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Xerath Build Guide by hidranikox

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League of Legends Build Guide Author hidranikox

I glow like an angel....

hidranikox Last updated on October 20, 2011
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Hi every1, this is my first build, so sorry if something wrong :D (my english is not good)
So anyway, with this build i wana show u true meening of xerath : incredible artilery, tank like dps :)

Thanks u all for reading ! ;) Guide is made by Frozing dust !

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So, first i will tell u why i have rune's like this. My answer is simple : VERY mana hungry champ early game and i bet u will go mid, so u need ton's of mana not only for farming, but for harrasment too. U should use your q everytime u can , because it does INSANE dmg early game, and your enemy will be forced to go back for hp. + u should ask your jungler for mana buff if u realy need it , because then u will be unstoppable ( i mean u can even use your ulti just to dmg enemy) I picked flash and ghost cuz Xerath dont have many defence options :/ , so i dont mind if u take flash + ignite or anything else.

P.S. Buff should not be from your jungle, but from enemy ( moust jungler's realy need mana)

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Well....not much about them... As every every spell caster Xerath have 9 points in off and 21 in utility. In offen pick magic penetration and in utily just do like i do :)

P.S. u can have more mana regain, but i prafer to use rune's and have more exp, - 10 % dead time.

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Skills, best use of them

This is Xerath skill's and best use of them :

Arcanopulse - Best skill for farming and your main damage ability. U should use skill everytime u can u make your enemy lower and lower, ulti u can do finnal kill combo.

Locus of Power - Good chasing ability, ton of magic penatration to kill tank's , can be used to finish opponents hiding behind they turret's (w + r = 300 gold)

Mage Chains - Super good late game spell, cuz later it have only 2-4 secs cooldown, so u can realy piss of enemies by using e + q , e + q ...... (u should use your stun vs main enemy team carry)

Arcane Barrage - aaaa.....your lovely ultimate.... <3 I know, it is hard to land it, but if u pay attension to the movenament's, u can realy do good dmg with it. Early game this ability have only 71 sec cd, so u can even use it vs full hp carries like akali, caitlyn or ashe and many other's just to make them afraid of u >)

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Pros, cons

Pros :
1. Insane early game
2. Good farming
3. Super good in team figths as a support, realy long range carry.
4. He glow's :D
5. Naturaly resistan to meele dmg, super good vs champs like trynda.
(stun + armor + flash + insane dmg = GTFO )
6. As i said, he glow's realy nice, <3 his skin's :D

Cons :
1. Can't figth vs assasins (talon, evelyn, shaco)
2. Gan be ganked early level's if jungler have eye on you.
3. Mana hungry :/

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Early game, farming.

This is then i will u why i like to get fiendish codex first. This is awesome early game item for mage's like this : mana regain, cd reduction... Nr 1 farming item. Never go back to base if u dont have atleast 1000-1200 gold in your pocket. All early u have to be aggresive , u use your e + q combo and make then fell hopeless. !!ALWAYS REMEMBER!! u are playing mid line, so have a good gank at lvl 5-6 , get few kill's for stuff and lovely gold :)

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Mid, late game.

AHAHA!! :@@@ Trynda pissing me off!!! THIS MASTER YI IS OP!!!

NO worries!!!! Xerath can take care of this :) Yes, yes...mid-late game is time for u to shine and make them feel *rage quit* like. Why? your stun is like 2-5 secs Cd!!! So if trynda pops his ulti, just stun, flash and stun again! Dont worrie if are feeding, just stay away from anemies and w + ulti them. u will help your team a lot, get ton's of assists and win the game!! Always clear bigger minion's wawes (your stuff is expencive)
But dont feel like: OMG, i am so cool, gonna figth 1 vs 2-3
NEVER LEAVE BASE ALONE THEN U CAN'T SEE ENEMIES ON MAP. (exception if u have your flash and ghost not on cd)

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Team figths , 1 v 1

So, team figths first. Your ultimate have low cd, u dont mind to use it on your opponents if u see them too near u or just like 2-5 of them in one place. JUST RAPE THEM!!! next thing u wana do is to stun they main carry ( trynda, master yi, ashe , malza) and make him run away, while u finish of they last team member ;)
If u get one on one vs carry use your old, good and incredible combo :
e + q = w + e + = Legendary!!!!!!
(yes, yes use w for megic pena and higher range + speed for chasing)

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Then to pick Xerath?

So, u should pick xerath in draft mode only if :
1. Your team lacks ap dps, support.
2. Enemy team dont have any heavy assasin (talon, xin)
3. Moust of enemy champions is meele carries. ( trynda, master yi)

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So, this is other possible alternatives :

I think u can realy use this item if u like to stack item's, but always remember : if at lvl 11-12 u dont have atleast 9-10 stack SELL IT!!!

Buy this item if u have problem vs spell caster's (malza, brand, akali! ) so if u see more then 2 of them in enemy team, buy Banshee's Veil , not Rod of Ages

Last optimal item is another is Rabadon's Deathcap Yes, but this item ONLY if u are not focused and have it instead of Rylai. I dont realy buy 2 Rabadon's Deathcaps, but few time's i tried and believe me, u will be OP !!!!

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So, i hope u enjoyed my guide and leave a comment below :) if u think guide is bad, dont just downvote : say why at comments and i will fix my mistake ;) I will improve guide using your idea's, so dont be afraid!! just comment!! Cya all!!

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Updates!! :)

2011-10-20 TOP 5!!! *happy face*

2011-10-19 Warding will be added soon as well as player's wall

2011-10-19 Ok, i noticed taht ppls who have created other Xerath build downvote my build :/ If u wana first place, dont just downvote my build!!! Or u ust get reported ;) + if u vote for my build PLEASE comment below please!!

2011-10-18 Updated, first 2 votes, 50 % :/ this is 1/1 ? Anyway... :(

2011-10-17 BETA!!!! Oh yeah, this is great!!!