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Wukong Humor Guide by dbug87

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dbug87

How to play League of Legends while high

dbug87 Last updated on February 29, 2012
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Holy Cow...

I am baked as can be right now.

I'm going to embrace the theatrical side of myself and exaggerate how high I am for the sake of humor throughout this guide.

But in all actuality... I legitimately am... very, very baked.
Diablos OG, try it sometime.

But anyway, I wrote this guide because I play league blazed out of my mind pretty frequently, and so I think I've become a bit of an expert at it, so I thought "Why not put a guide out there that people can REALLY get some benefit from?" So here you go. A serious guide on a controversial subject with as much humor added as possible for your enjoyment.

Read on, my brutha!

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-Your reflexes are slowed
-Your thoughts no longer connect in a logical pattern
-Your ability to split internal stimuli from external is hindered
-Everything is ******* hilarious
-Not much makes sense at the moment
-That poster on your wall is awesome
-You'll be hungry in about 10 minutes
-You'll wander off mentally
-You might AFK from reality. And the game.
-Cottonmouth might become an issue
-You may want to take a nap at 20:00
-Your team may forfeit at that time
-You may be distracted by that Aztec Temple over there

-You can't see red: You won't get caught making heated decisions
-You won't be aggressive: Patience is easy when you don't know what the **** is going on
-You won't wander off: You fear you may get lost if you wander off alone
-You'll conserve mana: Holy ****, I forgot I had skills!
-You'll be at the base to defend: Because you missed the memo that there was a team fight
-You'll have map awareness: From the unorthodox jungle paths you use to get to team fights
-You'll have lots of IP boosts: Because your dumb *** forgot if you bought one or not, so you buy another one and repeat this process 4 times.
-You'll gain champion diversity: Because you have no idea who the hell you picked or why you have the runes that you do

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Most Importantly...

Play a ranged champion

You simply don't have the brain power to know how to get out on time with a melee champion. The extra range will give you a much bigger chance to get out alive. Just like they tell you in the rules of the road book, like... adjusting your speed in bad weather and rain and stuff. You gotta be able to sllow yourself more time to stop if the road sucks.

However, do not play a tricky ranged character either, such as Lux. We're going for as little brain power as humanly possible here.

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Acceptable Champion Choices for Playing While Baked


Blitzcrank has a failsafe in case you forget that you were fighting. If he gets below a certain level of health that I can't remember right now (seriously, I stared at the ceiling for like 10 minutes trying to remember), he gets a shield based on his maximum mana. He can also just chill in a bush and yank unwilling enemy champions into teamfights, and then use his speed boost to get out and let the alert, functioning, cognitively active remainder of the team handle the rest.


Teemo is awesome because if you forget that you were playing League of Legends, he'll just turn invisible. On top of that, you can just litter mushrooms around everywhere and it'll look to the untrained eye like you're actually participating. He does good damage, he's fast (so he can get away), and that stealth is just amazing for being baked, because if you get distracted for any period of time, you're still A-OK, my friend. Cuz nobody can see you now.


Twitch is great because he can become invisible pretty much whenever. Gives you a lot more time to think about who you're going to attack and whether or not it's a good idea. He also laughs like he's baked, which is a good compliment to the current play style. Let's face it- Twitch even SOUNDS like he has no freaking idea what's going on. He just points his crossbow and fires and hopes for the best, and we, as pot heads, can relate to that.

Ahri is a great choice because once she hits level 6, she has a sure fire escape that's pretty hard to hinder. On top of that, she has a glowy globe and all of her moves just kinda dance around the screen and it's a great visual. The downside of this is that when an enemy actually comes your way, they'll watch you attacking the air for a while and question your sanity, and then they'll dig you a grave after they're done calling their friends over to watch.


Same as Ahri. great escape at level 6, and his visuals are pretty damn cool. I mean... what's behind the battlefield that we're seeing into as he moves with that sword? It's like a whole other dimension. You'll be 2 inches from your computer screen scorching your retnas off of the monitor and giving yourself a migraine trying to figure out what the hell is behind that blade, trying to see through it like a window. Hey, if anyone shows up, BLOOP- teleport. Then go back to trying to see through his sword. Leave me the hell alone, I'm trying to see into the void.


You almost killed me? That's cool. Now there's two of me. Or maybe that's Evelynn? I can't remember which one of them does it. Let's assume for now that Leblanc splits into two images when she's almost dead. First off, it's hilarious while baked to see the enemy go "Ah ****, which one do I attack?" and you'll piss yourself laughing. Second, the most important thing while playing baked is compensation for slow reflexes and thought. This provides it very well.


You're going to fail hard with him, but that little crackhead is flippin' hilarious. Plus, explosions are always good when high. I love James Cameron movies when I'm high, because let's face it, James Cameron aint **** without forty bajillion explosions, and I love me some explosions while baked. Also, he has a pretty easy ultimate to use, so you might actually be useful as long as you can focus.

Sion (AD)

AD Sion is pretty much unkillable, and he requires you to farm his E like mad, which is easy to do because you're gonna be stuck doing the same thing over and over and over again anyway until you realize you've been farming your E for the last 40 minutes and your team is pushing for Baron and you have 7000 life. "Oh, hey guys, wait up, I'll help..." (mosey on over)


Just stand the hell off to the side and heal people. Not much can be easier. If they get close, just run like hell and keep healing yourself. You should build 40% cooldown reduction like... first. So you're invincible. After the CDR build mana regen. With the inability to run out of mana and your heal at the ready at all times, you're trolling the hell out of the enemy team, keeping your team alive, and it requires no conscious thought at all. Win.


Just stand off to the side and kill minions, when a team fight breaks out, stay out of it, hide in a bush, and use your ultimate to kill someone that somebody else already did all the work on. I'm pretty sure this is how people play Caitlyn anyway, though.

I'll add more as I think of them or as they are suggested. I just wanna finish this right now, so I'm moving on.

Guide Top

Cool Gear to take while High

It's cool because they throw their ult at you and it kinda goes "pffftt" in a burst of smoke and then makes a whoopie cushion noise.

You're gonna kill me with your magicxz omgzorz... oh wait, I has a spell shield. trolololol.


I'm just gonna spam my skills like mad, mk? I don't care what I hit, fireballs for everyone, hell, I'll even send a dark binding at a siege minion because it's cool. And you know what? It's all gonna make me MORE POWERFUL!

Oh hey. You wanted to kill me and stuffs? Well now I'm a golden statue of awesome and I hope it ruins your day. I'm gonna sit here and enjoy how shiny I am. Because it looks cool. Go hit someone else.

Because its the only way you'll ever take 1/3 of someone's life while you frequently lack the capacity to find the mouse.

shurelya's reverie
If you stand out of battle long enough (or forget where you are), you'll regen all your health. On top of that, if someone finds where you chose to nap in the bushes, it's like strapping on a new pair of nikes and running like a drug dealer from the cops.

Tons of defense, lots of life regen. Makes you harder to kill if you accidentally wander into the enemy's base. Also, if someone is chasing you, this is a lot like getting busted shoplifting and throwing every display in the store down in front of your chaser.

So, Logically, a good high build would be
Item Sequence


Banshee's Veil

Talisman of Ascension

Randuin's Omen

Guardian Angel

Maximize your damage output with deathfire grasp. yeah. Even on AD champions. Just go in, grasp them, and run your *** away with shurelyas. Slow them with randuins too. If they throw an ult at you, banshee's blocks it. If they keep hitting you with magic, hexdrinker keeps you alive. If you die, guardian brings you back up. You have lots of life, lots of MR, lots of armor, and lots of regen. So.... you should be safe.

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Acceptable Times to Take a Bong Hit

During champion select, after you've picked

There's some time to kill, might as well bubble up.

The loading screen

Because some people play League of Legends on one of these...

Waiting for the first minion wave

Cuz you won't be doing anything about it if they gank you anyway.

While Dead

Because you sure as hell have no idea what to buy.

While free farming

Because it makes the effects of your skills look cooler and it's pretty much autopilot after the first auto-attack anyway. Nobody is expecting you to actually last-hit, here.

Waiting to defend against a Baron push

They'll come. I don't see what the big hurry is. We stand here, they plow in, we try and kill them. We have a few seconds to kill before they get here.

Post-Game Chat

Because who cares what everyone is saying about you, anyway?

Guide Top

How to defend a tower while baked

Well, it goes kinda like the goalie in this video.

Guide Top

Teamfighting While Baked

It's easy...

Just stay the hell out of everyone's way, do whatever you can to throw a hit in here or there, but for the most part, your brain isn't up to speed to be handling this kind of stress, so it's a good idea to just back away and go attack the wraith camp or something. Something that won't hurt you. Kinda like watching Thomas the Tank Engine to counter-act the horrific scenes of a horror movie you watched while baked because you're stupid. Let the wraiths be your Thomas, and never speak of this teamfight again.

Shhh... there, there. (Pats on back)

Guide Top

Summoner Skills to Take While Blazed

Maximum mobility. Flash away, ghost, get out of there. Flash is also great for "ah ****, this tower doesn't want to be friends" moments. Ghost is also terribly entertaining because it removes unit collision. You can pretend you're godzilla stomping all over Tokyo by walking over minions and mumbling roaring sounds to yourself.

For if you get stuck in a lane with someone. At least you can keep THEM alive while they do all the work. Plus, the glowy effects they create are pretty cool to look at. Sometimes I feel like the savior of minions. I'll see one about to die to another minion and be like "No, little minion. Today you LIVE." and heal him. Yeah. He's my buddy now. He dies at the next wave though. Its heartbreaking.

Good for making yourself useful. Oh hey, that tower has our minions at it. Nobody is watching. Teleport to minion, promote Mr. Siege minion, push the tower. Boom. You just back-doored while baked. Now your team can't call you useless. But what usually ends up happening is that I feel so accomplished in my feat that I'll go after the next tower. I'm so excited that I forget to wait for my minion wave. I try and convince the enemy minions to help me out in exchange for amnesty and scholarships, but they just let me die.

Guide Top

Concealing the Fact That You're Baked

If your team knows
that you're baked, they'll probably report you.

So try and use big words. "Hey derp, are you gonna go gank top?"
Your response would be "Indubitably, good sir, on the double!"
Then stay put, because you won't do much good anyway, and apologize when they die.
"I experienced a large spike of lag which rendered me unable to assist you, and I grieve at your fall in combat."

"Hey, derp, can you leash blue?"
Well, since you don't want to flail about and faceplant and get yourself and the jungler killed, try:
"I believe it to be a more strategic manuever if I were to keep ward upon the river to alert you of oncoming hostile entities. I'll inform you of any malicious status immediately."
And then go stand with your thumb up your *** at the river and look useful.

"Hey derp, you stay back and watch the base? We'll push"
Well that leaves way too much responsibility on your hazed shoulders. Follow them.
"Derp, what the hell are you doing?"
"I felt the base was secure enough that I would accompany you on your siege endeavor."
No one is the wiser.

"Hey derp, take that inhibitor!"
What the **** is an inhibitor?
"By your lead, comrade, you've had glory thusfar, it would undermine my respect for you to lay siege to the described objective!"
Damn I'm good.

"Hey, derp, watch for ganks!"
****, they're coming?!
"Noted, comrade, your assistance drives me to great glory, and I respect your willingness to assist me."
Run the **** into a bush like a maniac and stay there until all threatening presence is gone.

"Hey derp, do you want red?"
Cool glowy thing under you for the next few minutes, HELL YEAH!
"I would lay claim to this aura only if you yourself are comfortable with granting me this favor."
Grab red, scurry off and stare at it. Oh... and keep farming I guess.

I'll add more later.

Guide Top

Reacting to Team Rage While Baked

/Ignore *username*

Guide Top

In Closing...

Sorry for the jumbled mess of colors. It looks pretty cool from where I'm standing.

Contributions welcome, help me make this the definitive guide on the subject!


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