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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ewiec

Hybrid: The Ultimate Ezreal build

Ewiec Last updated on February 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Notice: IF you want to read Ezreal for an AP Build please read Everything but the Section Labled Build 2 & Build 3. If you wish to have the Hybrid version please read everything (exception to both is the final chapter). Build 2 focus's more of AD and Build 3 focus's more of AP but are both Hybrid. Most of the things have been revamped so if you dont want to, reading the list of updates below doesnt really do much but keeping them up for keep sakes. Right below is the beginning introduction.

Kog'maw Build -

Ezreal is one of the most potent ranged damage dealers in the game. A combination of quick recast spells and an ult that shoots literally all across the map with incredible amount's of damage makes Ezreal my choice for being a champion. The best choice in Ezreal is actualy his versatility against any enemy champion he goes against. There are certain champions that ruin him however there actually is always a way that Ezreal can get around for him to get in and destroy his opponent.

In this guide I will go into detail on how to play/build/be an Ezreal.

UPDATE: Thursday, January 13, 2011:
Changed out the Hextech gun blade and added Rylai's Crystal Sceptor. I've had alot of comments for the build and what to add. Everything in the guide has been changed accordingly. That should help for health for living longer. For armor however it can't fit in without giving up more damage which is the point of this build.

Marks have been changed to full magic Penetration (Greater Mark of Insight)

Update: Saturday, January 15, 2011:
Switched out Manamune for Void Staff buying Lich Bane.
The reason behind this is that the unique passive on the Archangel staff is the same as the unique passive on the Manamune. Once Achiveing Lich bane in inventory and moving all AP to AD with Mystic shot. Selling Manamune only reduces mana by 350 as an end result and increases magic penetration with void along with some extra AP for end game.

Switched Sorcerer's Shoes to Ioian boots of Lucidity after buying Void Staff.
The reason behind this is the max Magic Penetration cap's out at 40%. Getting Cooldown Reduction helps.

Changed Seals of Force to Greater Seal of Replenishment.
The reason for this is early game helps greatly with harassment and mana needs. Now you can keep them as Greater Seal of Force for the end game 44+ AP. It depends on what you want to do.

Changed out Rylai's Crystal Scepter for Zhonya's hourglass
The reason for this is end game it helps out with people targeting you.(you shouldn't need the extra armor/active until end game where everyone will want to target you first no matter who else is on your team)

Update: January 18, 2011
Switched 1 point in Utility from Insight and added to Quickness.
Reason for this is the base movement speed is helpful to not having to build the boots so quickly.

Took out the Sorcerer's Shoes and got the Ionia boots of Lucidity first.
The reason for this is after some trial and error found spamming commands is better early game then simply sitting on some magic resist. Not to mention a blue buff with this helps conquer whatever fight may appear.
Note: Somewhere after the first Tear of the Goddess it is slightly recommended to grab some more mana regen. A mana manipulator or a Philosophers Stone can truly help out with the early Mana Troubles.
Note: Runes for Seals can be both Greater Seal of Focus or Greater Seal of Replenishment.

Update: January 20, 2011
New Build is in the works. There is a premake of it up right now however its not complete. It's design is as the title of this was suppose to be. A true hybrid. I am fumbling with alot and its hard to try and balance out your AP without giving up your AA damage. It should be completed within the next week or 2.
A Section compiling all of the date for Build 2 will be posted there. It will follow after the Unique Skills Section and end with the beginning of the Ranked Play Section.

Ashe Build: I may be making 1 soon. I've been dabbling a bit and hope that I can make a worthwhile build. Stay tuned for future updates to appear in this chapter.

Update: Sunday, February 5
Finished Ezreal build.

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A final summary to all of this is that Ezreal's damage output can truly be one of the most capable in the game.

This section will contain Both Build 1 and Build 2 labeled accordingly with full stats without buffs or people around to adjust. This will also include ruins as a part of the stats along with masteries. Unfortunately I have yet to do a regular game and get that far. I will try and do a custom game and see if I can acheive full stats on everything.

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Pros / Cons

Can deal upwards of 2500+ damage with all abilities combined
Amazing support to every type of player
Perfect harasser

Normally targeted first

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Build 1: Marks of Insight. Quintessence of Insight. Seal of Replenishment. Glyph of Intellect.
Insight to deal more damage easier. Seal and Glyph both for early game spamability.

Build 2: Marks and Quintessence both go to Desolation for the armor penetration. Seal and Glyphs stay the same.

Build 3: I personally switch Marks and Quintessence back to insight however it can truly be up to what you want to do. Hell I even sometimes put them half and half.

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The mastery's I put enough points into attack for the magic penetration and if you notice I also got the exhaust ability. I'll explain later on.

The utility Section I get mainly those that will help me with more mana regen, mana itself, experience gain, movement speed, and cool down reduction. All these help you throughout the entire game in its own.

The reason I don't go higher for any attack is because an extra damage isn't really helpful when your abilities due 5x any of that and with the recast performance.

Going any into defense is not helpful as your purely a damage dealer.

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For the items your first needs to be the maki pendant and a health and mana potion. The reason for this is you want as much mana regen as you can quickly due to using so much when you battle. (how to lane will be described later) After that you want the manamune and the Ionia boots of Lucidity. Both of these will cost 2600 all together (after buying the first 3 items) The reason for the manamune is the 1000 mana it give's you and the early 20 damage it gives for you to use your mystic shot.(along with this your attack damage is consantly increased by how much mana you have. Which will come in handy once you get your Lich bane). Once you get your archangel staff that 1000 extra mana comes in handy. But also the Archangel staff gives you enough ability power to really show people what your made of.(not to mention more attack damage)

After the Archangel staff you want to the lichbane to transfer all your ability into attack damage further increasing your mystic shot.(Truly with your Archangel your abilities become strong but I have noticed many times you seem to show twice as much damage with lich bane. that attack damage from the Manamune truly increased your Mystic shot's damage to at least 700.)

After Getting lichbane Immediatly Sell your Manamune and buy the Void Staff (this means that you will need around 400 to 500 extra gold after selling the Manamune but will pay off towards end game.)

The Rabadons Deathcap is pretty much your favorite item in the game. The reason however for not getting it first is because the cost + the effectiveness early game doesn't do you much. the other point is that you want to keep with how the game goes. Due to that the Deathcap doesn't help early however its boost of ability power end game is very helpful.(again by end game you need this extra damage if you haven't won/lost already.

The Zonya's Hourglass is an extremely helpful tool at end game when people jump at you no matter where the battle starts simply to get rid of you and your ult(again trust me when I say your ult will truly start to wreck everyone. Not to mention a follow up with all your abilities truly cripples any champion your facing.)

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Skill Sequence

The way I built the sequence is generally to follow through with the times. Early game you want to harass as much as you can and actually deal damage when you do it. This isn't to say that you have to harass either. However you want to have an easier time killing minions especially if your being pushed back by the enemy champion.

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Summoner Spells

The reason for Exhaust is simply because it reduces damage(finally) and attack speed from enemy champions hitting you. Anyone that tries to attack you(or you attack) can easily be nullified and taken care of quickly without the fear of suddenly being killed by an ability. Along with this they are slowed to a pretty reduced rate. If you are laning with a friend try to make sure they also have exhaust to ensure he doesn't get away (hoping he doesn't have ghost or flash)

Either grab Flash or Teleport. Flash can save you early game and even late game when your arcane shift is on cool down. Teleport is helpful to keep you in as much combat as possible which is what you truly need as Ezreal.

As an alternate for exhaust you can get Ghost however as a ranged character you shouldn't be so pushed up that you have to run away with speed. Not to mention you do still have your ability of Arcane shift to get away from combat. The powere up for Ghost however is completely worthless because when it comes down to it your wont find someone that can run faster then you unless they have ghost as well. (that is to assume you buy boots)

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Unique Skills

Rising Spell Force - Your attack speed is increased by 15% per stack (stacks max: 5) for 15 seconds.
This is helpful however its not something that can be easily used during team fights because it only helps that you stand still and so do they. During actual team fights your spamming your abilities and then focusing on using your mystic shot. You may be able to get 2 or 3 shots in over the course of using mystic shot with it but by that time the fight will either be over or you will have all of your abilities up. This is also to say you haven't used your ult either.

Mystic Shot - The most used and probably the most amazing Spell in the game. This spell not only costs little but after lichbane can deal upwards of 650 damage alone. Along with the fact of decreasing cool downs on all of your abilities. At rank 5 this spell alone deals 115 damage and only costs 50 mana. Add all of your damage to this and also all of your abilities power. This becomes your second most powerful spell you have handy. Of course as well this ability is spammable with a cool down of merely 3-5 seconds. which can also be reduced by cool down ruins and mastery's.

Essence Flux - This is a great harassment tool. The downside to this ability however is its mana consumption early game. Which is also why I don't level it immediately is because of this fact as well. Later on this spell will be a true saver in gaining kills. The trick to this skill however is its range is slightly less the that of the Mystic shot. The best part about it though is that it goes through minions and hits only champions. When in a team fight this can be a very powerful spell when trying to hit multiple champions. Even those who group up together when running...

Arcane Shift - This spell teleports you to whatever location within the range of it. After teleporting the ability shoots out a bolt of power to the closest enemy. Now it has been speculated that this ability is derived from using damage. This I believe to be wrong. the reason behind such is that its extra power is derived from ability power and not damage. Therefore the more AP you have the stronger the spell is.(A better way to explain this is that with the Lich Bane in your possession and you use Arcane Shift and you hit something it doesn't get rid of the buff from Lich Bane. This ensures that it is an AP attack and not an auto attack). The damage on this spell is extremly powerful and if placed correctly can give you options to hit any champions leaving or hiding in the battle field. A extremely useful tip to this ability is that its not always meant for battle. To escape Ryze's prism or to flee champions chasing you down this ability lets you port through pretty much any wall in the game if not all. The final trick is knowing your range on this spell when you use it.

Trueshot Barrage - The final and most powerful spell in your arsenal of death comes this bad boy. The Trueshot shoots all the way across the map and takes 70% of your Ability power with it. Any champion that even tries to run away or engage can quickly be silenced and scared off within a 1 second power up time frame. There are two downsides this ultimate and it is that early game this ult is completely useless unless the enemy champions are below 250 health. the other is that its damaged gets reduced by 8% every thing is hits(lowest it goes it 30% of your damage). Now I don't know about you but anyone fleeing is only going to have around 400 hp or less. This also means you can kill minions (if base is being pushed in from middle lane).

The final trick to all these skills however is that they are all skill shots. Yes the name is exactly what each spell requires. "skill". You have to aim every shot and hit every shot. This requires not just pointing at the enemy. They will move. Once you learn to predict movements and pre aim targets your shots will hit very easy. After awhile you will get used where to aim to different run speeds. The hardest to learn will be your ultimate however again after practice of shooting halfway across the map you'll get it down soon enough.

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Build 2 & Build 3

This section will Have Details information containing the second build made for Ezreal.

I've taken a lot of notes from some AD Ezreals that I have seen running around and taken that the AA can truly be a power to be reckoned with. However with the factor that you cant just simply avoid the use of your AP abilities seems rather useless to stick to just one side and say deal with it. Each side has its strengths and weakness's. With this build I try to minimize its weakness as long as your team can deal an admirable amount of damage.

I've tried best I can to try and keep his Ad up while keeping the AP's power going as well. The Solution that you have to do is still have one side of it however not completely focus on it. Therefore there is a "What do you like more type setup in this build." The two main differences between them is that instead of the extra hextech you either build a Rabadon's Deathcap or you build a BloodThirster. Now the rest of the build stays the same to help with the needs of LF or SV and your mana needs.

Build 2

Tear of the Goddess: The early game Tear is to help you immediately with your mana cost as you try to spam your skills, especially when you get Essence Flux.
Boots of Speed: Better to get them now instead of when it can kill you later.
Vampiric Scepter/B.F. Sword: Whatever you get first will depend on who you are lane'ing against and what you can foresee in the future. Nevertheless it will turn to be the same item at the end.
Blood Thirster: Get stacks and dont die and you'll start to dish some damage out.
Bilgewater Cutlass: The cutlass is to further increase your Spell vamp and give you something to slow the enemy during combat.
Hextech Revolver/Gunblade: You will need the more attack damage and the additional SV with the AP.
Nashor's Tooth: This helps with your more AP needs and the attack speed to further increase your damage with your AA.
Hextech Gunblade: Further helps you quick AD and AP with more LF and SV. (some of you might disagree with this however again pointing out to get more LF and SV is to important to waste on simply buying another AD item.
Ionia Boots of Lucidity: These will help you finally get your abilities off quicker. (Getting them this late is simply because you will need all the spells you can pump out and as quickly. The reason for not getting something else like Sorcerer's shoes or Berserker Greaves is because with your other items getting the other boots don't really compare.
Archangel/Manamune: To finish the build with archangel is to keep your extra mana intact and give you more AP. Now if you want this item can be switched out to get a Manamune for those of you who really want to pump out more AD and keep your Mana cache intact.


Early game: Simply stick to helping out people and harassing while last hitting minions. It will be a semi slow game dependent on how you and your enemies play.

Mid game: You will start to fight more. Remember by now you will have blood thirster so don't be afraid to run at someone saying I can last longer then you. (remember arcane shift can give you the true edge in battle if your facing a melee champion.

Late game: Your build will almost be complete. Remember that my play style is to support others. With your AD you can really go in and dish damage but that doesn't mean to be the first one in and be a tank. Hitting your ult b4 you go in can give you the immediate damage you need with your Passive ability to give you a lot more early damage then simply building it up with normal abilities.

TeamFights: Again your not a Mordekaiser. Stay back and keep a watchful eye of when you can exploit the entire battle itself to your favor. This isn't to say jumping in and dealing damage to everything won't help you team either. Just remember what your enemy can do b4 you think you can be god.

Build 3:

Items: Every item follows the exact same route except for the bloodthirster. At this point you want to get Rabadon's Deathcap. It cost's a lot but around the same as a blood thirster.
Also you can buy your Archangel before you buy your final Hextech Gunblade. This completely depends on what you want to do.


Early game: Keep yourself the same as you would any other game.

Mid game: You will have more AP that means you need to keep back more to make sure your damage is used wisely and not just a worthless spam of your **** (and that you don't die first)

Late game: Your AP will be sky rocketing and you may even have bought archangel before you bought your final Hextech gunblade. Keep sitting back and help out with harrassment as possible before battle just watch your Mana supply and that you don't give the enemy their initiate.

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Ranked Play

As Ezreal you want to truly remember that you are not a person who can tank. You are also not someone who can stun and do every 1v1 he wants and win. Your true job as Ezreal is to be a heavy hitter and be a ranged support. Although this guide does give options to jump in this doesn't mean you're a front line player either. Always remember what you are as an Ezreal and what you can do as him and you'll make it through 99% of everything.

Just so you guys know I play Ezreal as a support champion. My entire setup on everything is to be a supporter. This also means that in team battles (Unless your playing the AD side) you want to pick and chose when you go in instead of simply "SPAM MOAR SPAM" due to the fact that you become more of a burst damager instead of a true heavy hitter.

In ranked play you want to try to take middle as often as you can (Unless the person you lane against can completely wreck you IE-Kassidan). Middle is basically your land that you are god of. Now this isn't to say that you wont lose against some champions either. There is always going to be champions at mid that will push you back and keep you from farming 100% of the time.

Early game - You want to try and probe mid out at 30 seconds before minions spawn and see who you are facing. Doing this isn't always necessary but it can give your team an early notice of how to play and getting some extra hits on a aggro mid player can also give you a huge advantage before minions.(This means to not be stupid and get hit yourself either.) Keeping a good harass on the enemy can pay off after they waste there health potions and give a sign for a good gank. Once minions have started fighting dependent on your enemy a good rule of thumb is to stay close with auto attack and finish with mystic shot.(Now this can become difficult when more then 1 minion is being hit but we can't all be perfect.) Now if the enemy champion does end up out-harassing you simply keep your distance and watch the battle only getting close for mystic shot(which shouldn't be that close at all if you do it properly). The only reason you stay alive long is truly due to the fact that you are ranged. Keep the fact you are ranged to your advantage as well. This isn't to say that you want to just last hit minions alone either. Harassing the enemy is very helpful to setup a gank when you can. If you do end up being pushed in by the enemy, tower hugging isn't a bad thing either. The help of the turret can be used against the enemy if you catch them in an open spot. Stick to minion killing alone if your abilities cant damage him alone. Don't let that discourage you though. A chance to kill will come soon enough.

Early to mid game - by now you should be level 6 and that means time to use your ult. Now as stated before your ultimate at first level is an extremly week spell and requires fleeing champions to be especially low (not taking into fact your damage is reduced by 8% everything it hits). The most use you can get out of it however if not ganking is to shoot it mid whenever you want to gain more gold or simply lower the hp of all incoming minions for an easier and quicker gank period. Another method is to shoot it at any other turret to either save or cripple enemy forces.

Mid game - you'll be at least level 11 by now. Your ult will be level two and you should have the archangel staff. This means your ult will start to do at least 650+. This means that your ult can be used in a team fight and actual damage the enemy champions. What you want to try and do is get other champions to start getting dragon and getting the blue buff more. The blue buff can be your greatest friend. The red buff however is useless to you unless no one else on your team is a physical.

Mid to late game - The lichbane should already be in your possession as you reach level 16. Once at level 16 not only will your ult be doing 650 damage alone but all of your AP will go to your mystic shot when you use it. (roughly judging your AP will be around 300 to 400 and your AD around 180. With this in your item box and the Void Staff on the way you will want to start doing baron and laning more without giving the enemy a free kill.

Late game - With the 50 minute to hour mark finally approaching your Void Staff will be in your possession boosting you AP up to around 500 and giving your ultimate upwards of 1000+ damage. This also comes with another risk that you have to be much more careful when fighting. If you die your team loses a very high damage dealer. The hardest part I find with late game is actually finding enough cash to buy the final Item without the game ending with a victory. Yes by end game if you have all the items your damage output will be through the roof on atleast 2 or 3 of there champions. If you aren't winning by this time then your team is doing something wrong.(This sounds a bit cocky but every game I have done with this completed build it is always 1 or 2 of our teammates not doing there part.)

If you have to take a side lane don't be afraid of it. Just know your leveling is going to be slowed by a lot and doing a 2v2 is hard against anyone that has a heal. Just try and focus to farming but if you know you can beat them then harass as often as possible. This also requires that you have someone you lane with to do the same. Try and group up with someone that either has a stun(sion, lux) or with another harasser (<3 caitlyn). anyone you go against can easily be detered with these champions.

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Team Fights

During team fights your main objective is to find the target that's squishiest and destroy(for lack of a better way to explain). You want to try and stay out of fights until at least two other people have gone in. The reason behind this is simply your a very targetable person if not the most targeted person (with this build alone(Once people realize your damage output its quite apparent your the first to be targeted if possible)). Even before the battle you want to harass as much as you can with mystic shot to lower the health of whoever decides to step into your range.(if your in an open battle field) Once the battle starts you will generally jump in with arcane shift and use the other two abilities. The reason for jumping close is because whoever your trying to kill needs to be hit, and not have someone else jump in front of the shots.(Actual teamfights it wont just be a cluster of people on top of each other. When jumping in you will notice whats going on quickly and react properly) Once your abilities are done you want to move back and have a quick recap of how the battle is going. If it turns bad simply move back and wait for all your abilities to cooldown.(The reason for this is when you go in you go in hard and with Arcane Shift. Arcane Shift can truly be a very deadly spell). Truthfully it completely depends on the armor rating and health of the enemy and your team. Retreating with your life to defend with your ult is better then dying with no one alive.(Now I have had a few different battles recently with this updated build. Your Ultimate truly becomes a force to be reckoned with. When this happens you want to use your Ult at the best chance when all your enemies are grouped and deal all the damage you can do). If the battle still rages by now with you using mystic shot enough your other abilities should be up. Never underestimate what your opponent can dish out when they flee.

If at worst case scenario you are the only one left and you are being chased don't be afraid to be chased. If you saved your ultimate, feel free to fire it. This is also a tip to doing a 1v1 is you want your enemies to think you wont attack. Draw them into a single line where your ult will hit them. When you feel your in a good spot or you have all your abilities up snap around and fire the ult and pop in with your arcane shift and hit your abilities. This is also where having Essence flux level'ed up a bit helps even more. The ability to hit all targets not only kills the 1 you have used all your abilities on but it also damages the 2nd one that tries to attack. With your ability spam after the first is dead you can easily hit mystic shot again and kill the second attacker.(Again sometimes the battles will come extremely close. Don't feel down if he gets you with only 50 health.) The same principles apply to a 1v1.

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In farming feel free to get close and hit with your auto attack. If you end up getting pushed back just stick to mystic shot alone until they are close or they are low health from your minions. stick to always trying to use your mystic shot to last hit minions only. With that you can stay at a safe distance without being harassed by enemy champions. If they like to push you just try your best to simply to gain experience form dead minions. IF the enemy has high amounts of health then simply don't harass at all and wait for a gank to happen.

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Laning Against Champions

In this part I will give advice and tips against different types of champions. This will consist of only facing them in 1 on 1 lanes. If you happen to be in a 2v2 lane simply combine these tips to fight them off. These will all be alphabetical order and each champion will be assessed.

If you don't want to read any of this the basic true facts to everything is this -
Sit back
Keep to your Mystic Shot
Gank whoever your laning against when possible.
Update: I have noticed recently alot of Champions like to get health runes and boost and health to around 1000. This has become a truly annoying factor especially against those who love to be aggressive like no other (Twisted Fate, Vladamir). I have found your best solution as always is to let them push your tower and keep it on your side of the map. Your best bet is just start a gank around level 2 or 3. The reason for this is there trying to get an early victory. Stop them at all costs. Once mid goes they all go.

Akali - Akali is a great farmer and mid-late game can become a very high dps. However as long as your careful early shes not that much of a threat. Be wary of her Twilight Shroud but don't be afraid of it. Hell fire some of your abilities in there as well. Looking at where shes placed it can easily give you an quick assessment of where she is and where she will go. This is a prime place to fire your Essence Flux to wound her while in the shroud. to take her down however you want to make sure you have her outflanked before trying to kill. In later game she is easily killed with your abilities and the help of everyone else. If avoided try and keep as much distance as possible for her other abilities can truly hurt.

Alistar - Early to late game Alistar will be a very large problem unless ganking. Even when a gank is setup his ult can surely nullify anything comming at him. However a simply use of your exhaust will keep him slow enough until his ult is done. Be wary in laning against to keep as much distance as possible to avoid being hit by his stun or headbutt.

Amumu - Against amumu the only real trick to always keep out of his range and be ready to teleport the second he moves in. Even then simply dodging his bandage toss can easily save you from death and an immediate initiate from him. Unfortunately killing him can only be achieved with the help of your allies.

Anivia - Anivia is by far one of the hardest opponents to face as Ezreal. Not only can her Flash frost stun you but her frost bite deals huge damage. The best way to avoid any contact against her is keep your distance and get arcane shift as soon as possible after getting mystic shot. You have to constantly move while attempting to farm against her. Your best chance of defeating her early game is to have everyone gank and makes sure she cant level. If you can't seem to beat her after dying twice switch lanes. Better to not face an higher level Anivia.

Annie - Annie is preferably easy to face no matter where you are. Simply harass her as much as possible and be ware of her stun. Being ranged you have nothing to fear against her Incernate. When she is level 6 be extremely careful of Tibbers. Even with all your abilities early game it can still be very hard to kill her with Tibbers alive.

Ashe - Ashe can seem like someone to be careful of but is easily defeating against most if not all her abilities by simply hiding behind a minion. Use the pathfinding of minions to your advantage when facing her to dodge her Volley. Her arrow can be deadly if hit however a simply Arcane Shift will save you from any immediate danger.

Blitzcrank - Facing Blitzcrank is the same method of beating Ashe. Keep your movement behind minions and harass whenever possible. The hardest thing you will face against him is his health. A quick gank or 3v2 can easily silence him in a matter of seconds. Be sure to use exhaust when you first go in to nullify his Overdrive ability.

Caitlyn - Caitlyn's main ability Piltover Peacemaker shoots through anything in its path until it reaches the length of its range. This over time can prove to be deadly. Watch out for her ultimate(Ace in the Hole) to shoot you no matter where you go when you reach low hp. it does have a range so simply stay away. If you do end up being targeted be sure to hid behind an allied champion.

Cassiopeia - Facing Cassiopeia is more easy then most people will think. Simply keep yourself moving against her and often move away from combat to anticipate her using an ability. When in a team fight jump to the side of her to avoid her petrifying gaze and kill her quickly before any more harm can be done from her.

Cho'gath - Against Cho'gath can be difficult even impossible at times. However the main thing to watch out for is his spikes on the ground. Harassing him first will help in the long wrong to keep him away from using his Feast ability. Once he starts to get any stacks an immediate gank from all champions needs to happen. Keeping Cho'gath on low stacks can be extremely helpful in the up comming team fight.

Corki - Corki is probably the easiest champion to lane against. Simply harass him and stay away from his Phosphorus Bomb and his Missle Barrage. The best way to avoid is to arcane shift. Focusing most of your abilities against him can quickly remove him from battle and make an easy kill.

Dr. Mundo - Mundo can be a severe problem especialy upon getting level 6. To fight against him is to leave him alone. Fighting him can hurt you causing you to leave battle. Focus on staying behind minions and dont be afraid to get close. However if he tries to close in simply Arcane Shift out and you should be fine.

Evelynn - Going against an evelynn can not only be difficult but very deadly. Fighting her requires you get an oracles alone the way. This however requires you to be more careful then ever before. Hugging your tower is not shameless to fight against her.

Ezreal - To lane against another Ezreal is to understand what type of style he wishes to go for. focusing on his build can quickly give you an advantage of how to fight. The hardest part you may deal with against another Ezreal is actually seeing what your own abilities can do. Just remember that whatever you can do he can do. Harassing is helpful but again watch his build for what is skill set might be. Simply jumping into a fight quickly can be death if you don't pay attention.

Fiddlesticks - Fiddlesticks can be a true problem when his Drain is high. Trying to harass him can prove useful however his Dark Wind can be deadly to you and whoever you decide to be closest to. To be safe simply keep your distance and your Arcane shift handy. If he runs into a bush, make sure you shoot all your abilities in there (not Arcane Shift). Damaging him before he decides to come out can mean debilitating him when his comes with his ult or be a good initiate to attack and kill him.

Galio - Galio can be a true problem to face even in a 2v2. To fight is simply to dodge and be ready to Arcane shift away for any ability he may throw at you(especially if he has flash). Fighting in a fair fight against him can prove to be the only way to kill him.

Gangplank - Going against a Gangplank can simply mean who can harass better then the other. Be wary of him to use his parrrley. His ult is nothing truly to be afraid of aslong as you have your arcane shift ready.

Garen - Facing Garen early game is the same as fighting any other tank. The only difference is Garen can also deal huge amounts of damage if your not careful(port back and gain health if your have low hp. Facing Garen's ultimate can ruin your level's quicker then simply leaving battle for 20 seconds). Harassing can prove futile unless his build is for more damage then health/armor.

Gragas - Gragas is another extremly tough champion to lane against. I suggest if nothing else to simply switch lanes if you are 1v1 against him. Gragas's Barrel roll can cripple you faster then you can regen mana. Not to mention his Explosive Cask can kill you without you even being able to activate Arcane Shift.

Heimerdinger - Heimerdinger early game will make it very difficult to even harass. Your best option is to simply level up your mystic shot and stay at a distance to farm only. Fighting against him can prove deadly if you don't go in fully prepared with all your abilities and some type of heal. Apart from farming once youve hit mid game Heimerdinger becomes almost useless to a grand scheme of fighting (as long as you don't give the enemy an advantage).

Irelia - Against Irelia can prove not only challenging but very hard to level yourself. Simply keep your distance and be careful for her to jump on you within a seconds notice. Keeping your mouse behind you to teleport away can be the moment that brings you life or death.

Janna - Janna is preferably easy, however can prove to be deadly over a course of time if you don't watch yourself. The hardest thing against her can truly be her Eye of the storm ability. The shield can truly cripple any chance of harassment against enemies. If in a 1v1 to jump and kill her quickly can prove helpful to make her use her ult. If in a 2v2 however it may prove deadly if you and your partner are well equipped to kill fast.

Jax - Jax's Leap Strike can hurt your health down to half especially after Empower has been used. Keep as much distance as possible and watch for him to sit in bushes. Don't give him a chance to even attempt to jump on you. You may survive the first strike but if it worked once it can work again.

Karthus - Many Karthus's focus solo on trying to wound the enemy champion with his Lay Waste ability. Simply move forward and back in and out of battle to avoid and try constantly to put yourself in a position to use mystic shot. Be extremely careful towards your health bar. If your below 300 it may prove safe to simply leave battle. Setting up an early gank can prove especially worthwhile in keeping his item's to a minimum.

Kassadin - Fighting Kassidan can be a true challenge of dodge his Null Sphere and having the ability to damage him at all without him using Riftwalk to move away. This can also be used to kill you. Simply watch for the ball and watch him closely for him to jump at you quickly.

Katarina - Katarina can prove to be a worthy adversary when laning against her. Her strongest weapon against you will surely be her Bouncing Blades(over the course of a minute or so). To truly be aware of Katarina is to keep your distance to skill shots alone. Her Shunpo can surprise you no matter where you are.

Kayle - Kayle's heal can prove to be very difficult to harass against. Not to mention her Righteous Fury can surely hurt you quickly. Simply keep your distance until you have a gank set up and she will become easy prey.

Kennen - Most Kennen's pride themselves are being able to run in with Lightning Rush and throw a Thundering Shuriken at you and activate there Electrical surge. This combo can prove deadly if it were to actualy hit Ezreal. Kennen's are so easialy avoided with a mix of Arcane shift then a spam of Mystic Shot and Essence Flux can surely create loss of health against her and a possible setup to gank early. Her Slicing Maelstrom can seem deadly aswell but keep your damage output higher then hers and kill her before she even put out her full potential. A friendly player with a stun can prove to make sure no one runs away.(That is to say that someone can escape Ezreal's Trueshot Barrage).

Kog'maw - Kog'maw's try to keep there distance and can do the same ammount of damage as you however this is requires some ample time to set up shots or even hit you. simply move side to side and avoid his Void ooze. His Living Artillery can seem hurtful but to dodge is more easy then clicking on an enemy minion. The time seen when he activate his ult can be dodged quickly and easily. The thing you have to watch out when facing him after level 6 is you don't fall into a pattern of where you run. A quick pre aim of his ult can cripple you fast and be a good initiate for the enemy.

LeBlanc - LeBlanc is a extremely deadly champion when it comes to facing her in any battle field. Keeping your distance may not even be enough against her barrage of abilities. keeping out of the fray of battle and only coming in close enough may be your only ticket to survival against her.

Lux - Lux is another champion that requires many skill shots which also means she can be on par with Ezreal's skill shots. The hardest thing you may face against her is her Lucent Singularity. This halts your movement to even attempt to far and if not careful can wound you until your health is to low to even attempt to stay. Light Binding can be a scary thing however to avoid if you cant dodge by running simply Arcane shift away from the back(even if it means going straight backwards) and avoid the attack. Even if you can't avoid to move away from her is better then staying close. If she is level 6 be extremely careful of her ult. It does more damage then you will normally expect.

Malphite - Malphite's Seismic Shard will hurt and slow you down enough that he can close the distance in a matter of seconds. Using his ultimate(Unstoppable Force) he can close the distance instantly and use Ground Slam to further hurt you. Keep as far away from him as possible and watch for him to use the Seismic Shard. Better no one to be harassed then you.

Malzahar - Malzahar can turn out to actually be a very good damage dealer to you. You want to stay with using your Mystic shot and Essence Flux when you can to wound him. If he ever gets close run. When he use's any ability is best to simply run and wait instead of staying. His ultimate(Nether Grasp) can kill you without you being prepared.

Master Yi - Against Yi can prove difficult to simply catch him in a place where you can even hit him. His hardest attack against you will be his Alpha Strike. It has the potential to truly damage you. However this again requires you pay attention to his build. An AP Alpha strike will truly cripple you then an AD Yi. When his ult is up you have to be ready to run in a moments notice. His ability to chase you down with his attack speed can prove to be something scary but nothing deadly if you are prepared for it. Always remember that Yi is normally built as someone who use's life steal and attack speed. simply dodge him and keep him from farming and it should prove useful. Watch for him to use meditate however. use as many abilities as you can on him when he enters this mode without putting yourself at risk. This may only be using Mystic shot and Essence Flux however all the better then letting him heal. If you know you can kill him without risk simply attack him with everything you got.

Miss Fortune - Miss Fortune can and is a better harasser then you will ever be. With this in mind dodging out of combat may not be enough either. My best suggestion is to try with all your might to dodge whatever she throws at you. Luckily her mana consumption is much higher then yours. This is truly your best weapon against her. Once her mana is completely consumed your attack and truly begin. Make sure to watch her for clarity or mana potions. Her ability to run however can be a true disaster when attempting to kill. Be sure you are ready to kill her or you have a gank ready.

Mordekaiser - Mordekaiser can seem scary and he can be if you don't watch your health or his range on his Mace of Spades. His armor can easily be taken out by your Mystic shot and Essence Flux alone however the real challenge requires a gank to fully end his life.

Morgana - Morgana can truly prove to be an adversary worth mentioning. Against her you can become quickly useless against her. The best suggestion is either avoid most combat and her spells or simply switch lanes when the chance arises. Ganking Morgana can even prove harder dependent on her Summoner Abilities.

Nasus - Nasus can be said to be a tank or a high dps. I feel truly (for most Nasus's I face) can be a good dps however a simply avoidence of his spells can open him up to an easy kill. The hardest part you may face is trying to kill him before he activates his ultimate(Fury of the Sands). Try and kill him before he activate this by using your ultimate on him.

Nidalee - Nidalee can seem scary but in truth her true strength lies in her other state of being a Panther. The deadliest weapon in her stack of abilities is her Javelin Toss. However dodging this is almost as easy as avoiding Kog'maws living artillery. Simply wound her down until shes low and go in for the kill.

Nunu - Nunu is another champion that can truly kill ezreal quickly and painlessly. Keep as much distance as possible from him so he can't use his Ice blast. Attempting to lower his health can prove useless unless a gank is soon to be in order due to his Consume Ability.

Olaf - Olaf is another champion that may be better to avoid then to simply attempt a lane against. His Undertow skill can truly damage you if your not careful (Hits everything in its path until it reaches it limit. Much like an essence flux). Try and avoid him as carefully as possible.

Pantheon - Pantheon can seem a very deadly foe however is actualy quite easily killed with a quick combo. Watch carefully for his 3 abilities(Spear Shot(damage) Aegis of Zeonia(stun) Heartseeker Strike(high damage)). Simple be ready to move back and draw him into a place where you control the field and not him.

Poppy - Poppy is a basic and easy champion to avoid. Simply harass and watch for her Heroic Charge.

Rammus - Rammus can truly be an annoying champion to face. Simply remember if you don/t kill him quick you are only killing yourself.(gank with 3+ allies only)

Ryze - Nuke. That is the only true explanation to face against a Ryze. However this doesnt mean you cant beat him. To face a ryze simply remember getting close means death. However I have often Arcane shifted away when his Rune Prism hits me to escape any true damage from him. Be sure if you go in to go in with all your abilities(including your ultimate) or with a teammate to finish him if you die.

Shaco - Shaco is scary and if your not careful can kill you. However he is nothing to truly fear unless your below half health. Simply be ready use your abilites quick and get out. If nothing else and you want him dead dont be afraid to use your ult. Your Trueshot Barrage can not only wound Shaco but practically kill him all in one shot. His Hallucinate is nothing more then that. A hallucination. simple set yourself to figure out which one of them is the enemy and kill him. Normally you can figure it out if you use arcane shift away for a second.

Shen - Shen is another tank simply gank and use exhaust when you can to make sure he cant run to far when you go in for the kill. Be wary of he taunt.

Singed - Singed may seem scary but truly isn't. Avoid his poison and don't get close at all and he's an easy gank. Ezreal alone cannot kill this foe.

Sion - Sion is a truly devestation enemy. Watch out for his Cryptic Gaze and you will be fine against him.

Sivir - Sivir can hurt you very quickly and easily. Arcane Shift away from all Boomerang Blades and avoid combat when she uses her Ricochet.

Sona - Sona doesn't seem like much however if she remains at a range even further from you she can easily kill you easier then you can kill her. Try to set up a flank when you go in for the kill.

Soraka - The biggest healer in the game. Target first kill first and destory her if you can. Watch out for her Starfall. It will lower your magic resist can truly hurt you if you don't pay attention.

Swain - Swain is probably the hardest tank out there if played correctly to fight. Your only true option is to try and sit back and relax. Most of his abilities cant hurt you. The hardest thing to watch out for will be his Nevermove. Simply avoid that and keep your distance and set up a gank soon.

Ta ric - Ta ric is a good healer and a mix of a dps and a tank. Be wary of him for his Dazzle and his Imbue to heal himself or his teammates. His ultimate(Radiance) will heal him quickly and his teammates. Kill him quickly before he can use his effectively.

Teemo - Teemo's poison is not only deadly but his normal attack can kill you if you aren't careful. Keep your distance and try to harass when you can using Mystic Shot only.

Tristana - Tristana is another enemy you don't really want to go against as Ezreal. You can if you really try to avoid however I suggesting putting someone better suited against her.

Trundle - Trundle can seem like a scary foe and can sometimes turn into one. However rememeber he is as much of a harasser is you are. simply keep your distance and out of his spells(Contaminate, Pillar of Filth) and you should be fine.

Tryndamere - Tryndamere cam be scary but keep your distance and harass as much as possible to keep him away from combat. If you can make him use endless rage to gain an advantage in the next fight.

Twisted Fate - Twisted Fate can be a hard opponent but to avoid him is easy. If you see him start to use Pick a Card simply retreat back and see how he uses it. If his ult comes up and hes not near you but you are attacking something leave battle immediately and escape somewhere safe.

Twitch - Facing Twitch means pulling away from combat anytime he goes into cloak. Thankfully his mana supply is not big until mid to late game. Harass when you can but don't think you can kill him by yourself early game.

Udyr - Udyr is normally a jungler but if he so happens to lane simply harass when you can and set up a gank as quickly as you can. ending Udyr can save you trouble later on in the game. Especially if he decides to try and gank you back.

Urgot - Urgot is a very high dps/harasser. Avoiding him is something that will not only take skill but patience to fight. Avoid him whenever you can and keep distance. Watch for his ult(Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser) like you never have before. Against you his ult will switch places him and put you in a terrible spot with no escape.

Veigar - Veigar is the same as you. His harassment isn't as high as he is with immediate damage. Watch carefully for his combination of(Dark Matter(Falling splash damage)Event Horizon(stun) and his ultimate(Primordial Burst). These skills together can not only destroy but kill you before you can even react. If he tries to put you in his stun simply watch the edges and Arcane shift out before any more damage can ensue.

Vladimir - Vladimir is a hard champion to face no matter where you are. Harassment can turn futile if not done continuously to keep his health down. The best course is to gank with 3 or 4 allies and hit exhaust on him before he can use his Sanguine Pool to escape. His ult(Hemoplague) can kill you if you aren't careful of your health and if hes targeting you. Be sure to move around a lot when facing him to avoid such a fate.

Warwick - Warwick is a hard champion to face. Watch for his Bloodscent for that means hes close. If Warwick is missing from action move away from walls and try and stay in the center of the field so that you dont get hit by his ultimate. When Warwick activate his ult(Infinite Duress) it will stun you and give him over 40% of lifesteal to him. Be sure to stay away from the walls.

Xin Zhao - Xin Zhao can be seen as a big damage dealer. However can easily be killed by a gank of 2 or 3 allies together. The biggest thing to watch out for is his Audacious Charge. This will not only slow you down but give a good damage to you health.

Zilean - Zilean is probably the biggest harasser in the game. Watch out for him to use his combo of Time Bomb(plants an un-removable bomb on enemy) and Rewind(Reduces all cool downs by 10 Seconds) if used correctly he can place two bombs on you in less then a second creating massive damage in a short period. When going in for a kill watch for him to activate his Ultimate(Chrono Shift) which revives any champion while the effect is still active.