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League of Legends Build Guide Author GrenadeBoom

Heimerdinger - Grenade, missile, boomboomboom!

GrenadeBoom Last updated on July 31, 2010
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First guide, rate. Constructive criticism is accepted as well as looked into. Reasons for everything would be nice also. It's a very simple build as well.

This is my personal build on how to play Heimerdinger the full damage way. I've read up on Rylai's Crystal Scepter and I thought why would you get an item that is more expensive than Arc Angels, but gives less Ability Power? Included if Heimer wanted to chase someone, he'd want more HP. So it didn't make much sense to me, which is why I kinda came up with this build. It's a common stack of % bonuses AP wise. Hit them hard, wisely, and always in one-go.

First of to start the runs are full mana runes. Why? Arc Angel Bonus of course! 99% of the time, you should reach level 18 with Heimer. That's when he becomes the most dangerous with his % Stacks. I don't find it that you really need magic penetration runes unless you really NEED it. Sometimes people are dumb enough to not get magic resistance, so in return, most of the time Sorc boots would suffice. Also Heimer sometimes has trouble with his mana pool in the beginning, these would help a lot.

Second, I just like those summoner skills. :) Squishy slow characters need HP + Speed!


First start of the game get a Sapphire Crystal, a mana pot(You might need it), place a point on turrets, and run in the middle lane. Place a turret right dead center and prepare to harass as hard as you can. 70% of the time the enemy will aim for your turret, it's your choice to just keep on harassing them until they want to hit you, in return the turret will hit them. If you run out of mana let them push you a bit until you can spawn more turrets. That's all your focusing on, leveling your turrets. Try to stay in there until you have red turrets. (Kinda a long way) But you should be able to do it easily considering so many attacks coming from different angles with Heimer. Try to place the turrets in a triangle formation as well. (Bunched up for melee characters, far away with AOE users.)

That's all you do the beginning of the game, you should never be leaving first from the mid lane as well. If they leave during levels 8-11 and you have extra mana, go for the Golem buff as well as killing the wolves. This'll give you some extra gold to shop around. By this time though, you should have enough for Blasting Wand and Tear of Goddess. If you didn't get Golem on your way back, get it now. This is the chance for a quick quick kill. Place turrets clumped up together. (People might be ganking at this point) You should be able to hit people for 50% of their HP with just the Grenade + Missile combo alone. At this point mid-game, all you're looking for is to farm/survive/kill. Don't try to gank, don't try to push to hard either unless you know your surroundings, considering ganks are annoying. I'd advise staying until you can get a couple kills in, OR you get around 2400 - 2xxx gold, if you can.


The second item you should get is Zhonya's ring, and with Heimer, it's as easy a placing turrets around everywhere. At this point you'll already have MASSIVE AP. You and another team member can already do great pushing at this point, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. At this point it's time to get shoes, you're awfully slow and there are a couple of choices. If you see Chalice's or some magic resistance, of course go with Sorc's. If you don't, and they have a bunch of slows and stuns on their team get Mercury Treads. Explaining later. If you see they really have neither of that, go with Sorcs for maximum damage. It's your chance to push/farm/kill. Take another team mate with you while you explore the map and full force champions who think their damage output would overcome you.


At this point of the game it's where everyone is putting the finishing touches and trying to rush. If you were the one initiating battles and getting kills/assist, you should be on your way to your third Arcs almost. If you can only farm, you should be just done with your second. This is the point where you just have to play like... a Heimer. Use your instincts on when to fight, don't go in alone unless you know their HP is only around 2 K. Your AP right now is still high nontheless if you're level 18 with let alone 1 Arcs and 1 Zhonya. Try to use Instant missiles to your advantage as well.


If you've been pushing, or the other team has been pushing the whole time end game, it's really your chance and your team's time to shine. You really just have to engage in battles at this point, counting if you have 600 + AP, you should take down almost all, if any champs EASY. Initiate the battles, and push. Push push push, it's what Heimer is for. (:


Really nothing else to add, first time making a guide so I'm kind of puzzled from some of the things I said. Good advice from others would be awesome to be more clear, less words maybe?

Here's a tip section.

-Don't push to hard in the beginning, you won't break the turret, and you could easily be ganked considering you are a really really really slow walker.

-Don't play to aggressive in the beginning, I mean really, you don't have to at all. Just maintain your turrets and sometimes helping your MINIONS last hitting other creeps. Maximize gold that way.

-If you die, don't worry to bad. Heimer is a FARMER, he'll farm you gold at will.

-Remember that if someone is chasing you, try to get your grenade ready and take aim to exactly where they are. It will stun them. And sometimes if you time everything right, you can drop a turret and do missiles to kill them.

-Place turrets in a triangle formation if possible, 5-6 cells apart for AOE users. Place turrets REALLY close for melee users. Use your ultimate only when you NEED it. I.E. if someone is chasing you, and you already have a set up turret, that's when it's going to help you. If you set up three turrets and they're about to break down next to an important building/area, use it. If there is a HUGE team battle somewhere and all your three turrets are set there, use it.

-Grenades are AOE damage, use them to damage everything around it touches. (Don't really use it on turrets unless it's like a run, grenade, run back.)

-ALWAYS GET GOLEM BUFF. Always jungle when you can. Free gold? Free buffs? That's all you need. You don't need extra cool down, the Golem + Masteries is good enough alone for great cool down.


Item tips.

Replace one Arc Angel with Void staff if the other team is stacking MR.

Heimer doesn't really need HP, people want it. Who needs HP when you're going to land 300 Base turret attacks, and 700+ Missile + Grenade attacks? Not you.


Number crunching. This is saying if you have all the items. Which is not always the case, but you can always do the math easily. :)

a = Number of Arc Angels.

(1)3604.3 (Mana) X 3%(.03) From Arc Angel(s) X ((1)a) = 108 EXTRA AP from Arcs.
(2)4004.3 X 3%(2) = 240 EXTRA AP from Arcs.
(3)4444.3 X 3%(3) = 400 EXTRA AP from Arcs.
(4)4844.3 X 3%(4) = 581 EXTRA AP from Arcs.

881 AP X (25% AP) = 1101.25 AP.

Probably still working on the guide~ Not perfect of course. Long read too, sorry hah.