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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Janna Build Guide by ParadigmShuffle

Hybrid Janna: Ride the Lightning

Hybrid Janna: Ride the Lightning

Updated on February 12, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ParadigmShuffle Build Guide By ParadigmShuffle 1 5 10,046 Views 4 Comments
1 5 10,046 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ParadigmShuffle Janna Build Guide By ParadigmShuffle Updated on February 12, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


Disclaimer (If you read anything other than the build order let it be this)

This build is a work in progress. It will look much better once I figure out how to make it so. This is not a troll build but this is not exactly rank tested. Works well enough in normals though. Will need more testing (and tweaking) from myself and better players like you to see if it's viable in anything competitive. I have made this guide because I couldn't find an autoattack build for Janna that I liked on here so I thought I would share my own.

EDIT#1: Haha yes items on initial release were ridiculous. Zekes herald was unnecessary and the build didnt have enough ad. Switched Zekes to Infinity and Ionic to Guinsoos. This makes the build somewhat of an AD/Hybrid. Will be experimenting with wits end manamune and other such items over the next week to see what seems to work best. More input please. I'm also gonna fraps a game and throw it up on youtube soon once the final build order gets worked out.
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Before we begin let me first congratulate you. You have chosen to play Janna the Goddess **** of Assists and have thus chosen wisely. Janna is a support caster who excels at crowd control, damage prevention, healing, and battle disruption. Traditionally, she is played as a full support with philo stones and aura items and occasionally a smattering of ap and traditionally this is an excellent way to play her. But you didn't click this guide to be traditional. You did it because getting a score of 13/4/17 as someone who traditionally does 0 damage is the lulziest thing sinced sliced bread. Enemies will gnash their teeth and wail in the streets as you lay waste to all those who stand against the mighty mistress of maelstroms. YOU ARE DPS JANNA THE STORM BRINGER.

For those new to this fantastic hero I present here an introduction to this beast of an air elemental.
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Why Hybrid Janna?

Why not Support Janna? Support Janna is hands down the best way to play this lovely lady but if you are looking for a unique alternative I humbly suggest that attack speed Janna is very viable and a complete blast to play.

Why not AP Janna? I've seen AP Jannas do pretty well. They have two strong nukes, and a shield to trade well in autoattack exchanges. But after you fire off your two nukes... you're not doing much else except just floating around and waiting to use your ultimate if it's up. It's tough to get kills as AP janna and even harder to solo enemy champs.
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Pros / Cons

    Great Late Game Damage
    Hilarious to Wreck Face as Janna
    Can still function as a Support
    Great Survivability
    Can go bot or mid
    Speed over 9000
    You Can RP as Halle Berry in X-Men..... I mean.... if you're into that sort of thing.

    Far more gold dependent than support Janna
    Has a weak midgame
    Occasionally has early sustain problems if outranged (eg cait lux ziggs xerath)
    Needs early kills to really dominate
    Very Squishy and Reliant on abilities and speed for escape.
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Runes, Skill Sequence, Masteries, and Summoner Spells

Pick whatever runes you want but keep a mind for mana regen and penetration. I'm also a big fan of crit for early game harass and DPS in general.

Max Eye of the Storm first and your ult whenever you can. Max Howling gale second if you want to be able to farm minion waves like a boss. I personally choose to max Zephyr second because the slow increases with more points as does the passive bonus speed boost to you whereas the knockup from the tornado stays the same at all ranks. You're using these two spells like a support janna would for their cc not their damage perse.

I choose the offense tree just for more straight dps but you may choose differently based on taste.

You can choose flash over ghost if you like and ignite/surge over teleport. I think exhaust is a bit redundant on a toon with so much inherent cc.
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Howling Gale: I can't sing the praises of this skill enough. Fully ranked it clears minion waves like a boss. It can be rapid fired off to knock up a fleeing enemy or one that is pursuing you. Its knockup has large aoe so it can be extremely disruptive in teamfights as well. Try firing it from the bushes for some great laning harass and get good with firing it off as soon as you start channeling it to make it easier to hit (at the cost of damage). Keeps enemies on their toes (and in the air) and lets you escape otherwise fatal chases.

Zephyr: A surprisingly strong nuke on AP Janna, we'll use Zephyr instead more for it's passive move speed buff and its slow. Both increase with ranks put into it and the slow is very impressive at max rank. This spell makes Janna one of the stickiest AD ranged carries around short of Ashe. Also gives you passive speed! Like howling gale can be used against fleeing and pursuing enemies to good effect. 50% move speed reduction for 4 seconds with an 8 second cd (before cdr). Seriously borderline broken on a dps carry.

Eye of the Storm: This is what makes AS Janna work. This is her raison d'etre. This wonderful spell gives its recipient a damage absorbing shield but it does one more tiny little thing. Fully ranked it gives as much attack damage as a BF Sword. Janna has a built in BF Sword. That's why we go with attack speed to maximize its potential. By this same logic crit Janna would also be viable but crit janna is a bit more dependent on attack damage (where as Attack speed Janna gets around this need with on hit effects like ionic spark, wits end, and guinsoos to supplement initial base damage) Keep this spell up on yourself as often as possible during combat. Use it on your allies to save their lives (ie an ignited ally or someone about to take that last unlucky turret shot).

Monsoon: I use this spell in four general situations.
1.) The least effective but sadly sometimes necessary way to use it is when being ganked. It's a bit of a waste but it's ALWAYS better to blow a cooldown than to die.
2.) The next is during a teamfight. Wait until one of your allies is at about 1/3 health and then run to them and ult. It gets pursuers off their back, heals your ally, and possibly diverts some dps to you. This can change a teamfight.
3.) A bit less effective but still helpful is AFTER a teamfight that your team has won. Maybe your cd was up. Maybe you couldnt get there in time. Whatever. Your team can either port and heal or be healed by you and maybe push to an inhibitor. Even AD janna can get a team out of the danger zone if they know enough to come to you.
4.) The last is when someone tower dives or overextends in a teamfight and you use it to knock them back. Tower diving Janna is usually suicidal early game because she can knock up, slow, shield herself and then knock back anyone trying run away from the turret blasts. In teamfights if someone overextends run past them with your godlike speed and then ult them to not only knock the poor fool straight into your entire teams loving arms but his allies way the hell back; helpless but to look on in horror at the unspeakable things your team has done to their overzealous Teemo.
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Starters: Doran's Blade is the way I like to start but if you think you're going to get the living bejesus harassed out of you then you might start with the cowardly philo stone instead. But if you've made it this far in the guide then you're made of tougher stuff than a yellow bellied philo stone. YOU ARE A PREDATOR!'

Boots: Berserker's Greaves gives you a solid early damage boost which this lady needs but boots of swiftness plus Zephyr plus Phantom Dancer will make you the fastest thing on the battlefield short of Master Yi on a coke binge.

Nashor's Tooth: This gives you everything you need to function more or less as a support early game while working towards your ultimate goal of dps. MP5 lets you bypass philo stone, ability power helps your shield and nukes, and cdr makes your eye of the storm be up almost all of the time with a bit of cdr runes. Fantastic item.

Infinity Edge: This is the major source of your damage.

Phantom Dancer: The big boost in attack speed and crit both synergize with eye of the storm well. When you get this you will notice a big jump in dps and will have the speed to start running people down. You can unleash hell on the squishies once you get this bad boy.

Madred's Bloodrazor: This is the nail in the coffin. With the % damage on this item and your now insane attack speed you'll be able to burn down even the chunkiest of opponents. This item right here is what makes AS Janna so great. Abusing this item with attack speed makes almost any AS champion a threat to everyone on the battlefield.

Guinsoo's Rageblade: This item is incredibly efficient and helps make you more of a hybrid.
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Strategery and Whatnot

Mindset: You are attack speed Janna but you are still Janna. You are still a support and will be playing 80% of the game in much the same way that support janna is played. The only difference is that instead of giving auras for your allies you contribute sustained dps instead. You will still be disrupting teamfights and saving allies with your tornado. You will still be shielding allies being focused and slowing enemies as they pursue your near dead comrades. You will still be healing your allies and knocking away enemies off your carries. You will still be playing a support character like a support. You're just a support that can produce an *** load of dps late game.

Early game you should be autoattack harrassing as much as possible. You can trade well with most ap mids as you have better sustained dps with autoattack and an inherent sheild. Play aggressively but smart. People will likely underestimate you which can make bot team fights deadly for your enemies as that gangplank decides to initiate only to find TWO dps characters, one of which has a knockup, slow, and shield for whomever is getting focused.

As soon as you get your nashors tooth mana problems will be alleviated and you'll get enough of all the right stats to allow you to perform as a normal support janna with lets say a philo stone and a soul shroud would at that point.

After Infinity Edge and Phantom dancer is when the tide starts tipping in your favor. You're still focused on support but when you're not using your spells you should start focusing down the other teams squishies as well.

Madreds bloodrazor makes you dangerous. This is now lategame and you can straight up shred through people now. Black Cleaver may be a viable alternative if their entire team is decked in armor or really squishy but with the meta how it is you can usually expect at least two warmogs on the enemy team. Madreds helps you put their fat ***es in the ground.

Guinsoos makes everything you do betterer. Hextech gunblade is another possible alternative.
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Still reading? Thanks for sticking with me! Now go forth and conquer as a tornado flinging death bringing neck wringing map pinging **** goddess of windy doom. I'll be making this guide more betterer as I learn more over the next couple of days with match histories and awesome pictures and dazzling effects that will totally blow your mind with their dazzliness. Until then tell me what you think!

Please suggest improvements for build and guide. Constructive criticism always welcome especially as this is my first.
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