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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sitruc

Heimerdinger: Master Scientist

Sitruc Last updated on January 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey there. This guide is intended to show all the haters on how to play Heimerdinger the RIGHT WAY. There is a lot of controversy over this character and I would like to say personally that... if u play this character the right way, he is probably the most OP character at your disposal. Although many people have explained to me that they do in fact believe that the Heimerdinger buffs last patch were in fact not that good... I will put all this controversy to rest and show you that Heimerdinger belongs in the League of Legends and on your ranked team in matches.

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These are pretty straight forward. Insight for your Magic Pen, you can never go wrong with Magic Pen and it is a great source for a champion who is purely ability power. For your next step, I believe Health Seals are always the way to go with Heimerdinger. Knowing that health is always a big issue at the beginning of your match, you will need the extra health because people love to harass Heimerdinger. The extra health also comes in handy due to the fact that our beloved Scientist has a passive in Health Regen.

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I use the standard 9/0/21 mage build. Nothing really is better for Heimerdinger. I have looked around and tried many things but this will always win. However, you do have an option between flash and ghost, I tend to lean towards flash because when I am trying to get a quick gank off or I am kiting around my turrets, a quick flash over and a grenade to the face will always finish them off or get them to run away.

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I always start off with extra Mana Regen and a Health Pot for some extra cushion. Tear of the Goddess is a must at the start followed by your boots. I do in fact change up my boots a lot so there is no concrete boot build. I always look at the teams build before hand and make my decision from there. Catalyst follows your boots. At this point you should be bringing in good money from farming middle or soloing top. Rod of Ages follows, it is important to get Rod of Ages first always due to the fact its builds up health, mana, and ability power over 10 minutes. Archangel staff follows once you have built up some mana. When you upgrade to it, a percentage of your mana will be made into ability power, how can you go wrong there? So that ends your main build. When you get further into a mid/late game, you will want to pick up Rylai's Crystal Scepter, VoidStaff, and finally Rabadon's Deathcap.

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Skill Sequence

Your main focus is your Turrets and Grenades always bouncing back between them while upgrading your ultimate at 6,11,16. At level 13, you can start leveling your rockets. The reason I do not include rockets in early game is because to be honest... they are not needed. Your turrets and grenades are harassment enough and when they are combined at your starting game they are deadly. A stun on top of your turrets if you have your ultimate up at 6-10 is very deadly, because your grenades are moving faster, and your turrets are at the same time slowing your enemy.

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Summoner Spells

Once again, Not solid or concrete, Flash is questionable, you can also go ghost. Teleport is one of my favorite moves with Heimerdinger though. When you hit mid game after you destroy middle, you can bounce around from top to bottom pissing off your opponent while they move around dumbfounded trying to keep up. This is your teammates best time to start picking them off, when they wonder the jungles alone, trying to sneak up on Heimer. Not to mention your early game comes with ease when you can teleport back and get your necessary items to stay in the game and on top of harassment.

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Pros / Cons

One of the best pusher/farmers in the game BY FAR. You will be bringing in an insane amount of gold.
Stuns like crazy if your good with Grenades.
Very long range on rockets. Very good for picking off those last minute ghost/flash runners.
Heimer has good health and health regen. Even if you get hurt a bit, don't be so quick to port back. Your health will go back up soon.
Turrets are squishy, die easily in team fights.
Heimer himself is very squishy.
Not a lot of defense except a 1.5 second stun, and a Ultimate slow.
You rely on your cooldowns, if you miss a grenade stun once it could cost you your life. DONT STACK YOUR TURRETS ON TOP OF EACHOTHER. BIGGEST NO NO FOR HEIMERDINGER.

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Team Work

If you don't already have someone on your team like Master Yi... You are the main pusher and farmer on this team. Its your duty to keep the minions back and push the hell out of towers by bouncing back between top, middle, and bottom, and sometimes helping those big team fights with ur stuns and rockets. You can also easily pick off runners with a good rocket. Dont worry about early game ganks with Heimer, he needs to farm up and quick. If you are not 18 before your team hits 15, you did something wrong. YOU HAVE TO FARM CONSTANTLY. Do not gank unless it is already close to you, or your teleport is up and its within close range, or if your team is falling behind.