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League of Legends Build Guide Author Charybdus Rage

Hybrid Rumble - Making Everything Count

Charybdus Rage Last updated on May 14, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 9

Strength of Spirit
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Defense: 21

Expanded Mind
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Presence of the Master

Utility: 0

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Now most of you may be thinking "Rumble is a Beefy/Tanky Caster, I'm not seeing that here." but I made this guide because this is how I find Rumble most powerful. I tried building him like Phreak suggested when I first started playing Rumble, but I found that I never got tanky enough nor did I do enough damage. I decided to do away with Tanky altogether and try something for myself. With other people taking the Tank roll for me, I went full offense in an AS/AP hybrid, and while it was a shot in the dark, I discovered it really made Rumble shine.

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Again, what suits you, suits you. But I feel this gave me the best results with Rumble. The MP allows for high-powered early harass, the AS of course fits with the build, and the AP per Level will give you a nice late-game boost.

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What this build lacks in defensive items can be made up in the masteries. The usual 9 in offensive for a character that deals mostly Magic damage and then 21 in defense to keep you alive while you're in the fray. This part is totally optional but Defense works better than Utility here because Rumble has no Mana and much of the Utility spec is Mana Regen.

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Ok so this is where a lot of people may say I'm crazy, but there's a good reason behind the item selection here.

You start with your Amp Tome and Health Pot when you first begin laning. Combined with the MP you already have, your Harpoon and Flamespitter will act as not only powerful but spammable early-game harass. Feel free to throw yourself into the danger zone and keep yourself there, it will only make your harass stronger.

The first time I return home I can usually pick up both a Hextech Revolver and level 1 Boots. The Revolver works with all of your damaging abilities, so even though it's a minor amount of healing, it will give you the staying-power to outlane most opponents. When you're low just throw up a Flamespitter and your shield and fly through a minion wave launching harpoons everywhere. To add to that, your Overheat does magic damage on your auto-attack, so pushing yourself into Overheat will make your auto-attacks heal you as well.

The next time I return I finish off the Sorcerer's Shoes and start on Nashor's Tooth. usually I'll go with Stinger first if I can't afford both it and Fiendish Codex, because around this time you're going to start pushing your lane far enough to take the tower, and the AS is going to be your Turret-Smasher. With your CDR and AS now up, push your lane like a crazy mofo. Once you get to the tower, spam every ability you can to Overheat yourself. You'll be hitting the tower for a ton of damage while Overheating, make use of this constantly.

This is why I go AS/AP. Your passive will hit for more Magic Damage the more AP you have (it scales 1:3 per hit). This means at 300 AP your Auto-attacks are doing the base Bonus Damage (around 90ish late game) plus another 100. At 1.9 AS and 300+ AP you'll be hitting for a lot and healing for a lot every time you Overheat. This will allow you to drop turrets, buffs, and champions in no time, so again, MAKE USE OF IT.

As the game goes on I'll get Malady next for even more bonus Magic Damage, plus the AP and AS, and finish off the set with a Rageblade which fits in all-too-well with Rumble's Playstyle. Late game I grab Rylai's for the survivability and finish it all off with Gunblade to make your overheat a super-healer. If you're not having a great game, it's totally worth it to get Rylai's before Malady to give yourself the survivability.

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Summoner Spells

I prefer Flash/Ignite for Rumble for obvious reasons. Spec'd ignite will give you some bonus AP when it's down, flash will give you better escapes and often more importantly better positioning in team fights. Flash can be just what you need to get close enough to hit with a Harpoon to slow and launch into a combo.

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Other Notes/Tips

  • Rumble's Ultimate is incredibly powerful. I've scored easy kills on people who think they are safe just by dropping it near them as they kite for a team fight. The slow is crippling on a fleeing or chasing foe and the cooldown is relatively low for how useful it is. Don't ignore this ability.
  • Your Flamespitter does a lot more damage than most people realize. It's usually a good strategy to use this skill to push you into overheat, because you will be in melee range plus doing an AoE DoT in front of you.
  • Don't underestimate your spell-vamp/damage-output. With Flamespitter going while Shielded and launching harpoons, you can easily recover a couple bars in a quick engagement.
  • You are a powerful DPS champion but you have the potential to support your teammates as well. Keep an eye out for an ally that's being chased down, use your shield to get to them quick and then drop your ult or throw some harpoons to slow the enemy chasing them.
  • Always spam your shield if you're traveling, this can get you back into the lane faster than if you just walked, the seconds you save may just get you ahead by a level. Furthermore, this is a godly escape skill. You not only shield yourself from further damage, you speed your movement up. It's practically designed for escaping a bad situation.