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Team Guide by Mekhan

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mekhan

How to: kill, not die and support.

Mekhan Last updated on August 31, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Orianna: Why this setup, and so on How to kill an enemy with maximum dmg.

I think this setup is the best over the once i have seen,
Flash, very good and since you have ghost in your skills you dont need ghost.
Ignite, ignite is very good the hole game, early its almost a certin FB you herras alittle with your q followed by a w and when you get the opperent down in Hp you go for a kill with the ignite and "you have slain an enemy" and the crowd goes wild yaaa...
Why all the Hp, well you dont want to build glass cannon and with this build you can solo the other teams AD carry depending on kills and minions, ofc a none feeded you and a feeded enemy carry both on minions and on champs is a stupid one to fight alone.
why boots and 3 hp pots as first buy, why not Dorans Ring,, well boots gives you movement speed and allows you to move quicker and avoiding the enemys spells, when the 3 hp pots is for failed ganks from the other team and when you didnt make it out of the enemys range in time, it gives you survive ability and you are able to stay longer in lane and farm minions,
hmm i will get OoM (Out of mana) no your runes is doing so that you dont get OoM, :)
I would STRONGLY recoment mid lane not bot, solo is a mabye it can be done but mid is much better.


Early game. Try to last hit as many minions as possible and ofc avoid enemy spells, when you are farming try to herras thy enemy alittle.
mid game Take the jungle and farm lanes, use q and w on casters.
late game. contniue farming jungle and lanes

try to assist your team as well use your e spell to shield others than yourself all the time and remember w gives movement speed so throw it in front of a friendly.
you are standing in the mid lane and are trying to kill someone how do i get max dmg?
you throw your q behind the champ uses W then E when your e spell jumps through something it makes dmg then you cast your q agian in front of the enemy and uses ulti meaning no chance of escape for him/her, because now you can use your w agian and ignite, theres a kill, and now some of you are saying thats a over kill,, then dont use the rest of the combo.
and when you are her***ing try to have your ball on the field not above your head its to slow and a fairly good player can avoid them at all times

well i dont know what more to write, pls give feedback tell me if you think its some **** and pls tell if its good just rmemeber to write why its good or bad.. if i remember more ill put it on right away :)
happy hunting :)

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Nocturne the jungler: how to start and go on

Noc can start everywhere but i find it best for him to start with Golem buff,
you take golem buff then wolfs, wraiths (you get mid to pull wraiths for you and wolfs if you want) then you go golems and then take lizard buff, then you gank a lane, if the gank went well you and bot lane can take dragon :). repeat repeat.

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Udyr Solo top: How to lane.

focus on last hitting minions, you can take almost all dmg hitting you use turtle stance and get hp back and if its too much use a heal pot. coordinate with your jungle a gank. :)

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Alistar: How to support your team and your ad carry.

Use the CV at all times keep it on cooldown unless you are about to push a tower/lane or get a kill then keep it push alittle and then use it.
Start: you support your ad carry meaning stand in bush and dont get out of it only to support your carry, dont hit minions it will destroy your ad carrys last hitting, if you can with out dying and without taking too much dmg then use a headbut on theire carry just to ruin hes/hers last hits.
Team fights, you headbut and "RIGHT AFTER" you pulverize then use ulti that should help your team alot.
and the most important thing BUY WARDS AND LOTS!!!.

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Ashe Carry: last hit and kill

early: focus on minions only and if theres no minions to last hit then fire a arrow onto theire carry, but only if theres no minions to last hit, farm your way to wealth.
mid: take jungle and keep your eyes on the mini map for big minion waves, if a wave comes close to tower take them all push the next wave and get the fack back else youll die, when you are pushing look on minimap when enemy champs are missing. then run like you are paid for it. and repeat it use your supports wards to keep track of enemys.

Well i hope you like it :)



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