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League of Legends Build Guide Author b_space

How to Dominate

b_space Last updated on September 25, 2011
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Hello everybody. This is my first Dominion guide, and my second guide in total. Dominion is a new map, an all different gameplay. In Dominion, everyone plays like rambo'ing, moving A LOT across the map, and tho every high mobility and global ulti champion is needed. The champions that I picked for team 1 are a great combo, and their items may look the same, but the more tanky you are, the more you can survive to your opponents.

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First Steps

Grab 3 movement speed boots and go 3 TOP and 2 BOT. Teemo will activate his Move Quick ability, and head to The Windmill. The two other champs will get the turret and head to the windmill also. Most of the attempts for the Windmill end up in a teamfight, so I suggest Lee Sin and Heimerdinger top. Why Heim? After taking, you can place your H-28G Evolution Turret in a strategic place so enemies can't cap. They will get some time to destroy your turret(s) and this will give time to Teemo to come there and save the day. Bot should be harassing and trying to ninja cap, while in fight. If anything goes wrong, regroup, change items, or do something USEFUL for your team.

Golden Rule:

Remember, it's all about being smart.

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Mid Buffs

In the center of the maps there are two buffs. Those buffs give you GREAT stats. I recommend Heimer to take those buffs, as his turrets won't let enemies have a breath in their turrets. Now, Heimer can also put the turrets around enemies' buff, not allowing em to take. Being smart gives you a great advantage from the enemies.

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Team Work

After you reached lv13+, you get in mid game. Mid game is the very end of Dominion. Now, you will proof that you know this game, you know the golden rule, and you can win. Here, some teamfights strategies:

I. Distract!
Teemo will go invisible into some bushes. You can go 3 bot or something, while Teemo will smartly pick the windmill. If Teemo dies, get right onto your defense positions, you can use your high CC to dominate, Cyclone Lee Sin Grand Skyfall etc...

II. Gank!!
Ganking is still worth even in Dominion. If you see somebody out of position, go and shut him down. If one of your mates is capping and enemies come to kill him, use panth's ulti to make him go, then gank em. An ace can make 2 opponent's turrets get capped, and this is just what you need to win

III. Backwards!!!
Instead of just attacking and capping, you must know when to go back and defend your turret. By defending you can even take some kills (2-3) and this will make you cap their turrets coz they are unable to def. Keep in mind the golden rule!

IV. Stealth!!!!
Having a stealth in your team is just great. With a stealth like Twitch you got :
1. A moving Ward
2. A backdoor tool
3. Good defending tool
But still, Twitch is so squishy. I do recommend more Blink champions that stealth ones. The best one is Shaco, he got both of them.

V. Backdoor!!!!!
This is the most important thing next to the golden rule. If you backdoor smartly, it's GG. 4 guys def 1 cap. 3 guys def 2 cap. It's cool! If 4 of them are taking the bot turret, you go and take their windmill, or half top (dunno the name) turret. When you see they come for you, and you can't TAKE, don't make it NEUTRAL. If u make it neutral, it's better for them. They will gain more points and your nexus' health will go even lower.

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Special Champion Reference

So, you can ask, we have to pick these champions each game? It's your choice. I placed those champs to show you some nice combo of map awareness. Jax is a god on rambo'ing AND dominion. Mordekaiser can take **** out of opponents. And even champions like Karthus are really cool. I just prefer non - squishies. As you can see all the champs except Heimerdinger and Teemo (who's supposed to be a swift scout turret capper) are off tanks. Off-tanking is gorgeous, it gives everything you will ever need to your team and you. Damage, surviving large teamfights and so...

Pick you favorite, but don't do mistakes. Shaco can do as much as Lee Sin, even more, if you remember the golden rule!

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Why it's all about the Golden Rule?

Well, this is a team game. Working as a team means that the BRAIN leads. Being SMART makes your team with a brain. In being smart, you don't have to concentrate 100% of your brain power in a total brainstorm that will make you SICK. This sucks. You have to think what are your enemies thinking. Do that before them. Also, you must know how to:

I. Juke!
Juking is the best ever thing happened to LoL. You got your bushes, they make you STEALTH. Isn't this cool? Yeah? Why you don't combine them with BRAIN PAWA and pwn the enemies like you should... It isn't hard. If ur rlly on it, you can find tons of videos in Youtube that show you pro juking (I personally like Grassy <3) and how to execute em

II. Joke!!
This is a game man. Chillax, ur not playing for money. Don't make 10 games per day like a crazy maniac. You can have a life too. If you play much, you WON'T be PRO. This game will damamge your brain => not smart. Being smart in this game means being smart real life too. Smart as tricky, smart as kind, smart as honest, and smart as a good boy :D. NO ADDICTION!!

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The End!

Wow... Never knew I could spend 2 days with this guide :P I worked 2 hours or so per day, and I think it's cool now. Hope you enjoyed it. :)