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Hecarim Build Guide by Palancar

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Palancar

Hecarim -Who the hell do you think I am?

Palancar Last updated on April 22, 2012
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Thanks for taking the time to check out my guide. Hecarim is a high mobility and
high damage champion. In the jungle he destroys monsters and in the lanes he harasses like a
boss and he farms fast and efficiently. Also, he is a lot of fun.

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Pros / Cons


  • Fun to play
  • does massive burst damage upon initiation and sustains it
  • great in the jungle
  • good at ganking
  • really hard to kill because of his utility
  • a skilled Hecarim can solo a tryndamere


  • Dies easily if focused in a team fight
  • no farm = no damage = useless
  • needs some good cc to be most effective in a team fight

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Greater Mark of Desolation - I use this rune because in the long run it helps more than if I were to use strength runes and personally I find that when you have 21 armor pen in the beginning of the game (runes + masteries if using support build) it essentially causes the enemy's armor to be so low your hitting them for almost all of your attack damage.

Greater Seal of Armor - This is a rune I use for essentially every ad carry that I play. The additional armor helps you take less damage (duh!) and thus allows you to stay in lane longer because the harass isn't hurting as much.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist - Again the same reason as above, but it helps more late game than during the laning phase because as far as I am concerned most ap champions don't start doing much damage until they hit level 6 and by then you will have plenty of magic resist to help with that. Not to mention your ultimate.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed - These really help out Hecarim because of his passive where he gets bonus attack damage based on 10% of his bonus movement speed. This is another reason I don't take the strength marks, because you get more ad from these.

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This is gonna be nice and simple. When laning you want to stand in the middle of the enemy creeps pop Spirit of Dread and use Rampage in order to last hit. It is also wise to use your skills to harass. NEVER use Devastating Charge to farm since it is a single target spell and can be used to escape or initiate a fight.

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Summoner Spells


Exhaust - This is an obvious thing. With the mastery it reduces the targets offensive and defensive abilities + it slows them allow u to easily out pace them even if they exhaust you.

Flash - This works well for escaping and since you will probably be GODLIKE not dying is a great thing.


Smite - With the mastery the extra gold accumulates and really helps when buying items, + it allows you to jungle faster and if you time it right you could steal dragon from enemy team by using Onslaught of Shadows to get into the middle of it, fearing the enemies, and then smiting the dragon for the global gold and if you would die you could just Flash away then use Devastating Charge to escape.

Flash - Instead of repeating myself just read the previous one and the last sentence of my explanation of Smite.

Possible Alternative Summoner Spells

Ghost - This summoner spell works great with Hecarim's passive, and would replace Flash. The reason I use Flash over this is because it is easier to escape with Flash than ghost because you are still in the thick of the fighting rather than flashing away from it.

Cleanse - This is a possibility because as everyone should know, cc kills champions. I have not tested Hecarim with Cleanse but I would think that if used correctly it could really help.

Ignite - A great spell for getting the kill on enemies that are getting away or on enemies that focus on lifesteal. The use of ignite on Hecarim isn't extremely useful in my opinion because there should never be an enemy that gets away except for Rammus or Teemo because they both have spells that increase their movement speed. Not to mention I have actually out ran a Rammus in powerball with the use of Devastating Charge.

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As I am sure everyone has noticed, all three of the builds in this guide use the exact same items. This would be because I personally feel that they give Hecarim the greatest amount of damage as well as the ability to escape and/or initiate.

One thing about the item order I chose, is that you might want to grab The Bloodthirster before infinity edge and then sell wriggle's in order to buy brutalizer. Also, if you so choose you can grab a brutalizer early on instead of a b.f. sword, but if your going to spend the 1337 gold on a brutalizer as Hecarim it is easy enough to get the 313 gold you need by killing minions and so you should just grab b.f. sword because the amount of damage you do with b.f. sword compared to that of brutalizer at that point is significant.

Trinity Force vs. Phantom Dancer

Which to buy first. In all honesty its personal preference if you need more health/mana grab trinity, but if you need more damage and people are getting away from you grab phantom.

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Please leave comments in order to help me with this guide. It is the first guide I have ever written and so, I welcome all the help I can get. Also, please don't down vote if you tried the guide and it didn't work, instead comment on what didn't work for you so I can take what you said into consideration and fix it. Then if how i fixed it doesn't help you can down vote.