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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Evelynn Build Guide by kaloan

AD Offtank How to play jungle eve

AD Offtank How to play jungle eve

Updated on November 9, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author kaloan Build Guide By kaloan 5,418 Views 2 Comments
5,418 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author kaloan Evelynn Build Guide By kaloan Updated on November 9, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite



This will be my first guide so I hope I do well enough . I will be testing out the gtuide to seee how it looks . So until I remove this chapter u will probably only watch the actual build .
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Abbreviations for those who don't know what does an "abbreviation" mean.

AD - Attack damage
ArPen - Armor Penetration
AP - Ability Power
AS - Attack Speed
MS - Movement Speed
MPen - Magic Penetration
Eve - Evelynn
MR - Magic Resistance
CD - Cooldown
CC - Croud Control(stuns,snares,supresses etc.)
DoT - Damage over Time
Red Buff - Elder Lizard
Blue Buff - Ancient Golem
* - Will explain in text after the main text
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Evelynn is a very underestimated champion by low wins people . She is very stong when played well though . The learning curve is steep so I will try to help out not only with talking about what the build does but what mainly is good for eve in that place . I don't think there is much more to say but you should know that Evelynn requires some practise,time and patience in order to work well .
Jungling is my favourite role now but it wasn't like that always . I hated jungling when I was new to the game . I hope you have lots of fun jungling after this mixed Evelynn/Jungle tutorial !
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Pros / Cons


+Very tanky
+Good initiating
+Perfect assassinating in the late game
+Fast jungle
+Good ganks cuz of passive


-Very squishy early game
-Low DPS until she gets 2-3 items
-No lifesteal/spellvamp ability that helps with jungle like:

-Requires time and practise
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I am too lazy to write the full names so I will explain the easy way . Everyone will understand :)
  • Marks: I prefer flat AD marks but you can also go for ArPen marks .
  • Seals: YOU MUST TAKE FLAT ARMOR SEALS !!!!!!! For the new people in LoL who want to start jungling, it is a must to have flat armor seals !
  • Glyphs: You can take a varioty of diffrent glyphs . Your best bets will be AS or MR/lvl glyphs . AS helps with early game and MR/lvl makes you even more tanky .
  • Quintessences : MS and ArPen willbe best. MS helps walking around faster and ArPen will make you even more of an assassin .
These runes are good for ALL AD junglers


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush
The best runes for most of the AP junglers whould be


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush
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Summoner Spells

There are 4 summoner spells that you can take when jungling in my opinion . Those are

Flash helps you secure kills and get out of sticky situations . It is also very good with your passive - come unseen then Flash and quickly kill the opponent .

It helps in a lot of situations :
1st If you are trying to duel or 1v2 a VERY fed opponent.
2nd If you are ganking in the early game and/or you don't have your passive(slow so you and your allies can reach the enemy faster).
3rd If you are counterjungling .
4th If you are trying to escape .

Pretty much the same uses as Exhaust+Flash . It is like something between them .

You are a jungler . 'Nuff said . For the newbies: If you jungle,no matter what champion you are,get smite .

A thing to note is that if you pick Exhaust or Ghost you shouldn't get Butcher but Summoner's Wrath for the better effects
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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

This is the best ability sequence .
  • The Q is good for jungling in the early game and has good damage even in the later stages . You should max it first .
  • The W is a utility skill so yoou should max it last .
  • The E is your best ability BUT you must have almost your full build for it to be useful . You should hax it second
  • The R is a very good ability because of :
    1st - The slow
    2nd - The AoE
    3rd - The % of Max HP damage
    4th - The CD is high at lvl 1, moderate when it is lvl 2 and very short when maxed . This helps in teamfights .
    5th - The shield .
If you want a faster jungle with less damage taken you MUST take the Q again at lvl 3 and then get the 1st lvl of W . I will say why later .
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I think that the best jungle path for evelynnStart at the blue buff , kill the wolves or vice versa . Then clear the wraiths,the golems,the red buff* and the wraiths again* . Then you can choose . Either you gank or you kill wolves and then back for items .

*Before you kill the red buff-after you kill the double golems , YOU MUST use the level-up point for your Hate Spike NOT on Dark Frenzy . It will help you kill the Red Lizard faster which will result in a faster gank AND less damage recieved .
*You will have plenty of health after killing the wraiths + you will level up . If you will gank you should use the point for Dark Frenzy . If all lanes are pushing just pick another level of Ravage . If you get the bonus level Ravage it is a very good idea to counter jungle before/after you kill your wolves .

Jungle tips:
1stFor all champions! When you have the red buff you should stop attacking the small neutral minions(wraiths,wolves,lizards) when they are about 8-10% of their max HP , the medium neutral minions(golems,big wraith,big wolf) at around 4-5% of their max HP and the large non-boss neutral minions(elder lizard and ancient golem) at 1-2% of theirs . This is because of the red buff DoT effect which deals true damage.
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This is how the final build should look like this :

Item Sequence

Madred's Bloodrazor 3800
Wit's End 2800
Trinity Force 3333
Frozen Heart 2500
Hextech Gunblade 3000
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Ranked Play

Not that much to say here other than : There are a lot of bad supports in lower ELO games that WON'T take Vision wards in order to see you stealthed .
You might also say that a good CC so you can land a lot of your very powerful attacks on an enemy . I think that Warwick solo top and/or Ahri/Twisted Fate mid will be very good .
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Unique Skills

The bonus magic damage that you do with your skills will be incredably annoying . Not only that arond 80-90% of the champs don't get increased MR with leveling up but they also can't block a lot of it cuz they will think you will do a lot of physical damage(which is true) :)
Another thing is that the passive lets you go on almost all places without being seen .
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It is very easy to farm with Eve . You should have atleast 200-250 minions at around the 30 min mark . Nothing that much else to say here .
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