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Heimerdinger Build Guide by sh11ft

Heimerdinger - The Only Support They DIDN'T Nerf

By sh11ft | Updated on August 27, 2011

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Oh Noes! Riot nerfed all the support characters!

Or did they...

To be honest, I first tried this build after failing quite miserably while trying to play support Eve. I had no idea that this would later turn into such an incredibly viable play style!

Heimer is actually classified as a Support-y Mage by Riot, and I wholeheartedly agree. Halfway through free Heimer week I was rather annoyed with these annoying little heimers running back to their nest and praying that I don't kill them first. Needless to say, I normally did.

NOTE: This build is still a work in progress!! I am still finishing up my instructions and plan to do more testing. Leave a comment and let me know what you think! Is there something you did differently? What would you change?
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So what makes Heimer such a good support?

Techmaturgical Repair Bots This is just pure freaking awesome. As the only heal in the game that wasn't nerfed, this has some serious worth on a team. You need no items, no mana, no nothin'. This is your free lane sustain.

H-28G Evolution Turret This is your escape mechanism, your harass and your ward on a stick. Notice the distinct lack of "farming" on my list. As a support you need to let your carry get the gold as you keep the enemies off of your minion line. You have GP5 items for a reason!

Hextech Micro-Rockets These babies HURT. And have the range of a freaking sniper rifle to boot! That pesky runner got away? Boom. Headshot.

CH-1 Concussion Grenade Okay, I'll admit. Heimer's grenades are probably the hardest skill shots in the game to land. Get really good with it though, and you have the perfect CC. It blinds if you miss and stuns if you hit. Great range and some decent damage too. No need to level this early on, all you need is that CC.

UPGRADE!!! This one seems pretty useless at first glance, But it's all about the timing. Use your turrets as wards so that you can see the enemy team coming to gank you. When they show up (cause they always do...) ulti up and get the heck out of there.

"Hey is this bush warded? Lets see- OH GOD I CAN'T MOVE."

UPGRADE!!! is pretty much your "OH ****" button. CC moves faster, more rockets, heals your turrets, and hey. A nifty little slow to go with it. Passive cooldowns are nice too.
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Things that build off of Heimer's passive are great. Zeke's Harbinger plays quite nicely here. I like the early game health regen from Emblem of Valor and the AD boost for my team late mid to late game. Mana Manipulator Solves most of your mana problems when coupled with a Philosopher's Stone which both build into great support items late game. Soul Shroud for even MORE CDR for your team, and Shurelya's Reverie to GTFO from those team fights gone sour. Building your early game into the late game was a huge priority for me because you cannot afford to loose a single gold piece. As a support character you will not get the gold that you are used to! Randuin's Omen is great for both chasing and running away. Sure this is a very tanky item... But the slow is so amazing. With the incredible amount of CC that Heimer can deal out, you control the outcome of every team fight. When to run, when to chase. Nobody leaves without your permission. Will of the Ancients gives you that AP boost that keeps your damage output high enough that people are still scared of you. The spell vamp makes your team even harder to kill! Finally the Boots of Mobility let you move around the playing field and do your funny little Yordle thing.
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Team Work

Okay. I mentioned this before, but Heimer controls the flow of every fight he is in. With speed buffs, slows, heals, and rockets, this is one yordle that you want fighting on your side.

You are going to want to keep on the edge of a team fight ready to stop the enemy from leaving, or stopping them from chasing. Keep your turrets in a secluded area where they can go un-noticed. :ead the team through your turrets and hit your UPGRADE!!! on your way out. This will do one of two things. A.) the enemy scatters and your carry pick up a nice pentakill. B.) they decide to chase you to the ends of the earth, and you pick up your own pentakill when they realize Heimer is a lot scarier than he looks!

NOTE: I want to re-iterate that Heimerdinger's turrets are NOT the solution to every problem!! They will save you from a gank, they can turn the outcome of a team fight. But please. Do not expect them to take down a full health Alistar bearing down on you!
League of Legends Build Guide Author sh11ft
sh11ft Heimerdinger Guide

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Heimerdinger - The Only Support They DIDN'T Nerf