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Ryze Build Guide by jpbat

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jpbat

How to Ryze Your Elo

jpbat Last updated on June 11, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Ryze with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Heimerdinger He has no chance of killing you if you just keep harassing and use your minions to defend from his W.
Nasus Abuse him, dont let him farm. GGEZ
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Hello! :3

Hi! I'm a scrub Silver III that is abusing Ryze to climb the SoloQ and its working!

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[BUILD] Starting Items

Usually i want to start with a mana crystal since it allows me to finish my tear faster, and also with two cookies for sustain in lane.

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[BUILD] Core Items

This are the three items you want to finish as soon as possible. If your tear is not fully DON'T finish the seraphs embrace because the item without the evolution is not gold efficient.

I like to get the distortion enchantment, since it allows me to use teleport more frequently and also more flash engages. Whenever you're thinking in using TP just try to get that enchantment before, it helps a ton!

Also make sure to have ABSOLUTE vision on the top lane so that you can bully your enemy without having the fear of getting in a 2v1 situation (we don't want to embarrass them with a double kill do we?).

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[BUILD] Vs Heavy AP

I would advise to get a Abyssal Scepter, since you can get some MR while reducing your enemy MR, and even get more AP.

This works especially good in Ryze since the Abyssal aura is 700 range and Ryze's W and E are 600 range.

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[BUILD] Vs no AP Threats

Since Ryze doesn't get that much scalling from mana and his AP ratios are a little higher, you can just get a Deathcap and blow up every one.

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[BUILD] Last Item

Honestly i think GA is the best choice, since the enemy will see a Ryze with almost 3k HP that is practically impossible to kill, since he can just spellvamp away the enemy carrys.

However if you think there is no absolute way they can kill you even if they blow everything on you just get the Luden's Echo. It enhances you ability to blow the enemy away.

I also believe that Zhonyas is an AWFUL item, since you want to be spamming skills. If you are thinking in getting it because you are being caught alone, try to rethink your positioning and also, maybe that Guardian Angel is not a bad idea after all...

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[Gameplay] Early lane

As soon as you reach the lane try to farm the melee minions with autos. Whenever you can make sure to use your E to harass the enemy, preferably when he is in the middle of his minions (bounce OP).

As soon as you reach lvl 2 try to find an opportunity to root him in the middle of the minions and harass with E.

Between lvl 3 and lvl 5 try to do the same, keep those juicy 4 stacks on the passive so that you can bully him every time he gets too close, but be aware of your mana and the size of the enemy minion wave, since in early levels the minions deal tons of damage.

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[Gameplay] I Gots My Ult!!!

Ok so by here you should have at least your tear, tier one boots and maybe a blasting wand as well as a couple of kills.

From here and on you want to keep your stacks at 4 for as long as possible, they last for 12 seconds, and if you see that the enemy has his major skills on cooldown or is like half HP because of your harass you can just all-in him.

Start by turning your passive on by using your ultimate, after that root him in place, walk closer to him and spam your other skills. As soon as that root ends, you should have the root again, so you can just repeat until the enemy is dead. Remember to KEEP WALKING towards the place your enemy would run while he is rooted, so that even if he flashes you can just root him in place again.

While you do this try to keep an eye on his CC if any (Cho'Gath Q for instance) and try to dodge it, as well as a possible gank during your all-in, and please always watch out your mana bar.

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[Gameplay] TP Usage

The first thing to know about teleport is: DON'T USE IT UNLESS YOU MUST. After getting a kill on top / forcing your opponent to go back to base, always push the lane so you can go back as well and WALK to top. This makes him loose XP and Gold, or using TP which gives you an awesome advantage for TP ganks.

I know it sucks to keep spamming things in chat but do it from the begging of the game, ask your bot lane for a ward on the bush that is further away from them, keep spamming it until they have it there.

Keep telling your team when you have your TP up and also when the enemy doesn't, since it means you can turn a 4v4 into a 5v4 and win that teamfight for your team.

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[Gameplay] Teamfights

First of all try to keep the passive stacks between 3 and 4, since without your passive you are just going to die fast.

Ask your team to upgrade their trinkets and always try to have the area were you want / think will happen a teamfight warded, so you can TP behind their front line and blow up their carries.

Try to focus the main targets, specially the ones that have high mobility (LeBlanc I have my eyes on you). The chain from multiple roots should be enough to blow them up.

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This is it boyz. Hope i could help you get up on the SoloQ ladder!

Any doubt on this build or discussion you can just find me on twitter: @jpbatf