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Rengar Humor Guide by RonaldRegan

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RonaldRegan

How to (Actually) Play Rengar

RonaldRegan Last updated on September 1, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Intro to Managar

I am making this guild now in hopes that someone will read this before Riot patches Rengar, or
the Items used in this build. As you know, Rengar tends to use up a lot or mana, probably more so then Karthus (or Tiamat Graves for that matter, anyway, thats another Guide).

I have created this guide to address that problem and to also to introduce Rengar, (or Managar in this guide) to people who have just downloaded the game DOTA.. *Cough* I mean League of legends, and want to play Rengar because despite that fact that he not currently free to play and is a 6300 IP Champ (You might be a Rich skank and buy him with RP because thats your thing). In that case this guide will be Rather helpful, Introducing you to League.

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Items of the Managar

In this build we need to address the fact that Rengar is the most Mana-Hungry champ League has ever created (and then nerfed because it takes them 5 flippin' months to balance a new champion).

In the build, you first rush a Chalice of Harmony, then another Chalice, then another, until you have 6 of them. At this rate you should have a ton of kills and mana regeneration. About this time, the other team is telling your team to report their jungler for inexperience, their Supp. for KSing, etc. etc. because League is like that; If your team losing, blame someone else.

The head of Kha'Zix is a item in which at lv 16 you must kill the Kha'Zix and retrieve his head. This item will raise your base swag stat. This can prove rather useful since there is no Quintessence of Swag. If there is no Kha'Zix on the enemy team to kill, go to your local Wall Mart, and buy one yourself.

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Spells of the Managar

Smite: This is the only thing between you getting violated in the jungle, or their jungler ****ing their pants (or their bedpan depending what Lv/Rank their jungler is). Smite is used to deal 390-1000 true damage (depending on champion level) blah*blah*blah... and has a 40 second cool down. Now that is a pretty good summoner spell, even to the legendary which only does 70-410 true damage. You primarily use Smite to deal a large amount of damage to them, then proceed to stealth them to death with your .

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Skill Sequence of the Managar

This is pretty straight forward, you first go with your Bola Strike. However, you will only need this if your target enemy champion (or turret) did not suffer a Cardiac arrest after you just appeared out of nowhere and he just realized how much mana regeneration you have. The bola is in case you just need to slow him down a bit to repeat the process above again.

Your main ability your leveling up is your Thrill of the Hunt This ability allows you to disappear, gain movement speed, then proceed to jump on to them and cause them to die from your immense Mana-Regenerationess.

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Pros / Cons


- Immense Mana Regen 2 sp00ky
- Good amount of Magic Resist
- Swag...'nuff said


- What is this...."Cons" you speak of?

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Feel free to help me improve this guide by leaving a comment. If you liked this guide, leave a upvote and fell free to tell your friends, family, (Your friendly neighborhood Spooderman) about this guide and what you learned. If you hated this guide/found this guide uninformative, I suggest you go f**k a Penguin and go outside for a change.

P.S: Grammar Nazi's feel free to leave in the comments what spelling mistakes I made so I can put them in my Notgiveas**t box

- Peace out, Ronald Reagan


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