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League of Legends Build Guide Author Armatir

hipster Teemo because ap and ad are too main stream!

Armatir Last updated on March 25, 2011
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why Teemo?

Teemo is to put it brodly a scout. To go in depth his ultimate lays mushrooms that act as wards and withought any cooldown reduction can be laid on the map roughly evey 28 seconds these are invisible and will explode when an enemy minion or champion steps on them slowing them and essentially telling you were they are. Now temmo is by no means a tank character or the teams carry killers he is infact a carry and a support. By carry it means u will begin by relieng on teammates to set up kills while you start to boost your stats and aquire items its essential to not die at the start more than 1 time if at all because teemo underleveled is a major disadvantage to your team. Now as far as support goes Teemo is either going to have a lot of assists or a lot of kills depending how you build him he kind of works like kayle but withought a heal.
Pros: Teemo is very fast.
-free damaging wards
-finds stealthy characters
- can solo many of the neutral monsters early on
-has awesome 1v1 capability and gank potential
-passive makes him invisible
-amazing in 3v3
-Pretty squishy
-Will get ks a lot by champions like twitch/ nocturne
-Small so hard to see in team fights
-Not too great in big fights need to position yourself

All in all teemo will either make a team as an mvp or break the team by feeding characters like yi.

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more Teemo info

Ok so the Tmonster or teemo is a top tier 3 champ as of march 21st and only second to Alistar and very close to 2nd tier. For those that may be unfamiliar with tiers they represent how good a character is in top brackets and how much influence they bring to a game, the top two tiers are the characters most likely to get banned in ranked matches. However do not let Temmo being top tier 3 bring you down whether your in a high bracket or low bracket the T monster can still own any champion so long as your ready and willing to adapt and not feed.

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talents and runes

I took runes that maximize teemo's defense especially in early game and slightly against mage champions. while teemo may not have high health his resist and flash allow him to come in hit hard "thumper nukes" and run away :)

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first 10 seconds

Either take solo mid or team up with tanky champs like Shen. remember you hit and run, focus on her***(no pun intended), but don't stand in one place shooting for more than 2 seconds and do not push unless you have backup people love to teem up on a scrub teemo.

Pick up either boots(for in and out dotting) or pick up the vampiric sceptreif you want to get a bit of lifesteal first then when you go back get an amplifying tomeand either finish maladyor you're boots first or build a wits endinstead of a malady if the team has annoying casters and usually when theres more than 1.

-make sure to pop teemo's speed boost going in a fight and running out just try not to get hit.
-don't attempt tower flash dives until you can determine a good time from a bad one.

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reason why i go hybrid

AP vs AD vs Hybrid
Although this is a hybrid build I will still discuss the advantages to all 3 and why I of course choose hybrid.
AD: attack damage or AD focuses on utilizing teemos passive which procs on attack. Usually items like malady and wits end will make this champion an anti mage killer and in the lower lvl summoner brackets this build excels at killing almost everyone.
Alterations of AD builds
AD with attk speed
Ad with crit
Ad with crit and attk speed
-You hit very very fast
-Massive lifesteal potential
-Amazing for 1v1 targets
-Awesome harassing
-Great midlane solo potential
-Will get eaten in team fights
-Mushrooms lack cooldown and heavy ap damage scaling
-Late game may have issues killing tankier armor charecters
-Since most of your attacks will be from auto getting any sort of blindness will screw u over big time
-If you do bad early game you will find it very hard to recover

Attacking annies shield will get you shredded
AP: ap teemos usually incorporate attack speed to the mix of their ap damage and also high cooldown reduction. Ap teemos are going to be big time supporters and by end game will usually have insane ammounts of assists. They utilize the scaling of their mushroom damage and the quick cooldown to allow for mine fields of shrroms to be created.
Very very high hitting mushrooms
When mushrrom procs(activates) will take about half of some champions health making them blue pill
Lots of map awareness form immense mushroom warding
In team fights can lay mushrooms down and run
Awesome baiter
Blinding dart really hurts
Since attk speed is not as high as AD teemo life steal is not as worthy.
Anti ap charecters like veigar will 1 shot you everytime
You wont rack up kills as often.

Hybrid in my opinion is the best since it tries to take as much as possible from both builds and put it into 1. In Hybrid teemo you will have the luxury of switching items for a more anti armor or anti caster matches. Hybrid boasts both cooldown reduction, attack damage and attack speed. Alowin you to hit hard with mushrooms and decently with your regular poison passives.
-Very versatile
- mushrooms hit decently more than AD teemo's
-Wont be able to kill high hp champs 1v1 withough a little setup before hand
-Veigar will still 1 shot you

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Basic hybrid set up

Basic Hybrid Teemo:
Summoner spells: I run ignite/ flash
I highly recommend ignite but flash can change out with things like teleport, heal or rally. I say rally because since temmo lacks team fighing abilities dropping really may make or break a team fight while u get back and let your teammates lay the damage.

First off Teemo can go either mid solo or one of the other two lanes with a partner do not team with a ranged teammate try more of a heavier or faster attacker or tank that can mop up your poisoned damaged enemies.

Item list: situational
Situational items: hexdrinker, banshees veil, wits end.

items you are going to end up with are:
Hextech gunblade :Guinsoos :malady: Nashor's: deathcap :boots

Boots: for the boots i tend to go with ionian for the cooldown reduction buy alot of people useso that they can lay mushrooms down across the map faster oreither way works.

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***March/23/2011***Changed the focus of regaining gold to attribute a lot more defense for when ganks go wrong
-added pictures :)