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Ezreal Build Guide by Vaeys

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vaeys

Hybrid/AP Ezreal

Vaeys Last updated on December 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Chapter 1

Introduction :

Tree days ago, Ezreal was a free char, so i tested him, i didn't know how to play him, but after 2-3 games with him, i tried this hybrid or ap (as you want to call it). I based this build with a start AD to finish AP, indeed i tried to play only AP but always the 15-20 first minutes i was huging my turret. So it's easier to start with ad caracteristics, that's why this build seem an interresting way to play Ezreal

Runes :

I've chosen Ap runes, cause of ezreal spells, his W , E and R do magic domages,so to me it was the best chose, between red and quintessence runes for MP, yellow and blue ones to CDR to spam spells.

Masteries :

My masteries are all casted in offensive way to play, between AD and AP masteries, Cause Ezreal's Q does physical domages, and other spells do magical domages.

Items :

So I've chosen a build wich can finish in AP mod, so I begin with doran's blade, cause Ezreal has a really weak life ( 430 hp without anything ), and it's usefull to farm at the begin.
Then I take boots of speed and Meki pendant, boots allow an easier way to run if you were ganked or in bad situation and meki to regen a few mana, cause Ezreal is spell spam-er.
After that, when you get 1825 G, u can back and get Blidgewater Cutlass, it make you steal more life with basic attack and Q spell, and it give you a bonus of domage.
After that, I always finish it to Gunblade, it depend of the sitation, gunblade or boots before, but gunblade increase a lot your ulti domages.
After that, i always do tear of the goddess, cause i always have mana problem, and often it make me sick when i can do my ulti and the ennemy is backing at his turret.
Then, that build need a lot of Gold, so i just finish the rylai's crystal scepter, cause Ezreal need some life to survive in late game, rylai offer a god way to gain life, ability power, and a passive that help to escape or to slow the ennemy and so to spam spells.
Every spell as also a CD, so to make so domages between spell sequences i go on a sheen to finish to Lich bane and archangel's staff.
After that, the game is finished but if it isn't the case, i make rabadon's deathcap to increase domages of all spells and of Lich bane passive.

Skill sequences :

E > W > Q > basic attack > R > Q

That's all, it match with my way to play Ezrea, so i hope that will help you.

PS : I'm really bad with English language, so if some sentence doesn't respect english syntax please tell me :).