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Warwick Build Guide by Slickwick

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Slickwick

High Elo midwick to use vs AP champs

Slickwick Last updated on December 3, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi I am Plat 1 currently and this is my midwick build for Warwick lovers that will allow you to be successful and win many matchups vs AP champions. A lot of people rarely see or play against a midwick which will give you an extra edge as they won't know what to expect but if you play it enough you will know your limits and the matchups and be able to punish and bully your enemies while having high burst damage, sustain, tankiness, and crowd control.

This guide is intended for laning vs an AP champion. Rushing a Wits End is not advised vs an AD lane opponent and more times than not, will cost you the lane.

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Laning and early build

Start Dorans ring, 2 pots, and a ward trinket. Focus last hitting, dodging enemy attacks, and if you do trade let them hit you and then Q afterwards to steal your health back refilling your HP while draining your oppenents. If you are able to get in free autoattacks this is key as WW has pretty good auto attack damage at low levels especially vs squishy ap carries.

When you back the 1st items you will want to get are null magic mantle for your wit's end and a pair of lvl 1 boots. From there on complete your wit's end before your boots.

-Warwick has NO escape moves besides flash so I would avoid pushing all the way to the enemy turret leaving your self susceptible to a devastating gank

-Warwick has poor waveclear until you finish wit's end so often times you will benefit better from following your lane when they go to gank or ganking the opposite lane if they leave rather than trying to push the tower.

-Avoid using your Q to farm minions or you will run out of mana pretty quick and lose control. Sometimes you can if you need some HP and can't Q the enemy for whatever reason or to ensure you get the cannon minions but otherwise save it to hit the enemy champ only

-You can cast ignite while you are ulting. However your Q has to be cast once your ult is complete. For this reason while I am ulting an enemy I just constantly spam my Q so it will go off when the ult is completed.

-Learn to chain crowd control effects together with your teammates. Sometimes if an enemy is already stunned you will want to wait before ulting them so they will remain stunned for the longest possible time period. Sometimes if you know you can get them without ulting to save your ult and then use it on a different champion right after so your team can collect multiple kills instead of just one. This all takes experience and knowledge of your limits.

-When you have your flash up you are a lane gank threat. You can avoid wards by lane ganking with flash ulti either bot or top lane.

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Staying Powerful

I typically build sunfire 3rd because it gives you more damage with your ulti and makes you pretty damn tanky for a mid champ and helps you waveclear like a boss.

After it is wise to get Liandrys. This item gives you some more tankiness, some pen which helps sunfire, your ulti, and your q. Also, the proc bonuses help you actually do some decent damage to tankier champs. This is a better option than building other most other AP items imo.

The game is usually over at this point but if not you have more options. You can go Blade of the Runed King next. You will do insane damage if you can get in the right positions, the Movement speed steal gives you another form of CC and helps your team, and the lifesteal gives you some sustained tankiness however because this item gives you no defense you will be leaving yourself potentially susceptible to being bursted.

You could also go Guardian Angel here but this will make you more of a tank and less of a damage dealer but you might already have enough damage

You could also try Trinity force or even frozen mallet but with trinity force you aren't getting the burst and cc that the BOTRK gives and with mallet you don't get nearly as much damage and you could just use BOTRK to slow anyway.

Abyssel Scepter is also a possibility if you have other AP on your team and/or you are vs heavy AP as it lowers enemy MR and gives you MR. Kind of a utility, damage, and defensive item all in one.

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Final thoughts

A lot of people say WW is an easy champ to play but you have to know all the limits to know when to go in and maximize catching people out of position and punishing them for it to truly grasp his power. Don't expect to dominate right away with him but with some practice you will find yourself winning mid and baffling your opponents while doing so.

Don't expect it to be an easy transition from playing jungle WW either. Mid lane is a whole different battle out there and the build differences take some games to get used to.

Have fun, don't give up first blood, and try not to rage at your teammates, even when someone is feeding, a lot of the time you find you still made a mistake here or there that if done otherwise could have given yourself a good shot to win the game. Good luck!