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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Truéshot

Heimerdinger: Clever Egg-Head!

Truéshot Last updated on August 6, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Ok, let me start of by saying that i am not a pro at this game, and tbh i don't understand a great deal about it! I started playing one day, and fell in love with heimer. This guide is like any other and like they all say, it won't make you pro or able to one shot everyone else, its here as a guide only.

Right. So here we go:

This build is intended for 5v5 BUT it does work well in 3v3 too. If you're reading this guide then im going to assume you know how to play a ranged character and you know what your doing. Otherwise, stop reading now. I'm not going to use all the abbreviations or anything as i don't know them :)

Let me start off by talking about laning and early game in one:

As heimer, you want to take Mid lane always, he's an insane pusher and really good carrier, IF you know what your doing. Slap a turret in the middle and you're off, you should make alot of gold quite quickly with the amount of creeps you'll be slaying. Follow the build sequence and you'll have more and more turrets to keep which ever champion is facing you at the foot of their turret, however, keep a weary mind of ambushes. As you approch level 6 you should have around 700g, dont go back to base unless forced to. Keep going as long as you can till you hit enough to get the staff outright, if not go back, buy as many items that combine ito it as you can then teleport back and get building those turrets. You can play aggressivly as heimer, just dont over-do it, keep an eye on your mana! Fire you're missles at the enemy champ your against every chance you get (Within reason, remember... mana)! Eventually they will have to port back for what ever reason... this is where you rush in and finish off the turret (You shoul've beaten it down quite a considerable amount by the time they port...) (More about laning at the bottom)


At this point you should be level 9 - 10. Port back to base after taking the turret and buy which ever items are needed next. Here's where you're ganking starts. Take which ever lane you fancy and help your team out with the ganking. Push back the enemy team if they are too close to one of you're turrets or simply help slaughter the other team. You're mana should be quite high and more than enough to keep you out laning and ganking, at least untill you're teleport is off cooldown.


By now the game is either over or you're level 18 and still in a vicious little **** fight with the enemy. If so you should have nearly completed you're item build. This means that you will be doing insane amount's of damage with you're missiles and Grenades! Not to mention your arsenal of turrets which now have the same OPness as Xin! Keep pushing those towers and dominating with you're team and grab the victory. Or defeat, if you're getting beaten on! The least you can do in the face of defeat is laugh as the other team are still raging at the damage of heimer!


    Insane pusher
    Massive amount's of sustainable damage, with fast Cooldowns.
    Suppresive and supportive
    Blind's melee champs with the grenade of win
    makes Ragequits happen

    More than likely to get nuked first in a team fight
    After flash has been used he cant really get away.
    quite squishy

Laning partners and enemy champs that may cause you problems:

If for what ever reason you have been forced to lane with someone then try get somebody who can stun. Such as xin, sion, tarric etc. As this will allow you to pop a turret up and missile the champ down, combined with the damage of the other champ you should get first blood. Or your partner should! There's only one person i've had an issue with in lane before and thats Mordekeiser. His cone attack and shield are too much for the turrets and the missle early game.


Like i said, you can play aggressivly with heimer due to the insane damage and pushing capabilities he has, just don't over do it!

Well guy's here it is, my first guide. This is personally how i play my heimer and it works extremly well for me, might not for you but all im trying to do is provide some tips and help you. Please, tell me where im wrong and any critasism is welcomed, providing its constructive and will help the guide along. Otherwise, keep nasty remarks to you're self. I've read some great guides on here and i want to try and be able to help you like they helped me :)