and Alt-Q. Sure he doesn't support as much as he normally would due to being shot by a tower, but it leaves your team free reign to get kills.

*Poppy can also tank towers with a Diplomatic Immunity on the non-target so she doesn't take damage from a tower.

*Remember that Janna can shield towers with her Eye of the Storm, so you can abuse that if a team is trying to push a tower.

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I feel that if you're reading a team guide you can improvise the builds and understand where they're coming from. You should know when and where to ward, how to position, etc. If this is foreign to you, you should probably consider reading some individual guides and learning there.

Thanks for reading everyone =).


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