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League of Legends Build Guide Author rave#11411

Hybrid Ez? what is this i don't even--

rave#11411 Last updated on October 22, 2010
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Hey, my second guide to mobafire and decided to do it on my favorite champion Ezreal!

SO, why hybrid? I know, hybrid sounds like a "wait, that's stupid, go pure AD or pure AP!!" but I find it much harder to go pure AP these days as you no longer have a heal (reason why you would go AP really), and your cd's are a tad long to go pure AP as dps (essence flux has like 10 seconds or so, even with mystic its a pretty long CD).

Hybrid gives you that wtf massive aoe damage in team fights with your ulti (BEGIN FIGHTS WITH IT TO GET FULL PASSIVE STACKS FOR MADREDS) and essence flux, but instead of doing decent mystic shots until essence flux is back up, you have a good amount of AD + madreds (massive attack speed with just rageblade + passive) to really tear up people in team fights, using arcane shift to back up when being focused or to score the last hit on a runner). And the best part? you do massive damage in 1v1 situations as well because of your initial burst with lichbane mystic shot + essence flux (bringing them to ~50-60%) and then having great atkspeed with your passive + rage being pretty charged up already tearing people away with your good AD + madreds auto attacks :P.

Hybrid ez is imo the best of both worlds, being able to do aoe nukes in team fights, and wtf rape face damage auto attacks while waiting on cd's. Pure AP WAS used because you would do great damage + heals and so you could afford to sit back and wait on cd's, and pure AD is only good in 1v1 fights, with you having laughable team fight damage, but hybrid gives you great 1v1 + team fight damage.

Alright, farm well in mid, last hitting with mystic shot etc. and ranking up your mystic shot first, as it really shines early game without sheen or AD, and mid game sheen brings it up enough for it to still be good. Get rageblade next, followed by gunnblade and then lichbane, which finally brings up your mystic shot again for late game rape damage. I find the best item choice next would be madreds, as it is alot better than a BF sword item because you already have great attack speed with passive + rageblade, why not abuse it with madreds? by this point you should have about 2 bf sword's worth of AD from your items, (60 i think from gunblade, 35 from rage and 30 from madreds = 125 AD, or 2 bloodthirsters not stacked). Your auto attacks will be hurting. ALOT, and with the bit of lifestealing from gunblade, your that much better in 1v1's especially. Your AP will be high as well, having 80 from lichbane, 45 from rageblade and 75 from gunblade, and then getting a zhonya's last brings you to a great amount of AP, plus your runes = about 350 AP or so, but keep in mind that you get rageblade stacks fast, as your mystic shot gives you two stacks per shot, and so a fully stacked rage blade brings you to about 370 AP or so, if you add on zhonya's passive.)

What this means is in 1v1's, massive arcane shift damage to initiate for about 500, (280 + 277 or so), essence flux for the debuff and another 500~ damage, and then mystic shot for a beast amount of damage (keep in mind this turns into a perfect hybrid skill, dealing your AP AND your AD damage LOL), so thats like 115 + AD which is 210~, then your AP which is 370~, doing up to 700 damage!!, f**king ridiculous lmao. and of course with your massive attack speed from rage blade + passive, your dealing 210 AD worth of auto attacks + madreds in those lightning fast hits xD.

General strategy:

early game pick up the mana crystal + 2 health pots, focus on minion kills as you wont be doing scary damage yet until mid game and ESPECIALLY late game. When the opportunity presents itself, arcane shift (make sure you teleport closer to the enemy champion so it hits them) if you KNOW they will die, other wise save your teleport to escape, essence flux and then mystic shot. Harass whenever they aren't hiding behind minions, or even if they are you can still scare em a bit and weaken a minion with your mystic shot. Don't max the mystic shot, but keep it relatively high leveled, as the faster you rank up essence flux + the AP you will be getting, the scarier the damage (hits for a surprising amount of damage on just base damage alone before late game, and late game with your AP this is a great aoe nuke). don't be afraid to shoot an essence flux after getting 2+ ranks in it as it starts to do great damage the more you level it (50+ damage a rank), but don't spam as it is mana expensive (kind of, not too bad but still don't spam it). You want to get about 3 ranks in mystic, 1 in arcane shift and 1 in essence flux, then your ulti. After your ulti max out essence flux, then mystic + arcane shift (mystic first as the lower CD on arcane shift is the only real benefit to leveling it.) I say mystic over shift because you want to be using it to escape rather than engage unless you ensure yourself a kill early-mid game, and it still does great damage with just your AP + 1 or 2 ranks because of the high AP ratio it has.

Mid game you should have your boots, (i love swiftness but get merc. treads if they have 2 CC or more) sheen and rageblade, and working on the gunblade (get the AP items first when building your hybrid items) make sure not to fall behind on farming, as these items are pretty expensive and kills alone won't buy them, but the good thing is that the items needed to build these items are good alone, as in the revolver giving you a good amount of AP as you build the gunblade.

Mid-late game, you will be devastating enemies, and the combo in a 1v1 is arcane shift, essence flux, mystic shot, GUNBLADE (300 damage + slow ftw) and auto attacks, use ulti if needed, but these fights will be ridiculously easy for you.

After gunblade, get the lichbane and then madreds, and if the game is not over zhonya's as well. team fights = staying in a safe spot spamming essence + mystic shot but also spamming your auto hits, and try to do your ulti at the START of a fight as you will get all the assists even if you don't kill, and it makes it so easy for your team instead of saving it to ks or picking off runners. When people focus you, arcane shift or flash if you brought it away from the person, and if they DO chase just gunblade them and auto attack the **** out of them using your massive damaging spells as well lol.

SSpells: Ghost is really good, should always be used to escape fights etc. imo. For a second spell I just use flash because you really can't die with it, people may think it's overkill but feel free to replace it with cleanse or ignite.

Because our masteries are AP orientated, I choose to get ArPen marks and quints for the early (hell its good all game) extra damage, and the masteries + MP/5 per level seals gives us so much mana regen we don't need any items for it. And AP per level glyphs for the extra AP :P, feel free to get flat HP quints for early game, but if you play safe mid your fine, just harass when possible and last hit like mad.

Pros: -Great 1v1 damage because of great attack speed + AD and madred's, plus being able to do that great burst AP can do with essence, ulti and mystic shot stacking with AP and AD.
-Mystic shot stacks with AD + AP, being a massive nuke because of your AD + lichbane
-Essence flux provides great aoe nuke damage in team fights where as with just AD it does laughable damage and just wastes mana, and imo isn't worth going pure AP as it no longer heals.
-Arcane shift does the great damage because of your AP
-Ultimate able to bring entire team at 50-60% health and gives you full stacks of passive so that your auto attacks hit stupid fast with madreds and rageblade.

Cons: Can't think of much, but I guess your auto attacks hit for a bit less than pure AD? not really a con imo when your skills do so much more damage than going AD...
Your essence flux doesn't actually hit that much harder when you go pure AP than using this build, trust me i tried both. You end up with about the same AP as you end up getting zhonya's + lichbane going pure AP, and rageblade gives you up to 90~ AP with it stacked, and gunblade gives you another 75 AP, so even if your pure AP getting a rylai's or void staff, it would basically end up having the same amount of AP, maybe a bit more i guess but w.e.

TL;DR: Hybrid does massive aoe team fight damage, like AP does, but instead of being useless waiting on cd's, your auto attacks hit like a truck with madreds + 210 AD~, and your attack speed is skyhigh with rageblade + passive. Your mystic shot not only scales with AD, or just AP, but with BOTH. doing 100% of your AD, + 100% of your AP because of lichbane, hitting for 700~, harder than pure AD or pure AP, rofl.

Hope you try it and have fun, leave comments and vote please!!