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Not Updated For Current Season

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Diana Build Guide by MrCuddowls

AP Carry Heretic of The Moon

AP Carry Heretic of The Moon

Updated on March 3, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MrCuddowls Build Guide By MrCuddowls 8 4 12,609 Views 48 Comments
8 4 12,609 Views 48 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author MrCuddowls Diana Build Guide By MrCuddowls Updated on March 3, 2013
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"The sun does not reveal truth. It's light only burns and blinds"

It has rarely happened during my league of legends career that I like a champion so much that I truly strive to become a good player at them and eventually master them and Diana is no exception. Diana's kit interested me tremendously. I just love the low cooldown ultimate, the curving skill shot nuke and the retracting AOE. All of these make Diana one of the most unique and well made champions in the game and are all reasons why I found this champion great fun to play. I hope you find the guide helpful and would like to thank you for reading it.

+High burst
+Strong Shield
+Strong Late Game
+Great at Gap closing

-Item dependent
-Easily Zoned
-No escapes

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed: These quints have a profound effect the entire game. They can help you dodge skill shots and run away or catch up to an enemy easily. They are just really useful. Some people argue that Greater Quintessence of Ability Power is a better choice but in the end the damage is minuscule and these don't give you much end game at all.

greater mark of hybrid penetration: You should take hybrid penetration marks because you are only sacrificing 2.34 magic penetration for an extra 8.1 armor penetration, which is actually very very useful on Diana.

Greater Seal of Armor: Attack damage carries and bruisers have recently become very powerful and Greater Seal of Armor are a must if you want to survive. You should NOT take Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration because you will be taking a flask at the start which helps with any mana problems early. Late game Diana is not mana hungry and so won't need them.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: The safest choice, these are what you should pretty much always take unless for some reason you are really confident that you will completely stomp your lane, in which case you can take Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power. Just be aware that they are not the best choice.

Moonsilver Blade
A solid steroid for your burst. Makes you a very good dueler and allows you to wave clear faster. There is no really unique way of using this past saving the proc hit for a specific use.
Crescent Strike
Very important skill and is core to Diana's kit. It afflicts enemies hit by it with moonlight. If you use your ultimate on enemies that are afflicted with moonlight, your ultimate will not go on cooldown. Using this to ensure kills is important to being a good Diana player. Instead of using your ultimate immediately, it is better to use Crescent Strike before hand, as it will allow you to use your ultimate twice and ensure a kill.
Pale Cascade
A very powerful shield that allows you to come out ahead in fights. Use this early when getting harassed to negate some of the damage dealt to you. Detonating all the spheres will reset the shield which prolongs the effect so try hard to make sure all three spheres are used.
Very useful crowd control. This will cancel any channeled ability like Katarina's Death Lotus or Janna's Monsoon. It will cause enemies to come towards you, slowing them, which will allow you to really lock on to them and make sure they don't get away. Do not use this for no reason, it does not do any damage. Only use it if you are trying to stop a channeled ability, to catch up to a fleeing enemy, or during a teamfight to clump up your enemies together.
Lunar Rush
Long range gap closer and tons of burst. Lunar Rush will not go on cooldown if the enemy you are targeting with it is afflicted with moonlight. This can be used as an escape method, you can mark jungle creeps or minions with Crescent Strike and dash to them with this, which is especially useful when done on jungle creeps. Timing is important when using this and Crescent Strike together. Cast this a moment after you use Crescent Strike to ensure that you will hit your ultimate. This is essential because Crescent Strike and Lunar Rush have the same range.


Your choice of Deathfire Grasp or Abyssal Mask

Sorcerer's Shoes
Always taking these for more kill potential and movement speed.
Deathfire Grasp
Take this anytime you aren't playing against strong AP. That means when you are ahead, when playing against strong AD, when you are losing. Anytime when the AP on the other team isn't very strong.
Abyssal Scepter
Take this when playing against strong AP.
Doran's Ring
You should take at least one. Sometimes you may take two and other time you might not need a second. But you should almost always buy at least one.


Your choice of ONE Offensive item. Take all three Defensive items.

Offensive Items

Rabadon's Deathcap
Take this when three or more of your enemies have LESS than 100 magic resist.
Void Staff
Take this when three or more of your enemies have MORE than 100 magic resist.
Liandry's Torment
This is very good as a damage boost. The passive it gives shreds enemy health rather quickly. It also gives some health which makes you more durable in a fight. This is probably the best choice of the three offensive options simply because it adds health, which a very important stat. Get this when you the enemy doesn't have much magic resist.
Enchantment: Furor
Buy the Furor upgrade for the stick. It will allow you to chase down and kill enemies easily.

Defensive Items
Zhonya's Hourglass
Zhonya's Hourglass is a very important item as it will boost her survivability by quite a bit, as well as give her a good upgrade in damage. The passive is quite strong and really allow you to assassinate priority targets as well as survive teamfights. Take this all the time.
Warmog's Armor
Health is now a very effective stat in the game. Having Warmog's is important to surviving, you should build this almost all the time unless you know you can play the snowball game and win.
Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel is very important on Diana as the passive will more often than not allow her to accomplish a lot more in a teamfight. There is no reason to get this, so always get it.

Lux - Moderate
Lux has strong harass before level 6. She has a powerful shield and good burst at level six. Play the lane with caution and focus on CSing. Try hard not to get zoned, Try hard to out play lux. Remember, Lux deals a ton of damage.
Midalee - Moderate
Midalee has strong poke with her Q. Take care to dodge that whenever she throws it at you. She has a bit of sustain though it shouldn't really be a problem. You should focus on farming since you cant really kill her. She is really strong at level 6.
Twisted Fate - Easy
Is fairly squishy and doesn't have any real escape method. Use your shield to negate any damage you can't dodge. You can kill him level 6 since he doesn't really gain much power, so make sure you take the opportunity.
Mordekaiser - Hard
Strong Harass before level 6. Very powerful shield that negates a lot of damage. Powerful ultimate. You probably can't win any trade or fight. Focus on CSing and roam whenever possible. Ask your jungler to gank.
Malzahar - Hard
Strong harass early, and a very powerful ult. You aren't likely to win a fight against him. Focus on CSing and not losing the lane.
Swain- Hard
Strong harass early. His ult gives a lot of spell vamp which is very difficult to deal with. Ask your jungler to gank or try to bait misplays. Otherwise focus on farming and try to roam when possible. This is a very difficult lane for Diana.
Karthus - Easy
Really really squishy. Can put down some harass early but at level 6 you can kill him. Farm the lane before level 6. At level 6, QRE Combo for the kill.
cho'gath - Hard
Very difficult lane due to his sustain. He deals good damage and is quite durable which makes it hard to kill him at level 6. He also has the pure damage ultimate which makes it a risky endeavor. Stay back and farm the lane. Ask your jungler for a gank and roam when you can. Very difficult lane for Diana.

Laning Phase

Early game you are harassed and zoned easily due to your low range. Most of the time you will be passively farming but there are those situations in which you have an advantage such as Katarina or Anivia. If you are up against a difficult lane like Cho'Gath, use Crescent Strike to farm minions. Make sure you use your shield to negate damage, you should think of your shield as a defensive ability more than an offensive ability

Mid - Game

This is when you are most powerful during the game. Roam to side lanes if an opportunity to pick a kill presents it's self. You can stay in your lane if you are ahead of your enemy laner and constantly push up the lane and farm wraiths, eventually taking the tower, or you can just roam and gank other lanes.

Late Game

You aren't as exuberant as you were mid game but you are still very very strong. At this point you should be somewhat tanky thanks with a moderate amount of damage. If you have Guardian Angel and one other defensive item coupled with it, then don't be afraid to jump in a teamfight and go directly after the enemy AD carry. Make sure you are assisting your team by taking objectives like Baron and Dragon and Towers.

I thank you for reading my guide. It took two days to finish it but I worked hard on it, non stop, except when going to the bathroom or sleeping. I really hope this guide helped you become a better player at Diana.
I wish you luck in the game and in real life. Happy Chinese new year :)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MrCuddowls
MrCuddowls Diana Guide
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