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League of Legends Build Guide Author sdmoba

Heimerdinger, the ultimate pusher

sdmoba Last updated on November 9, 2010
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In this guide I hope to show how Heimer can be one of the better champs out there to win games. And by win games, I mean to push towers and take out the nexus, not to gank enemy champs! So this mostly a support guide. If you want to gank or get 20 kills a match, you will need to look at other guides. But try to master this build first, it will be a strong foundation for any other build.

Pretty Standard build as you can see up top. You can move a few points around in the utility tree depending on which summoner spell you get.

Rune Build
Marks Greater Mark of Magic Penetrationx9 Magic penetration! Your spells are all magic and your turrets fire magic as well, so you need to maximize their effectiveness!
Seals Greater Seal of Knowledge x9 Heimer's second biggest weakness is Mana efficiency! This is going to help with that.
Glyphs Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction x9 Heim's cooldowns are not terrible but too long to be a supper pusher. You need to get those turrets up fast!
Quints Greater Quintessence of Cooldown Reduction x3 Personal preference here. If you die a lot, get health. If you run out of mana alot, get mana regen. Personally, I need to spam my spells so I get more cooldown reduction.

After writing all that, I found this most helpful link on rune builds:
Pretty much what I said except it advices to use HP quints instead of CDR. Try both and see what works for you.

Summoner Spells
Usually I go with Flash and Teleport, so go with that and if you don't like it, you can replace flash with Ghost, Cleanse, Clarity or Ignite. Ignite wouldn't be so good for this build, since you are usually staying behind the safety of your turrets out of ignite range. But it could be useful against a melee/tank. Clarity would be a godsend in the first few levels. But when team fights begin, you want to be able to run away quickly if you get targeted. So flash, ghost and cleanse all help you get away. Cleanse is not that helpful since you are slow and you are only delaying the inevitable. So use flash or ghost. What I like about flash is that you can use it in tandem with zhonya ring. First pop zhonyas, they cant hit you and probably blew all their stuns/cool downs, so then hit flash to immediate safety. With ghost, if you use zhonyas, you let everyone get close to you, so running a little faster than everyone will still get you hit a few times before the gap is big enough.
I would advise you to stick with teleport unless you are in an arranged team. It allows you greater mobility to do your job as the ultimate defender or ultimate pusher. Just teleport back to your turret and stop 5 champions from ninja-in it. Or teleport to the front lines and help your teammate siege the enemy turret.

Skill Sequence
UPGRADE!!!>> H-28G Evolution Turret>> CH-1 Concussion Grenade> Hextech Micro-Rockets.Pretty standard. Basically you need 2 turrets to push so get 2nd rank of turrets ASAP. Then you realize turrets are so bad ***, you want to upgrade them all the time, except in the case when you can upgrade your ultimate. When you get red turrets, then you are ready to take down any tower.

I've seen some people swear by grenades and some swear by rockets. Which is right for you? Well, if you can't aim grenades, then just get rank 1 so that you can stun enemies when you are being pushed back. In other words if you are solo mid and you are up against a good ranged enemy champ who is pushing you towards your tower, get grenade! Hit him when he is near your tower or stop his advance as you give your minions precious seconds to come to your rescue.

If you can aim grenades, like me, then they are much better than rockets. They are the better harass tool and you can use it to stun enemies near your turrets or get some champ kills past mid game. So what is the trick to aiming them? Of course, aim them where you think your champion will be, not where he is. If you go against someone bad, then just aim it at them. Tanks also fall into this category since they aren't afraid of it. If it's a ranged champ, then aim it behind them since when they see it coming they will run back. Even if you do this and the enemy is good, you will miss a lot, so what I do is make sure to only use it when I can hit minions too. So lets say you aim behind the champ, but there are minions nearby who will get hit by the blast, this is a perfect chance! At worst you kill or heavily damage some minions, and at best you hit the champ and minions!
Okay, now on to the rockets. They aren't as good as grenades, except against melee/small range champs. Why? Because the rockets will hit minions in between you and a ranged champ, so you cant use them to harass without putting yourself in harms way. However, if the enemy is coming near you in front of their minions, then rocket them to death! Even If you don't go with rockets, its a good idea to get rank 1 at level 4 so that you can better harass enemy champs that get too close.
Advanced Tip This ability is great to get some champion kills. At later levels, I will do the following. Set a defensive turret and wait until tank initiates. Shoot rockets. Grenade and the rockets again. Often after I use my first offensive spell like rockets, they come after me. So I hit Zhonyas, then flash to safety and shoot rockets and or ultimate to slow enemies down as I run away. Zhonya's gives my abilities a chance to be available again.

Item Purchases
Get Meki Pendant with 1 Health Potion and 1 Mana Potion to start with. Ideally we would want to start with two mana pots, since Heim's mana efficiency is dreadful in the beginning. But if we face a good champ or make some mistakes, we need that health pot as a safety net.

On your first return, you should have last hit enough minions to buy Tear of the Goddess and now your mana issue has improved a ton. If you have gold left over get the Boots of Speed. Once you get your shoes you are now mobile and somewhat mana efficient.

The next items are bought in mid game and are really situational, so you have several choices. If your new to heim, just finish your Sorcerer's Shoes. However, if you realize speed is not an issue for you then just start working on Zhonya's Ring. I find the ability power is very good, but the best part of this is the Active invulnerability! So learn to use it's active! But ideally, you want to examine your situation. Is your team owning (very little chance of you dieing) and you need more mana and AP to get some kills? Get Archangel's Staff or Rod of Ages if you got a ton of gold. Have you taken down the mid towers and your team is pushing on all sides but their gankers are too much? Get zhonyas ring, this will let you push the second line of towers and not worry about dying too much. When you get zhonyas, move it to your #1 spot so you can use the active really fast! Do they have a lot of casters who are causing some trouble? Get Lich Bane.

Also, don't forget to get a health pot and or mana pot or 2 on every return. Also, feel free to get a sight ward late game and place it by baron or golem.

Late game, finish of with any of the more expensive items as needed. Rod of ages and lich bane as I discussed. Or you can get Ryli's scepter as well if you have some quick enemies and want to slow them down long enough to hit them. Or Void Staff.
If the game just doesn't end, get a giant's belt and build anything you want with it. Ryli's or maybe double Sunfire Cape if they have a lot of meele. The idea is that everyone is level 18 by now and can hit hard, so you want to have a lot of health to survive team fights.
Advanced Tip
If you got a heavy hitting melee who can heal like warwick, get Thornmail.

Turret Positioning
Okay, turret positioning is key to being a super pusher. I am still perfecting this so feel free to try new things and let me know about it. First time you read this section, it may not make too much sense, so reread it, after you have read the early and mid game sections.

The turret should be close enough to hit the incoming minions, but not directly in the minion line. Think of the lane as a hot dog, the creep wave is the hot dog and your two turrets is each side of the bun. Basically, you want to do is get two turrets far enough from each other that enemy aoe can't hit both of them and close enough to each other that if minion were to come right up to one, the other turret is in range to hit the minion.

Vertically there are two possible arrangements. First if you are defending you want the two turrets in a vertical line. Anything that comes at you will get hit by both turrets at the same time. Secondly, if you are pushing, you want to form a diagonal line. Sicne your are pushing, you creeps will go beyond the range of your turret, so then you want to place the next turret within range of the new creep clash(where creeps meet). And if you really want to be offsensive, you can place it behind the nexy enemy creep wave. So it hits them from behind and its ready to hit the front of the next enemy creep wave. Do this only if there are no enemy champs in your lane because this causes you to put your turrets so space out, that if one goes down and you run, it may take a while to reach the safety of the other turret.
Also, when you are siegin a tower, you want to be defensive at first and line them up vertically just outside the towers firing range. But if there are no enemy champs. you can go right up to the tower and place the turret close enough to hit the tower. When it dies, you can place the next one defensively, or wait for more of your creeps to come before you place another offensive turret.

Keep in mind that you don't want to place turrets so close to enemy that the enemy can safely hit them without worrying about your creep wave. But you want to place them close enough so that they are in firing range of the creep clash(where both creep waves meet). Positioning is hard at first, but it makes sense after some time and will make a huge difference!

Also, when moving on to the next turret (pushing) don't place turrets vertically in line at this point, space them out just enough that if the enemy jumps you, they will get hit by both (because you should always be behind at least 1 turret). But do place them vertically again when you seige towers or are being pushed back.

Early Game
Ok, so first of all take solo mid. If some other carry wants it, ask them for it and say you are very good. But if you aren't good, ask them if they are any good. If you are both bad, you want heimer as mid. Heimer as mid will insure the enemy mid isn't overly fed and the enemy mid tower will go down quick. Also, do not let any non carries take mid even if your are terrible!!! It is a waste.

So game starts, get items and level 1 turrets. Run to mid and place 1 turret mid way between both sides (the middle of the bushes). The idea is that you want your turret to fire 2 or 3 shots to the incoming minion wave, before your minion wave clashes with theirs. So from the start you immediately give your minion wave an advantage. You have to place your turret before the enemy champs comes scoping out the middle, so that he doesn't catch you out there by yourself away from your tower. After you place turret, run back to your tower.

Now start last hitting minions and avoiding the harass from opposing enemy champ. If the enemy takes out your turret quick, place another one in the same spot or closer to your tower if they pushed you back. Most likely you pushed them back and your turret is fine. Do not place a turret closer to their tower yet even if it means your turret is idling. When you get level 2, get either grenades or rockets based on the situation as I discussed previously. Remember, grenades if you are doing well and want to harass opponent, rockets if you are being defensive to an enemy champ that likes to go in front of his creep wave.

By the time you are almost level 3, your turret was probably killed. Try not to place another one until you upgrade to the next level of turret. For two reasons, 1 you want to conserve mana and second you want to place the most powerful level of turret at any given time. So if you are a quarter of a level away from an upgrade, don't place a turret! Just wait for the upgrade.

At level 3 we want to start the push now that you can get two turrets. By now you should be 3/4 of the way to their turret and maybe the enemy champ has blue pilled due to your harass. But probably not, but it doesn't matter, he/she is losing ground.

When you are getting low on mana, be more defensive and place your turrets closer to your side so that you make sure the creeps never reach them. Then go back to base and get some items. You only want to go back to base with two defensive turrets in place! So you lose no ground and you come back fully stocked. Level 4-6 (after you have teleported back from base) you have a couple of choices. Place your turrets defensively and harass your opponent to death. Only way you will kill him, if you annoy him enough to make him come within turret range and in front of his minions. It isn't very likely, but you should be able to get him low on health with well placed grenade shots and cause him to run back to base.
When he is low on health or goes back to base, you want to start taking down the tower! Do this by placing two turrets an inch out of the tower's firing range in defensive alighment. So if any creeps come, your turrets take them out. Then when your creeps get into towers firing range, you can safely come in and start hitting tower. Don't worry about hitting the enemy champ. If he hits you, just get out of his range then when he retreats again, repeat.

When the enemy comes back he is going to kill one of your turrets. So just replace it! He will also kill your minions, so you can't attack tower. No problem, just wait for next wave. The next creep wave comes and your turrets kill minions and your minions are in tower range. Again, hit the tower. Also, keep harassing the enemy with some well placed grenades or rockets.

Also, I forgot to mention, once you setup this far from your base, you are susceptible to being ganked! Especially after enemies get their level 6 ultimate. So keep an eye on the map and make sure team mates call mias. And also, when you reach level 6, your enemies are going to be 4 or 5, so start watching your back like a hawk. If you see an enemy sneeze in your direction? Flash back to your tower asap.
At level 6 you should be setup at the enemy tower. You want to use your ultimate very wisely the first time. If one of your turrets is low on health, then its good to use it. IF enemy is on top of your turret, go head and pop ultimate. For any case, try to use the ultimate when a lot of enemy minions are around, so you can take advantage of increased firing. Similarly, when replenishing a dead turret, do it right before enemy minions get to it, to take advantage of increased firing.

It might take a few levels to get the tower down. So feel free to help other lanes once you setup the siege. Just leave your turrets in defensive alignment doing the work and go up or bottom to shoot a grenade at some enemies and help kill some minions if needed. If the mid enemy takes down 1 turret, then put a turret in the lane you are helping. IF they were being pushed, you now have changed the tide and your team will be able to push on that lane. If both of your turrets go down, go back to mid ASAP and start pushing back to your tower siege range.

Mid Game
Mid game starts when either your opponents reach level 6 or you take down the mid tower. IF you take down the mid tower and they aren't level 6, go to another lane and help take down their tower and kill enemy champs.
If you haven't taken down the mid tower, keep pushing mid if you can. But if another lane is being pushed back and you are quite comfortable in your lane, leave a turret or two behind and go help your team. Helping your team is higher priority than taking your tower because once the other lanes are in trouble, the enemy champs will try to come and often succeed gankin you. You can really only safely take down a tower, when the enemy is forced to defend all their lanes and don't have enough time to gank you.
If you have done things right, you will take down your tower, then help the other two lanes take down their towers. That is why you are the super pusher, because you can leave your lane with your turrets stopping nay push and go guarantee the destruction of another tower.

Never jungle before mid game, you will get killed. During mid game you may want to jungle if you get a chance, but its doubtful. You want the golem buff from your side of the map. Leave lizard buff to others. Late game you want to jungle as often as you can. The mana and cool down reduction lets you snipe enemies during team fights and then quickly run back to defending/pushing a tower.

Late Game
Late game occurs when the first line of towers is down and when team fights begin. This is a very dangerous time for heimer. You want to always be with other champs or have zhonyas ring. Zhonyas is too expensive right away, so that means you need to be with other champs. So do not push the second tower in your lane by yourself!!!! Even with other champs, you are vulnerable. Go help your teammates push their second tower or defend their own tower, or try to farm some minions in a safe spot near one of your towers.
Once you get zhonyas or you feel you are safe, since the enemy sucks and has no gankers, then you can start pushing the second wave of towers. From this point on, the games are so situational, there is no specific strategy to try. Your first priority should be defending your towers if needed. So plant yourself and defend something. NExt if you notice one of the enemy towers is weak and no enemy champs guarding it, and you have teleport available, go run to their tower and try pushing it. If you notice enemies dissapear from the map and may be heading towards you, leave your two turrets in a good spot and teleport back to base to help somewhere else.
Usually, my team realizes we are winning cus I took down 2 or 3 towers and they decide to initiate team fights. If they are good at team fighting, don't join them. Go solo and start pushing towers. The enemy will be so upset at getting ganked 4v2, that they will forget towers and try to get revenge. But you as the super pusher are going to push their towers and win the game. If your team sucks, start defending towers, since your team will all get killed and leave towers completely open for the enemies. IF you get the golem buff, feel free to join a team fight and snipe a kill or two then go back to your pushing.

General Tips & Disclaimer
If I get good positive feedback, I'll add some info on how to play against specific champs and more advance stuff.
I also want to mention that I don't play ranked games, so I am still not a pro at this game and so don't be too harsh if you find my guide wasn't the best. I just hope it will help some budding heim's help their teams to a win.