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Ezreal Build Guide by Laayf

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Laayf

Hybrid Ezreal Favouring AD

Laayf Last updated on January 3, 2012
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Hey readers, this is my second time making this build only last time I made it as a guest so if you've seen a build done by a Guest with the same tittle that was me I AM NOT COPYING IT.

This is a Hybrid build that is primarily AD i use this because i feel that Ezreal's main source of dps is his Q and his ultimate (as well as essence flux)they both scale well of ad however scale of AP as well, so that's why I build this way. Ezreal is a very mobile champion with the ability to escape ganks and chase with ease.

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I am working towards finalized mastery pages

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Low Cool downs
Easy escape
Easy Harass
Easy Last hitting
Low mana early on (countered by my sapphire crystal)
May lack in damage without farm or a few kills early on
Takes some practice to make ulti effective

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Skill Sequence

I use that skill sequence to ensure I have a nice balance between Mystic Shot and Essence Flux while getting arcane shift on level 4 so if the enemy jungler decides to gank me i can escape.

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Early Game: Laning

In the lane as Ezreal you must stay back and take as little damage as possible while last hitting minions with either Mystic Shot or your normal attack. When you can you should always harass enemy champions with mystic shot or essence flux through the minions(in my experience most people end up hiding behind their minions after you've shot them a couple of times with your Q so it is easy to then surprise them with essence flux when you get it). Try to support your allies with Trueshot barrage.

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Mid Game

You should probably be building or just finished guinsoo's rageblade by the end of laning phase. Keep your tower alive and keep last hitting minions whenever possible while you are ganking.At this time you may consider warding baron so you can try to steal it with your ulti if the enemy tries to kill it. Try to support your allies with Trueshot barrage.

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Late Game

You almost have all your items and it is a race to who can get an ace to win first. Remember to Buff your allies and Debuff your enemies with your W in team fights and Initiate with R. warding Baron is crucial for victory at this point.

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Skill Uses

: These are you main sources of damage and are what you use to harass in the laning phase. Also use your Q to get your ulti back when it's on CD.
The many uses of : Have arcane shift up when you suspect the enemy jungler is ready to gank since AS is Ezreal's only way to escape a gank. Use AS to set up your other skill shots as it says in his tips. You can use this to cut off escaping enemies by using it to get over walls and, on the flip side use it to get away by flashing over walls.
:I use Ez's ulti to kill low health champions that escape,initiate team fights or force enemies to retreat in a different lane so my allies can take down the tower REMEMBER: try to duck into the fog of war when using his ulti so your opponents have a smaller chance of detecting that it's coming.

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Item Build

To start take a sapphire crystal a health potion and a mana potion or boots and 3 hp potions if you mid. Farm hard and first trip back u should be able to buy a sheen and boots if u didn't buy them as the first item. From there you should upgrade your boots into berserker's greaves, mercury treads or ninja tabi depending on the other team. After that you buy a brutalizer and a blasting wand for a nice AD AP balance. Upgrade your blasting wand into a guinsoo's rageblade .Buy a hextech gunblade then Rylai's Crystal scepter. Now just upgrade your sheen into a trinity force and swap your brutalizer with Last whisper and your done.

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Summoner Spells

Most of the time i useand but i believe that if you are more comfortable with and they are also viable.
Other summoner spells that work are:

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I take armor penetration marks to help mystic shot's damage early game to make last hitting and harassing easier as this will make me more powerful late game. Flat AD seals for the same reason, laning is very important.Magic penetration glyphs and Quintessences because all of Ezreal's other abilities do magic damage.

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Try to lane with......

There are many champions that work well with Ezreal some are:
: He can use his fling to move your enemy so minions or tanks aren't in your way

: He is one of my favorites to work with because not only can he tank damage for you resulting in you staying alive he can use pulverize so you can hit them with your skill shots with 100% accuracy. Now you might be saying what about all the champions that have a snare like swain or Morgana well they can't headbutt people out of the way of obstacles like Singed can fling people.

:Can tank and catch up to people and immobilize enemies with powerball making sure your skill shots hit home.

And of course any champion that has a good stun or snare like, and also work good but the three above should be first choice because they can also tank for you Taric can too but his stun is only really good when they are far away and isn't ideal.

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Team Fights

Pretty much in team fights you should initiate with your ulti at the right time to hit as many enemies as possible then let your tank and melee players run in first then start pounding the other team with arrows while you're at the back safely then chase (after you have won) with arcane shift and you are almost guaranteed an ace. If you don't win run away with arcane shift.

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Hope you liked my build, if you have any questions, feedback or suggestions leave them below. Now go onto the fields of justice and show everyone a true display of skill!

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Thursday 20th of October 2011-
changed rod of ages to Rylai's crystal scepter

Wednesday 9th of November 2011-
changed some wording and grammar mistakes.

Wednesday 16th of November 2011-
Fixed mastery trees

Friday 18th of November 2011-
Got rid of an old mastery reference in the summoner spells section.

Tuesday 22nd of November 2011-
Improved summoner spells and skill sequence

Saturday 3rd of December 2011-
Added more uses to ez's ulti in the "skill uses section"

Wednesday 4th of January 2012-
swapped youmuu's with last whisper