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Heimerdinger Build Guide by Walkerbros

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Walkerbros

Heimer: Establishing Lane Dominance since Beta!

Walkerbros Last updated on June 29, 2011
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Anti Harrass/Standard/Support

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Mmmmm Yes very Interesting.

Heimerdinger. That adorable, genius of a yordle we all love. As soon as i started playing Heimerdinger he became my favorite champion. He possesses an ability to dominate a lane unlike any other. I like to focus on getting an early tower and being a constant source of harrassment to the enemy. As we all know Heimer is one of the most annoying enemies to face against and if you play him correctly I'm pretty sure you'll see why!

UPDATE: Please everyone who downvotes post in the comments why! I'm not mad or angry in any way but I simply wish to know what I can improve in my build :). Although here's a friendly tip: if the build doesn't work the first time that doesn't mean it's bad necessarily, stick with it and you'll soon get better results I promise :)

Added a new build and some new chapters 6/14/11
Added a little teamfight chapter 6/14/11
Added a more Support Heimer build (reccomend you duo lane with it) 6/17/11

Updates!:With the recent patch Heimers' mana cost on his turrets has dropped from a whopping 120 mana at level 1 to only 70 mana! I'm very happy and excited for this, and the change is allowing me to try out some new starting items, masteries, and runes! I don't know for sure yet but, a duo lane/HARD pushing Heimerdinger build may be added soon. Definetly finding the build fun right now, but I have not yet tried it in ranked so wait and see :)

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Straight 9-0-21.
Yeah...nothing amazing and doesn't really stand out from other Heimerdingers.
Make sure to take Greed, and improved flash and ghost in the Utility tree.

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I go Magic Pen Marks, Armor Seals, and AP per level Glyphs (although both Seals and Glyphs can be changed to Mana Regen per level).
Again nothing special here so moving on....

Edit I now use Magic Pen Marks x9 Mana regen per level Glyphs and Seals x9
And Health Quints just to last longer x3

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Ok now here is where i start diverging from the well trodden path of other Heimers.
I always start with the first standard build.

    Dorans Ring x2
    Sorcerors Shoes
This will make you quite tough to kill with great poke and amazing damage overall but quite shoddy mana regen but as long as you hog Blue Buff like the amazing person you surely are you will be fine :D
    Do they have a lot of stuns or high damage nukes? Banshees Veil
    Do they have sustained Magic Damage? Force of Nature, Abyssal Scepter
    Auto Attackers aplenty? Thornmail!, Zhonyas Hourglass
    Need more Sustainability? Warmogs? Yes Warmogs.
    More Utility in a teamfight? Rylais, Sould Shroud, Other Aura Items.
    Want to deal the mad deeps? Void staff, Abyssal Scepter, Zhonyas Hourglass

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Skill Sequence

Although a High rated guide for Heimerdinger says to max rockets first i a point.
Rockets should be your main priority only if they have no way to negate the damage.
Basically it goes like this.

    If your facing an enemy who can destroy your turrets easily such as
Morgana, Nunu, Karthus, Kennen, ect Max ROCKETS first. No use maxing a skill for a move that won't last 3 seconds on the field.

If your facing a champ who can't destroy turrets as easily (Vlad, Swain, ect) Then max ROCKETS and TURRETS. This will set your harrassment levels up a notch.
As for grenade. I find getting only one point at either 4 or 7 (4 if they keep getting in your face) Just for the stun.

Edit! Nowadays I tend to level Rockets always against anyone, taking a grenade level at 8 always. The sequence goes Ult > Rockets > Turrets > Grenade :)

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Summoner Spells

Ghost, Flash.
You wanna know why?
Come closer...
*whisper* Dead champs can't do damage! *whisper*
Weird right?
But when being ganked try to see if you can escape without using them! You'll be surprised what a Heimerdinger can survive with a grande stun and his ult. Many a ganker has fallen to a

Good choices: Ghost, Flash, Teleport, Clairvoyance

Okay choices: Fortify, Clarity

Bad Choices: Revive, Heal, Revive, Rally, Smite (unless jungling :P lol), and Revive

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Jungling Heimer??? Why not?

Okay as we all know Heimer can excel pretty much anywhere. Solo lane, middle, double lane, but the jungle? Come on!

But believe it or not his jungle can actually work pretty well but I in NO way reccomend you take the jungle over a "normal" jungler.
I would take

Then i would build
Cloth, 5 hp potions
Philo Stone x2 (back to the philo stones right?? haha)
Sorcerors Shoes
And then build normally or maybe more support oriented.

Your jungling route will start at the wraiths. PLEASE make sure to smite the blue wraith once you start and auto attack the little wraith that your turret attacks! Then go wolves then blue. After getting blue go back and gank a lane! Your only goal is to give your lane an advantage. Odds are you are NOT going to get an awesome jungle Heimer kill. But then after getting the enemy out of the lane push that turret and feel good that you're actually helping your team as a jungling Heimerdinger!

Take something along the lines of a 3/9/18 taking 30% buff length in utility and getting your mana regeneration in defence :)

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What lane should I take?!

Now this is a problem some players meet. Due to the Heimerdinger nerfs (because he's too awesome) he now has only 2 turrets. In spite of this he is still quite proficient in all lane setups.

When to take mid?:
You should take mid if the enemy has a fragile mid (such as Ashe) and they don't have an extremely gank reliant jungler (Ex. Nunu, Yi, and Nocturne)

When to take Solo?:
If the enemy jungler is not gank reliant and you have a strong jungler taking the solo top lane could be beneficial to get very strong farm and hopefully a tower down if your jungler ganks successfully :)

If neither of these categories are met simply take the double lane. This is NOT bad at all and you will have a very good chance of getting an early tower, which is your job of course. Try to coordinate with your partner to get some nice Grenade stuns and make their life horrible!

But no matter your lane death comes on swift techmaturgical wings when it comes to the Revered Inventer ;)

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Minion Management.

You know what seperates bad Heimerdingers from good ones? Minion management.
Heimerdinger is forced to only be able to harrass if there aren't enough minions around.
Therefore try these techniques.

The "Caster Minion Dupe" (I'm horrible at making catchy names. Look at title of this Guide for proof.)
This tactic involves when your pushing a lane. You know those caster minions in the back? Well after last hitting the melee minions you should walk up and get the casters low. Then as the enemy walks up to harrass you quickly last hit one of the minions. Shooting your rocket. This makes your rockets hit both the other casters (hopefully giving a solid 32 collective gold in the process) and hitting the enemy.

The One, Two farming technique!Pretty basic.
Throw a grenade on the caster minions to get them a bit low. your rockets.
Easy farming.

Turret Covering. (Your turrets are minions right?)
This involves if they have a person who enjoys destroying your turrets.
The basic idea is to use one of your turrets as a sponge to attract the attention of enemy minions. Then before it dies place your other turret on top of it. This makes clicking the low Hp turret difficult and keeps your grateful near-dead turret alive making you money.

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Teamfights D:

Oh no dreaded teamfights! Heimerdinger can't teamfight for ****! Hahaha good joke ;). Heimerdinger is amazing in teamfights but will require some coordination from your team on who to focus. You job in a teamfight to is have both your turrets set preemptively where you expect them to come. Good luck getting them down during the fight. Then once the fight has commenced focus their squishy carry while dishing out CC from your grenade and your Ult when they start fleeing. Although try to throw your grenade where the enemy is most densely packed. Teemo and Heimer are the only ones who get a blind now I believe so use it to abuse it!

REMINDER Despite common belief unless the enemy has decided that it is their mission to play ring around the H28G Evolution Turret all day then your rockets will actually be your main source of damage in a teamfight. So if possible try to choose where it happens! You don't want minions taking rockets to their extremeties when the enemy should be taking it! With his turrets and ult and his grenade he is quite proficient in area denial and directing the flow of the enemy so with practice this should pose no huge problem.

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Well thats about it :P. Comment if you like it and if you don't well....Heimerdinger has some techmaturgical stairs he'd like you to fall down from.

Oh Btw! If parts of this guide confuse you message and friend request me in game. I'd be happy to play some normal matches with you too show you how i play him!

My username: Walkerbros
I go on every day pretty much and am on Central Mountain time. i'd love to play with you guys as i have around 150-200 matches with Heimer under my belt and many more to come!