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Vladimir Build Guide by Get BomBARDed

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Get BomBARDed

How to play Vladimir the right way.

Get BomBARDed Last updated on January 9, 2017
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Threats to Vladimir with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Riven Riven mains are terrible people. Let them know that they should never play Riven ever again.
Darius So, this one is kind of wierd. The only thing you really need to watch out for is his pull. If he pulls you, you are dead. Luckily, your q is 600 range and his pull is 550. This is not a very large difference in range, so always use q at its max range in this matchup.
Sion Sion wont kill you unless he goes full AD. If he goes full ad, GOOD LUCK!
Gangplank Gangplank is such an easy matchup. Trade q damage when you have it empowered. Rinse and repeat to watch his health and mana run out completely. Be sure to freeze the lane really hard in this matchup to deny him his tri force as long as possible. After he gets tri force, hes still no threat to you, however he is to the rest of your team.
Dr. Mundo Mundo can kill you only if he lands q over and over and over and over again. That in mind, you cant kill mundo. Dodge his q, farm minions, freeze minions on your side of the lane. Scale to late so you can blow up the enemy carry
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Items Explained

Look at the runes first. A lot of the justification for the items stems off of the rune page.

So you start the game with just over 15% cdr. Vlad thrives off of cdr more than most. He has no mana, meaning he can cast abilities whenever he wants. champions with mana and cdr still need to be conscious of their mana. Vlad does not.

So, getting full ap items with 40 cdr allows you to do a ton of damage while rotating through your qs.

this item is core on almost all vald builds. Just get it, it lets you kite and chase and survive and do a lot of damage all in one item.

This item is all about its active. It is really good for waiting for your ultimate to pop, giving you the heal. Its also a good way to stall for your empowered q to come up. It will save your life in teamfights, never fight without it.

this one is simple, we are going full ap, so you need death cap.

Void Staff:
most people get some form of mr into the late game. If you ever want to swap it for liandry, go ahead but make sure nobody has mr items in any way at all.

This item is really good. The 10% move speed helps you to chase and run from enemies. 100 AP never hurt either.........

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How to play Vlad the right way

So many people play Vlad as a hybrid tank mage. What they don't realize is, Rito has nerfed tank Vlad over and over. He has a 43% win rate here in 6.24 and the only reason for that is because people with no balls buy visage first item and do 0 damage. Dont get visage on vlad, its overrated by about 10 light years. If you want to heal more, you should just get more ap. And guess what happens when you get more ap? you do **** tons more damage and heal just as much.

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The rune page is the core of the build

Taking the flat 10% cdr and 10% cdr @ lvl 18 is truly what makes everything come together. Cdr on vlad is literally like a deathcap passive. If you have 40% cdr, you are doing 40% more damage, and healing 40% more. If you choose to follow this build and not to this rune page, just understand that you will be missing out on up to 20% of this build's damage and healing.

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I see so many people taking either deathfire touch or thunderlord's on vlad. Both of these keystones are viable choices on vlad, however in this case, we will be taking stormraider's surge. Because we are taking tp instead of ghost, we need some way to move fast and make use of our cdr. SRS is the perfect solution for this problem. It is so easy to proc SRS on ap Vlad because his empowered Q has a 1.1 ap ratio. His charged e has a 1.0 ratio as well. Adding this miniature ghost into Vlad's kit allows you to make use of your cdr by casting abilities like a machine gun, slowing the enemy (with rylai's or W/E) speeding up from SRS.

Stormraider's is also a useful tool to use when running from ganks. If your lane opponent and enemy jungler both do not have any cc, you can almost always unload your q, e on the squishiest one and get the move speed from your keystone. No summoners needed.

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Your worst nightmare as AP Vlad is a tank who can run you down. AP vlad cannot out heal the damage output of tanks in the early game. If the tank can get to you, they will damage you a lot more than you can heal. Also, be careful of bursty champions with gap closers like Camille and Irelia. They will kill you and you will feed if you do not respect them in the early game.

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General Strategy

In laning phase, there is one thing that you should prioritize above all else. This is farming last hits. Think of your cs at 10 minutes as a test grade. 100 is perfect (not really, about 110 is perfect, but for argument sake lets say 100 is perfect). If you get below 65, you are failing miserably. If you get 80, you are average. Don't even try to poke your lane opponent, you will likely miss cs for this. Farming is the only reliable way to make yourself a consistent flow of gold. I see so many sh*t Vlad's going tank with 4 cs per minute. It disgusts me. They are the bad players that give Vlad his 43% win rate.

You should be at 10 cs per minute, 15 minutes (150 cs at 15 minutes) into the game at the latest. It really is not that difficult, because you are rushing so much cdr and Vlad isn't restricted by mana costs. If you have near perfect cs, and you make sure your lane opponent is not roaming and getting kills, then you will almost always out scale them and the rest of the enemy team.

Sustaining through a painful lane can be difficult. If you are finding yourself dangerously low, run over to krugs or gromp between minion waves and heal off them. Since they are not minions, you will receive the full heal off your empowered q. This is a useful trick that I use all the time when laning phase does not go as planned. ***ALSO*** ask your jungler not to kill gromp/krugs so that you can heal off of them. If the camp isn't there, you will have nothing to heal off of.

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I'm not ******ed

You may think I'm stupid for not taking better runes and suggesting this strange build. This is how I like to play Vlad and I want to share it with all the other Vlad players who are fed up with his 43% win rate.

This style of playing Vlad is much different than playing tank Vlad. You do more damage, and you still have a decent amount of tankyness from your passive. If you are a Vlad player looking for something new, give it a try, I promise that you will see why this build is both op and fun if you give it a chance.

I know there is a lot of awkward grammar in this guide. It is not so bad that it cannot be understood. I'm too lazy to fix it. Comment, tell me what you think, if you hate me please let me know!

This is the only way you should ever play Vlad. Don't ever play Vlad any other way. If you feel tempted to play Vlad another way, just don't play him because chances are you are one of the players that lose all the time and make his win rate so low (43%).