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Garen Build Guide by JRubes

How to use the Little Soldier's Room

How to use the Little Soldier's Room

Updated on August 15, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author JRubes Build Guide By JRubes 6,413 Views 3 Comments
6,413 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author JRubes Garen Build Guide By JRubes Updated on August 15, 2011
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  • LoL Champion: Garen
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Hello and Welcome to my first Garen Guide. As you may have noticed this guide has started off with low ratings. However since then i have COMPLETELY CHANGED the guide. There are now FOUR different Garen builds for specific situations. Please comment and vote (Dont vote and leave :)). I have put many many hours into playing as Garen. He is currently my favorite and main champion, I certainly know what I am talking about when it comes to playing as Garen. Before Voting negatively, please think of the following: 1. Have you TRIED these builds? 2. Are you voting it down just because you don't like one build? 3. Are you going to leave construction feed back or leave a comment as to why you voted down?
THANK YOU ALL for at the very least taking the time to look at my guide.
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Build Options

Build One:

This build is a very solid neutral build. It covers all areas of defense while maintaining some damage especially early game. The aim of this build is to allow Garen solid early game sustainability and the ability to harass without receiving much pain in return.

Build Two:

This build is extremely focused on Heavy AP teams. AIN'T NO KARTHUS ULTI GONNA MAKE YOU CRY! Instead you are going to laugh when you see a tiny red sliver slide off your health instead of half of your health. As far as spell casters are concerned you will not go down. Stuns be damned cleanse is amazing and using it will make it so you can get close enough to whack at them with your Frozen Mallet long enough for you team to catch them.

Build Three:

Going against and Yi, Tryndamere, Twitch, Ashe, etc? Well itsnow time to trolololol. This build is focused around your Thornmail. It gives you enough health so you can really abuse the passive on it yet a solid amount MR for the lone AP. This is how your Thornmail comes to play: Say some sort of AD carry starts whacking at you, before they realize it they have drain half of their health and decide to run, however your Randuin's should be slowing them at this point allowing you to catch up and whack them with the Frozen mallet for long enough to allow your team to catch up and throw down the hurt.

Build Four:

Time for a change of pace everyone! This build is focused on an AD Garen. Building 3 Doran's Blades is underrated. Why? Because building 3 of them gives you: 300 HP,9% Life Steal, and 30 Damage for a very low price. Try it before you trash it! Dont sell these off so you can pay for your next item. Only sell them off when you need more inventory space. This makes sure you get the most for your money. The rest of the build incorporates Crit chance because each tic on your Judgment has a chance to score a crit.
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Team Work

Remember you will be extremely hard to kill and the last one targeted. You need to initiate every team fight. Have them waste their abilities on you. and stay there. For the betterment of the team is your moto, in other words intercept Ashe's arrow to save your team mates. Literally take one for the team, you not only can take more damage but you will regenerate your health far faster than them.
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Farming is also very important for these Garen build. Spam your Q to last hit minions and use your E for multiple low health creeps or just to drain their health.
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If you are reading this I believe it is safe to assume you read my entire guide. Thank you so so much for doing so. I strongly appreciate the time you put in to reading it. Please leave a comment and vote. Also I would LOVE constructive feed back, anything I can do to make this guide even better would be awesome. I will leave a list of those who have left constructive feedback that led to an alteration of this guide below.
Sincerely Jrubes!

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JRubes
JRubes Garen Guide
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How to use the Little Soldier's Room

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