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Ezreal Build Guide by ChubbyHero

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ChubbyHero

How to be a baller with Ezreal (AD&AP mix)

ChubbyHero Last updated on June 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So you want to know how to be a baller with Ezreal? It's actually pretty easy once you get use to the skill shots and the simple, yet super effective, trick. You may notice that I don't use runes. It's pretty much because I'd rather use my IP on champs. But that's just me. Would I use Ezreal in a ranked match? Not really. Although he's pretty pro in game, he might not be the best choice compared to other champs. I could be wrong, you may debate against me, but hey, it's my personal opinion. Now, to get down the business.

[*] Pros

    Best dance moves in game
    Mid/late game, unstoppable force
    Awesome ult

[*] Cons
    Super squishy
    Usually targeted first
    Can't really run away from ganks as easy as you would like
    Kind of hard to master
    Skill shots take time to master

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Yeah, it's a pretty expensive build, but it shouldn't be a problem if you have a strong start and farm pretty well. You might think that not going for boots early game is a bad choice, but it's really not. Ezreal is going to be slow all game (unless you get boots of swiftness, so get used it early game. The Bloodthirster is a must have item early game. Since your Mystic Shot has a 1:1 attack damage, you'll probably be doing 60 additional damage with it early game and dominate your lane. Plus, that little bit of lifesteal is also nice to have. Now that you're doing some pretty sweet damage early game, at a pretty sweet distance, you should be okay for a little while without boots. Next item to get would be the Rageblade. The reason it's really nice to have is because of it's passive (increased attack speed per successful hit) is really nice to have now that you're gonna be putting on about an extra 105 attack damage to your Mystic Shot. The rest of the item that follow are going to be nice little additional help. Near mid-late game, if you're doing better than expected and you have your gunblade, then depending on how you're doing, Trinity Force is a nice little bonus to add on to your massacre. Once you got all you need, you can probably sell your Doran's Blade for something a bit more useful. You could get Frozen Mallet to gain ultimate killing power and make everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, afraid of you and run away in fear.

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How to harass with your skill shots:

A lot of people (or at least the ones I know) hate skill shots for the simple fact that they can get really annoying. It's actually really easy once you start to use your common sense. Example: let's say there's a Udyr (no offence to Udyr players), in your lane alone with you, and he's farming, but at the same time, giving you little hit and runs. The hard thing about hitting him back would be the fact that he's always hiding behind minions. Well, the best thing you can do would be to just go back a bit, hide in a bush, let him push and just poke him a few times and run back. Until you have your Essence Flux, you can't really do much. Another simple trick to harass in this scenario would be to use your Arcane Shift to go past the minions, hit him with your auto attacks a bit, then run back (depending on how much you damaged him. If you got him down low enough, finish him off. Don't let him be a waste of your mana). Another risky thing I love to do is to abuse the range of my ulti. If you see your team mates pushing top or bottom, and have the enemy champs with full health, but tower hugging, I would be sure that my team mates are keeping them in that same spot for a bit, then send down my ulti, get them down to half health. If they already have low enough health to want to go back, you just let your team mates quickly push that tower, or, you left them with enough health to justify a quick tower dive.

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How to use your skills like a baller:

Well this part is fairly easy. It all follows off the simple pattern of E,Q,W or. Q,W,E with the occasional ult to finish it off. With such a high power on Mystic Shot, you should already take them down fairly quick. If that doesn't work out to how you want, always call your team mates up. Simple as that. This is my first guide thing, so I'm sorry for not providing those cool little icon thingies.