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League of Legends Build Guide Author ocbmate

Heimi's Delight; A Black-Ops Manifest

ocbmate Last updated on October 7, 2010
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This a bit of a new approach on the classic fail-proof Heimerdinger AP builds,
A bit original with secret black-ops tactics and combos discussed, hope you'll like it as much as I do.

Taking Flash and Teleport as your summoners, allows you to rush the Needlessly Large Rod as your first Ability Power item even before getting your Sorceres Shoes and Archangel Staff. This gives an edge and saves you some head-ache a bit later when you're rushing a Zhonya. If you run out of Mana, you just go to base and Teleport back ( I like saving my Teleports for after a purchase though), and so once you get to your 1st Archangel Staff, you'll have a great amount of AP stacked already thanks to the Large Rod. And as a bonus, you just saved yourself the hassle of saving that annoying 1600 gold 10 minutes later for the zhonya...
So this build gives you lots of AP Stacking, and from as early on as possible. If you remember to buy elixirs, and score some ganks - it's basically a GG.

Map awareness + Grenades + Flash = good survivability. you do NOT need any Ryalais or RoA. Learn to play this way, and it'll be rewarding.

Lane Strategy:

As Heimer of course you wanna go mid, and most times people will let you.
If you go to a side-lane then its a bit tricky to get fed early and become a massive game-changer, a force to be reckon with -that will only happen if you score early ganks around early mid-game, otherwise its possible that you become pretty useless in mid-late game.

If you DO go mid, its easier to score those kills during mid game and become a monster.
you just need to watch out, if the hero your laning against is missing, and he gets those early ganks and you don't.. then it might turn out bad for your team. so always try to gank side lanes at some point, even tho heimer ain't your ideal nuker early game, his nades (E ability) are great support for team mates to finish the gank etc.

Buying Order

1. Sapphire Crystal + pots
(Save 950 gold for...)
2. Tear of the Goddess + Basic Boots
(Save 1600 gold for...)
3. Needlesly Large Rod
(Save 750 gold for...)
4. Sorcerer's Shoes
5. Archangel Staff (1900 more gold required in total)
6. Zhonya's Ring (1900 more gold required in total)
7. Void Staff
8. Abyssal Scepter / Archangel Staff
9. Archangel Staff

Game Strategy with Buying Order

First get a Saphire Crystal and pots.
Go mid, and put your 1st turret in the mid of mid ( between enemy turret and yours)
Right now if the enemy focus fire on your 1st turret and its about to die, you put a new one in a bit safer position, so the enemy dont get that free gold, then you farm a bit, and only auto attack the enemy champ if its a ranged champ that's focusing your turret.
If u did good, you should have one turret alive by the time you get your 2nd one. You the place both with a bit space between (bigger space if against AoE chars like Morgana, Anivia etc) in a safe position, depending on the minions location.

After saving 950 gold its time to take the blue pill to base and buy Tear of the Goddess (ToG) and basic boots.
You can also save a bit more and buy wards for mid's bushes but its not a must, reason being that you can avoid pushing at this stage, just farm in the middle of the map, you can push your turrets a bit forward if the enemy champ is beating you on CS (creep score) or depending on the minions position, but its advised to have both turrets in a safe position, so if spam Mana you can head back to base and walk back while your safely positioned turrets keep farming minions for you.
For now just farm - you will not be pushing any tower until you get your first AP item, the Needlessly Large Rod. so go back to base if u need the Mana, or ask a team mate to help you get the blue buff (Golem).

By playing defensively and just farming, standing between your turrets, you can easily get champs like Vlad to low life, by having them farm and harass you near your turrets.
Depending on who's laning mid against you, their play0style and your experience -you can do some grenade-missiles harassing combined with a few auto-attack hits - and get them quite low in life.

So by now you have your boots and ToG, now you're saving 1600 gold for the Needlessly Large Rod. I usually head back to base once between these purchases and walk back to mid, for Mana recharge, but I rather save the Teleport for once I've made a purchase, giving a bit more of an edge to my comeback.

Now that you have your Needlessly Large Rod, you can go back to push mid tower ( just get 2 wards for the bushes) Or better off, place a turret in mid, and go sides for a quick gank.

Sometimes its reasonable to gank a side-lane before even getting the Large Rod.
My guideline is: If your Teleport will be available roughly soon, you can carefully walk to a side lane, place a turret in the bush without being seen, take blue pill back to base to buy the Large Rod then simply Teleport back to that turret to complete a gank with your grenade stun. just make sure you aim the nade to wherever enemy is running TO not where they're running FROM. If its too risky - just push mid tower first.

After getting your Sorcerers Shoes you get a blasting wand and rush an Archangel, then a Zhonya, a Void Staff if fed tank on enemy team ( mostly i get it anywayz), Abyssal Scepter if team fights are initiated by your team - thus you control the positioning of the fight and turret placements.

As last item I get another archangel.
If I am fed good, got nice share of kills early enough - then late game I might sell the Void Staff and Scepter, and just have Boots, Zhonya and 4 Archangel Staff's - for max AP.


- ALWAYS buy an Elixir of Brilliance - Once you've got your first AP items, and anytime you got the spare gold.

- Golem + Heimer = BEST Mana spam ever!

- When pushing the enemy base towers with your allies, position one turret at a safe location right behind the base wall, outside of the towers range, and shoot grenades to whoever stands near/behind that tower/wall. Put your 2nd turret inside tower range only when its the right momentum for your team and minions. If your allies are diving into the enemy base for ganks before the tower is down, you may want to support them with grenades.

Skillshot Tactics:

1. When shooting a grenade, try to aim it to hit behind the enemy hero, then at the same time you shoot the grenade, you also shoot your micro missles. the result: the missles will drive the enemy away, and right into a grenade direct hit.

2. Ganks within tower range: if enemy is low-life, and standing without moving to much around tower, you shoot the grenade for a direct hit, and after 1.5 - 2 seconds - fire the micro missles. This is important, if you do not wait the couple seconds, the missiles will drive the enemy away and the grenade wont hit - resulting in you losing a masterpiece gank.

3. During team fights: Try and grenade a group of enemies, so they all take maximum damage and stun. The perfect strategy for Heimer in team fights is to place a turret somewhere, then grenade a bunch of enemies standing together, then quickly go near them - put a new turret up and run back fast. If they attempt to chase you down they will pass through both your turret's zones - and get butchered. A good bait will score you some of the nicest Aces and Quadra-kills ever! Just don't stand too close to the enemy team, keep an eye on your cooldowns - go in and out of the fight zone accordingly, shooting micro missiles and nades (grenades really belong to the hall-of-fame of team fights/ganks support, so learn to perfect it)

4. Your missiles are your best shot at chasing down a low-life champ right after a team fight.
Just make sure that you haven't positioned yourself too far away from the action as the fight nears its end, while waiting for your cooldowns, so watch for the right timing, then you can chase the low life's with a flash and a missile and get them last hits/ KS :)

5. Always have your Grenades ready for anything, if you go in a bush, if you get grabbed by a blitz.. if you're in a bad position and might need to Flash soon, also consider throwing a grenade FIRST, unless you are stunned by Annie or something - then you might wanna flash immediately.

Worst case scenario:
Against heavy CC team get Mercuries shoes and perhaps a Banshees Veil after Zhonya
Use Zhonya's active for some epic lulz

That's what I use these days and it has not failed me.
Enjoy and tell me what you think. Cheers!

Edit 1:
Another nice summoner ability combo is: Flash + Clarity
Since I rush the Large Rod before the Archangel, clarity supports you during that time before getting the Archangel.
Mostly I find that ghost is better for chasing down low-lifes after a team fight.

Edit 2:
An alternative way for this build is to upgrade boots to sorcerers after getting the Large Rod and Archangel, Since flash/ghost provide for some survivability.