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League of Legends Build Guide Author IronVirus

Hybrid Curb Stomp

IronVirus Last updated on August 7, 2010
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This is a hybrid build for Kog'Maw, to get a good punch in with Living Artillery, and still hold your own in a slap fight, and maintaining a pretty fair max health.

Use Clarity throughout the match, to keep a good amount of mana to harass with your ultimate constantly. Ignite is good for some kills early on really, I personally use it, but Ignite can be changed.

Early on I tend to start with Doran Blade for the nice boost in health, and Life Steal to stay alive earlier on, enough to quickly get your ultimate, and possible get a good kill off harassing with Void Ooze. Void Ooze is pretty hard to dodge, if used well, and it has some nice damage and slows. Use this to your advantage early on to get a kill or 2, and if you get some tower huggers, you can harass with your ult at 6.

Try not to go back to base until level 6, when you get back get Sorcerers Shoes, to make sure that your ultimate can get a kill from the guys running away with no health.

After getting your boots, go straight for Rod of Ages as fast as possible, it will give a decent AP boost, and it will scale nicely, but try not to get it to late, or it will be ****.

With Rod of Ages, you should be able to hold your own pretty well in fights for a while, and quickly get to 11 to upgrade your ult, and get a nice boost in damage. Save up for Last Whisper, as you already have ok AP, and health, so now to get some good attack. Because of Kog'Maw's skills he already has great Armor Penetration, so stacked with Last Whisper, people will have a hard time taking you on, while getting their ***es handed to them by your team as well from the big armor pent, but if your team can't get the kill, your ultimate can.

By the time you have Last Whisper, you will be pretty much set for the rest of the match, but why not get better? Go for Rylai's Crystal Scepter for the awesome health boost, and the ability power. And having that your spells that didn't already slow, will now slow. So if people were still just bearly getting away from you, NOT ANYMORE. around this point you will probably have a nice 3000 health, and rougly 100-150 ability power.

Next up is Nashors Tooth. This is actually pretty cheap to buy, so while you are laning, take some time every once in a while and drop some artillery on the neutral creeps to get some easy gold. Creeps like the Wraiths, will die from a artillery, and Void Ooze, instantly by now. And once you get the Tooth, your attack speed will be realllllly fast, and your enemies that can take a good couple hits from your Ult, won't stand a chance from your normal attacks, because of your high range from Bio-Arcane, your Fast Attack Speed, and your armor pent.

Most matches won't have gotten this far, but if it does, pick up the Zhonyas Ring, it will boost your AP like crazy, and the stasis will insure you won't die, if you were before with that 3000 health.

Icathian Surprise
When you die, you turn into a time bomb, with a lot of speed, if you are aware you cannot win a fight you are in, make sure you don't run, and keep close to your enemy, so you can still manage a good kill when you blow up, and try to drop some artillery before you turn into a bomb to keep sight on them if they are near grass.
If you die, and your enemy dies, and you are left alone as a bomb, try to run into your enemies creeps, and pick up a good 200g or so.