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Ezreal Build Guide by HoshaZilo

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HoshaZilo

Hybrid Ezreal, the ultimate survivor

HoshaZilo Last updated on April 11, 2012
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This is a build for those who are tired of the fight in between AD and AP Ez, it is fun, it is challenging, but it also isn't a build where you have to go out of your way to last hit minions.

This guide is mostly untested, and hypothetical, I've played a lot of Ez, and I've always been a AD guy myself, I borrowed the idea of using Wit's end and the Maw, from this guide. Ezreal - The Tanky Sniper Thanks a lot Kaennish

Although this says that there is only 70% attack speed added, that is false, because just with your passive (Rising Spell Force) and the Rageblade alone, you will have (Ability on hit adds 10% stacks up to 5, lasts 6 seconds per hit with a maximum out put of 50%)+(Use of attack or ability adds 4% stacks up to 8, last 4 seconds per use, with a maximum out put of 32%) which is a potential 82% attack speed bonus, on top of the 70%, which is 152% attack speed, about the same as 3 phantom dancers, pretty damn good.

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Why Hybrid?

AP is good because you can wreck champions with, but it's hard to build because it's so expensive and difficult to farm with, AD is good but considered the "easy way out" and isn't quite as good at cutting through champs.

With both AP and AD you'll be able to farm excellently and destroy the other team in team fights.

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Ezreal's mad skills

The only things that need to be discussed are his passiveRising Spell Force, and his W: Essence Flux,

His Essence Flux is amazing for team battles, it passes through every target, and does not waste its effect on minions, instead it Aids your allies Attack speed, and Debuffs your enemies, as well as damaging them. (although this reduces with each hit by 8%, including the buff hits)

Rising Spell Force, with each ability hit it increases your attack speed, use this in combination with Essence Flux and TroubleShot Barrage in order to get your stack up to 5 before a team battle, also, buffing your allies with Essence Flux counts towards your stacks, so take advantage of this while taking on a turret.

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I'm not going to lie, this build is expensive. 17.5~ K

The only 3 items with AP and AD are selected, this is what makes the build a Hybrid, the other 3 finishing items are to maximize your survivability. If you think you need more power at the end of game, drop the swifties and grab a phantom Dancer or a Blood thrister

Use the Hextech Gunblade or Bilgewater Cutlass if the enemy is below 3/4th of their health, if you are that far in the build already, your damage output will be enough to finish them off while they're slowly running away. And of course if they still get away you have yourTroubleShot Barrage.

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Summoner Spells

: One of the most useful spells, use it in combination with Arcane Shift in order to quickly escape your enemies, although many other champs suggest that you use this spell aggressively and defensively I suggest you do not, unless if your ult is out and there is no other way to get the kill except for a double flash. (flash then arcane shift)
Teleport is one of the most versatile champion spells on the game, it is your clarity, it is your heal, it is your ghost, it is your revive. If you feel as if you're about to get ganked, you could even use it as a quicker recall than B

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April 9th 2012:

    Adjusted item buy order to optimize performance
    Added more content, Expanded introduction and added Summoner Spells Chapter
    Added icons next to most skills