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Quinn Build Guide by Batman II

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Batman II

How To BIRD- a Demacian's Guide to Quinn and Valor

Batman II Last updated on September 17, 2013
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Quinn Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Everything you need to Know

Hi! Its me, a new mobafire user, Batman II! or at least, im going to be ryserin once i get enough money to change it on League... ANyways, im here to talk about quinn. Quinn is one of the worst thought of champions in the League of LEgends. Nobody likes her, everybody hates her, shed better go eat some worms. Wait, no, thats valor's job. To eat worms. Get it? No? doesnt matter. THE POINT is that she really is one of the BEST champs in League. She can go every lane except support. I've evne succesfully played her AP. Now thats something crazy. My best times with her, not surprisingly, are ADC. But, ive also had very good scores playing her Top, Mid, and Jungle. Ive seen so many haters, and i just laugh and say that shes better than they think. Wanna know who she beats up? Vayne. gotta problem with a vayne hypercarry? send in your quinn to hunt her and shut her down. Darius, in top, is such a poor guy when he lanes versus a quinn. might as well quit right away. Mid lane i ahve no idea who she counters, but you play her as an ad assasin. Speaking of mid, my time spent as mid quinn is what inspired this build. I will talk more of the build and her playstyle in the Next chapter.

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The Build

What on earth made you decide to get a SPIRIT VISAGE, or a FROZEN GAUNTLET on Quinn? like, what the fudge are you smoking? well, ill tell you right now, that this quinn is the ahrdest quinn to kill. most people are like ASPD CRIT IS BEST and im just like no. your crit aint gonna do anything when im just taking all my life back by stealing yours. BT and blade work really together. thats a base of about 33% lifesteal, which is alot. Throw on top of that 20% of 33(which is 6.6) your getting around 40% lifesteal. that is so much sustain, its crazy. add on top of that the mr and health, and you get pretty tanky. Most people think zephyr is a meh item. Well, on quinn, it makes her so strong, all of its stats speak for themselves. Now look at the iceborn gauntlet. do you know how annoying it is to have a bird come in and not instadie EVERY TEAMFIGHT? NO? I DO, CAUSE IM THE BIRD THAT FLIES IN.
All of the stats are really self explanatory at this point. i could stop here, but most people dont know how to actually play her.

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USE YOUR E TO HARASS, DODGE, AND JUMP WALLS IF POSSIBLE. Your e is for blinding the other adc, and sometimes to farm those last few minions. your w is mainly for the aspd bonus, the main reason why you dont build any past bork and boots. Valor is for chasing and running, but never for initiation. skystrike is ONLY USED to FINISH OFF opponents that have 400 OR LESS HEALTH. i cnat tell you how many quinns ive seen that skystrike at the beginning of a fight. i scream audibly when they do because thats ******ed. back to laning. you can be both passive and aggressive, but neither at the same time. it all depends on who your fighting. When you fight a cait or a corki, fight passively and win. yes, they do counter her, but only to an extent. i personally beat the **** out of them usually. Quinn is also a great pick agains t ezs and vaynes. sure, theyre highly mobile, but so are you, and your ult is a much nicer steroid when used right.
I hope this helps some people expand their champ playbase and also helps improve their quinn play. i was just getting tired of bad quinn.s that is all.