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Lee Sin General Guide by dwarfsteel

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dwarfsteel

I can beat with my eyes closed oh wait

dwarfsteel Last updated on March 28, 2013
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This is my first guide so i don't know much about making fancy writing and stuff but i know how to play Lee sin. Lee sin is a champion who is extremely based on early game if you get first blood its gg but if you die and feed then your not going to win. When you play lee sin you have to know everything around you and must have tones of sight wards around your lane so you know if your safe. You also have to be quick if you notice a champion or resonating strike under a turret you have to quickly safe guard out.

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early game

For this build you must play very aggressive even if your low on health because wriggles lantern will allow you to get enough life steal to use safeguard/iron will and then basic attack minions till your on full.

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You may think that this build is weird but if it can get my 11 year old brother a pentakill it can get you a pentakill. This build is focused on life steal and if completed you can solo baron and gain health and solo a pentakill and gain health. If your low don't be afraid to fight because the life steal will give you tones of health and if you know you can't live the go to jungle and take a camp with only safeguard/iron will and basic attacks and you will be high enough to fight.

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Skill Sequence

This build has quite a bit of skill sequences. This skill sequence is if your just trying to damage an enemy with taking no punishment in return you want to yous sonic wave and resonating strike then tempest and safeguard out then cripple and iron will and hit minions to gain health back.
This is another build this build is if you want to charge in and kill the enemy you want to sonic wave and resonating strike then find out if they will run or stay and fight if stay and fight then use safeguard on your self and follow up with iron will then basic attack about this time they will be low and run when they do this use tempest then cripple and follow with sonic wave and resonating strike if there still alive dragons rage and they will die, if they try to run after you have engaged you can either disengage or tempest cripple and chase down.

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Pros / Cons

  • Lee sin is very good early game
  • If your game is good there will be no bad spots in the game unlike other champs
  • Lee sin is a counter to most op champs
  • There is no counter to lee sin
  • Very hard to learn (but great when mastered)
  • If teemo blinds you you will die
  • If you stuff up early game you will lose


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