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League of Legends Build Guide Author P.DiddyXD


P.DiddyXD Last updated on October 26, 2010
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Hey guys!
This is my first build so just check it out; im not gonna go over everything cos its a basic kass build with AP and most of the information on skills can be read in other guides. However, ive recently seen a lot of noob kass players in my teams so i wanted to make a guide of how to 'ninja' with him and not 'stupidly-tower-dive-feeding'.


9/0/21 is the basic mage build: u get enough points for spell penetration in the offense(which is an absolute must have) and you get the key mana regen points in the utility side (i recommend "Utility Master" as you can keep stacking riftwalk damage without worrying about insane mana costs). Additionally, the summoner spells i like to use are TELEPORT & IGNITE . Teleport because you are very weak, hav no regen, and you can recall to base and come back into your lane without losing xp. Ignite is a must because you want to 'ninjajump' people and max your damage, and then 'ninjajump' out witout getting hit hard buy CC of dps guys.


I find it best to use all AP/level except for the red ones which are magic penetration (yes it is a must to have some magic penetration for good early game harassing using null sphere). Dont use mana runes because your masteries and tear of the goddess (that becomes archangel staff) will cover mana issues (golem buff helps too but is not essential for defensive play). Using runes that benefit per level is better than flat because you will not (assuming ur not pro) get heaps of kills under level 6, and the ap/lvl gets even better once you reach lvl10+ (you can do the cost calculations yourself).


Ok here is where most people go wrong; DO NOT max out force pulse first because you cant afford the mana costs and because it is not good for harassing. Instead, max out your null sphere because it has good range for harass with average mana cost and also causes silence! I also find that using it is easy because it has 'targeting' which means that once you select your opponent and fire, you can always be sure it hits them and you can quickly kite backward. This frustrates most mages, however do no waste your mana on heavy tanks like garen or those who heal it off quick like vlad.
Another useful point to add is why i get 1 point in netherblade early on; and here is what most kass players overlook this almost useless skill--> because it can be used to charge your awesome force pulse! Yes thats right! And since it has a low cd with very low mana cost, i keep spamming it all early game because it helps charge your force pulse and also 'stacks' your tear of the goddess (which thus fixes your midgame mana problems!!).
Finally, dont forget to use your riftwalk ontop of opponents for damage, often i can jump over walls to finish kills or stack ritfwalk in the base and teleport in for mega nuke damage.


You can clearly see the item sequence above.
--> Meki pendent for mana regen.
--> Rush your tear of the goddess (TOG) for mana
-> I like to finish my merc tread boots for survivability from ganks and horrible stun situations (which will always target you since u are squishy).
--> From here you can get majais if ur doing good, otherwise go on to make rod of ages (RoA) . The reason i dont finish archangels now is because its ap ability is not very useful unless you have a massive mana pool (which usually occurs towards endgame) so it doesnt make sense to improve your ap by like 30 or something when you get improve all stats (esp health and mana!) with RoA.
--> finish AA staff.
--> get majais now if u hvnt already done (since ur damage will be insane by now).
--> for laughs, get zhonyas for more power (and sick ability!) or get guardian angel (GA) for keeping your majais. Or get both if ur owning :)


1. "Ninjajump"; kass has insane towerdiving potential since he can have force pulse charged up and then R, Q, E, R and then finish with Ignite (i like to silence before i use force pulse so i dont get suddenly stunned or something, but you can swap them around). Make sure you do this over walls for escapes or even from bush to bush so that the opponent has no idea that you're on their side!

2. "Quick-charging your force pulse"; every time you are doing nothing spam your cheap nether blade to quickly charge your force pulse and help your max mana pool through TOG. You can also fully charge your force pulse at base before going back to lane using teleport.

3. "Shadow-assasination"; place a sight ward in your opponent bush or in one of the mid bushes. Then prepare your force pulse and rifwalk at base. Teleport to bush (opponents have no idea where you are). And now ninjajump and beat the **** outta the unsuspecting opponent who has been trying to lane on less than 40% health (DO NOT DO THIS AGAINST A GOOD VLAD COS HE WILL ESCAPE 90% OF THE TIME!).

4. "The close showdown"; when both you and your opponent are going head to head and are on very low health, it is best to bait him by pretending to flee and then rifwalk backwards into his face for the kill (using ignite for finishing is just awesome cos sometimes they begin to retreat and you can jump towards them and throw your null sphere for a sick kill!).

5. "Team fights"; in 5v5 fights, you must always stay away from your team and follow them closely in the nearby bush (but be careful not to go infront or too far away from your tank support. Your job is to NEVER EVER EVER GODDAM INITIATE! That is not the way of the ninja, your job is to wait til the fight starts and then pick off the squishy characters, usually the mages cos you have silence and can rape them. Even on very low, health you should hang back and play smart so you can help assist kill your opponents because they will think you have fled (but be aware of the range and line of sight of your opponents).

6. "Simple ganking"; when you hit lvl 6 and have riftwalk, always check map for those noobs on very low health who keep laning so you can get to the nearby bush (usually mid) and can do a ninjajump for a kill gank or assist. Be brave but try not to overstretch because a kass that is stunned, slowed or 'caught' is a dead kass. You must never be seen unless you have killed them and even then you should head back for bushes or tower.

Thats it folks for now, i might add more tips as i remember them, but hope you guys enjoy playing kickass kassadin!