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Ashe Build Guide by n00b cake547

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League of Legends Build Guide Author n00b cake547

how not to carry the match with Ashe (only for noobs)

n00b cake547 Last updated on January 31, 2014
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Hello guys, I've been playing Ashe a lot and I don't understand why so much people fail with her....
after some time looking at other builds, I found out their focus isn't right, in my opinion.
So here I am, bringing you my build all for free.
I hope you play well with it :D


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little explanation with the items.

this is it in tiers:


Doran's blade healing potion

the doran's blade is mostly for its additional hp, which helps Ashe out a lot at the beginning stages of the game, because she is a bit squisy with this build, at the beginning of the game.

the healing potion is so you don't have to recall and mis some begin game farming.
Use the potion while you have retraited a bit and don't be to aggresive begin game, because otherwise your enemies will get better feeded than you.

stage 1:

Runaan's Hurricane Avarice Blade

Runaan's Hurricane is because it makes you farm 2 times more minions and easily push your lane, which is what you want, because while you push it, other lanes will also start pushing and you will easier win the game.
Avarice Blade is so you get more money out of your farming, which is handy for the next items, which will be expencive.

stage 2:

Statikk Shiv

this weapon deals an additional 100 magic damage every few hits, which is quite a lot against minions, so another farming item, which also gives you a bigger AoE just like Ranuun's Hurricane

stage 3:

B.F. Sword Berserker's Greaves

The B.F. Sword is just a bit of additional attack damage, which is nececary with an adc and the Berserker's Greaves are so you can get through your lane quicker, because the front is now probably quite near the enemy's inhibitor turret or 2nd turret.

stage 4:

Blood Thirster

The Blood Thirster is just here for the additional AD and of course the life steal.
It's just neccecary

stage 5:

B.F. Sword Pickaxe

again, just AD, this is your last equipment and when you've bought this, you will be unbeatable.

Final Stage:

Runaan's Hurricane
Statikk Shiv
the Bloodthirster
B.F. Sword
Berserkers Greaves (and an enchantment if you still have gold left)

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how to fight this ashe


So if you're going 1 vs 1 and they keep fighting you, just use your ult when their about halfway through their health, so you can easily finnish them of with your AD.
If they run away, be sure to use your q to slow them and easily kill them in their run, It's only fun if they run


try to get them to turret dive you, and when the turret targets them, use ur ult to stun them and let the turret kill them while you also keep auto attack them and of course use your volleys.
Also if you aren't near your turrets, you should be able to kill them already, because you should be farming with Runaan's Hurricane now and then they are some easy kills.
Also try not to turret dive them, because you´ll probably end up death.
It´s also a good idea to get the red advantage, because it´ll help you with farming to get to your last stage quickly.


try to play very agressive at the very first encounter, because this advantage will give you a winning hand later, Try killing them with your volley and if they run, flash near them and ignite them while you keep auto attack them.

before the game starts:

Be sure to get the bottom lane, or if you really can´t get mid, also get to your lane A.S.A.P.

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Team Work

You´re probably the most damage dealing champion in your team fight, be sure to use your large AoE as mutch as you can, so use a lot of volleys and be sure to always take some minions with you.
Also if one of your teammates is being chased down, try hitting the enemies with your volley 1 time, the slow will let your fellow teammate escape and help you later in the teamfights.

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Well guys, that´s it
Hope this is helpfull and please give me some feedback (you don´t have to)
play well and bye
btw. if I get I get asked enough to make some Ashe video´s with this kit, I will make work out of it

n00b cake547